Question: What is Keke Palmer doing now?


Keke joined the series, previously called GMA Day, and GMA 3: Strahan & Sara, in 2019 after impressing as a fill-in co-host during Sara Hainess maternity leave. ... Shes an actor, author, singer, and TV host, but not many of Kekes projects have really stuck.

The newest poster for emphasizes the threat the Space Ranger will face against Evil Emperor Zurg. Shared onthe poster highlights and his team: Izzy Hawthorne Keke PalmerDarby Steel Dale SoulesMo Morrison Taika Waititi and Sox the robot cat Peter Sohn.

Looming over them is Zurg Josh Brolinbacked by an army of robots.

What is Keke Palmer doing now?

Zurg was the primary villain of the animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, where he was voiced by Wayne Knight. The show established Zurg as the ruler of Planet Z and commander of an army of aliens and robots, while also doing away with the twist of him being Buzz's dad.

How 'the Proud Family' Adapted to a New Generation

Zurg's referencing Empire makes sense, given not only that the character is based on Darth Vader, but also how Lightyear director Angus McLane described the film as. And it was a toy that would redefine playtime for Andy. And I've always wondered what movie was Buzz from, you know? Why couldn't What is Keke Palmer doing now? just make that movie?

So that's what we did.

What is Keke Palmer doing now?

Producer Galyn Susman explained that to bring the new iteration of the character to life.

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