Question: Is Kia morning same as Picanto?

Kia Morning is also called as KIA Picanto in many countries of the world. It is a perfect family car that has all the accessories that you are expecting in your vehicle. The overall performance of the car is excellent because it is powered with powerful engines that provide breakthrough performance on the city roads.

What car is similar to Kia Picanto?

Select from the models below to compare cars similar to the Kia Picanto in a side by side comparison.Citroen C3.Ford Fiesta.Holden Astra.Holden Barina.Holden Spark.Honda Civic.Honda Jazz.Hyundai Accent.More items...

When was the Kia Picanto released?

Used car tests The current Picanto was launched in 2017. Its the third generation, and marks a significant move upmarket for Kias entry-level model.

Is a Kia Picanto reliable?

It makes sense that a car manufacturer can only get away with offering a warranty as long as Kias if it has faith its cars wont ever go wrong. The Picanto proves this point by being an extremely reliable little car, and Kia itself received a good rating in the What Car? Reliability Index.

How reliable is a Kia Picanto?

Kia Picanto reliability Just 11.1% of owners reported a fault within the first year - one of the lowest of any model. Kia also finished strongly in our brand survey, finishing second out of 30 manufacturers with only 13.3% of owners reporting faults with their cars in the first year of ownership.

Smart to look and nice to handle, the Picanto may remain competitive for many years to come.

Is Kia morning same as Picanto?

Not a new car anymore. However, it still looks fresh today, thanks to smart design outside Is Kia morning same as Picanto?

2020 Kia Morning (Picanto) Facelift Launched in South Korea

inside. The car is not remarkably different from the last generation. In fact, it keeps exactly the same footprint of 3. That makes it one of the smallest cars on the market and noticeably smaller than its Hyundai i10 cousin.

Fit and finish are good, delivering a solid feel.


Space up front is excellent, while rear legroom is limited by the shorter wheelbase. The Picanto offers 2 engines. Most will opt for the cheaper 1. It is slightly less powerful than the similar Volkswagen Up, so performance is underwhelming. You need to work the engine hard in overtaking or uphill, which makes a lot of noise and vibration. Refinement and performance can be improved significantly by upgrading to the 1.

However, the turbocharged engine is available to top trim only, so it is too expensive for most buyers of this kind of city cars.

Is Kia morning same as Picanto?

You may get a basic B-segment supermini with less money, or even a well-equipped Dacia Sandero. The 5-speed manual gearbox offers crisped and close-ratio gearshift.

Avoid the optional 5-speed automated manual box, as it is painfully slow to make each gearshift. It goes without saying such a compact car feels at home in city, being nimble, easy to park and to slip into congested streets. Its suspension setup is stiffer than i10 and most others, so it has body roll very well contained.

Despite the short wheelbase, it feels stable on highway.

Is Kia morning same as Picanto?

The steering feels direct and accurate. Being a world car, the Picanto can absorb the extra costs more easily. As standard-setting rivals like Fiat Panda and Volkswagen Up are cruising to retirement, expect the progress of A-segment city cars will slow down, and the current Picanto may hang on for a few more years yet remain competitive.

Verdict: Specifications Year Tires Picanto 1.

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