Question: Why is no one matching with me on Tinder?


If youre not getting matches, Tinder may be subtly telling you that youre setting your sights too high and to think about lowering them a little.

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If you have used Tinder, you may be frustrated by not being able Why is no one matching with me on Tinder? get as many quality matches as you want. Thankfully, there are several ways to increase the appeal of your profile and get more people to swipe you in the right direction. Search a wider area for matches. Generally, Tinder settings are tailored to people who live in big cities, and want to meet people in the same neighborhood or community.

A larger age range will open many more possible matches. For example, if you originally searched for 25 to 30, expand that range to 20 to 35. You might find you have a lot in common with people that are younger or older than you.

Why is no one matching with me on Tinder?

A 14-year range might provide you with many matches. X Research source Use your super-like boost. Swiping up on a profile or tapping the blue star icon at the bottom of the screen will push your swipe through to the account in question, allowing you to bypass anyone who simply swiped right on the account. Pay to boost your profile. By paying this fee, more people will be able to see your profile, thus increasing your potential matches.

Consider signing up for Tinder Gold.

Why is no one matching with me on Tinder?

Tinder Gold includes all of the profile-boosting features listed above, but it also alerts you when someone swipes right on your profile, making it easy to match with them immediately rather than having to wait to come across them later. X Research source Craft a good tagline. A good tagline can sometimes pique the interest of people who may not otherwise match you. By crafting a unique, thoughtful, or interesting tagline, you might lure in people who would otherwise pass you by.

X Research source Complete your profile in full. At the same time, Tinder may sort incomplete profiles down to the bottom of the swipe list. For example, if you volunteer at animal shelters on the weekend and work as a whitewater rafting guide during the summer, let people know. It gives people — and Tinder — a sense of your experiences.

X Research source Reduce your text, if you need to. Just as not having any info in your bio will hurt you, having too much text will also hurt you. Try to come in well under that limit. Anywhere between 100 and 300 words is ideal. X Research source Avoid sharing too much.

Ultimately, you need to write Why is no one matching with me on Tinder?

11 Signs It's Time To Unmatch A Tinder Match

so you balance confidence and modesty. Instead, write about how you need a witty companion to match your own sensibilities. X Research source Add humor.

Why is no one matching with me on Tinder?

Humor is an excellent tool to put prospective matches at ease and to get them to swipe you in the right direction. By using humor in your profile, you'll give people who view it a better idea of who you are. You might also make them smile or laugh. If you're generally Why is no one matching with me on Tinder? confident person, you may be able to include a joke about yourself. While you may think your joke about dogs is really funny, others may not. To avoid this, have friends review your joke before you post it.

X Research source Choose good quality photos. One of the best ways to lose matches is to upload photos that are low quality. Thus, make sure you choose photos that are clear and are taken under circumstances that frame you as an attractive person.

Try using black-and-white photos for your first one or two photos. For example, stay away from photos taken under florescent lighting. X Research source Reduce the number of photos you make available. The number of photos you upload to Tinder correlates directly to the number of matches you get.

An attractive headshot should serve as your main photo. It will give viewers an idea of what you look like in ideal circumstances. This is important, as potential matches will want a clear view of your full face before swiping you. Studies show that men most regularly choose women with larger eyes and lips, while women choose men with beards and masculine features. X Research source Use a full-body date night-ready photo. Pick photos in which you are alone. While it may seem like a good idea to upload photos of you with others you care about, you have a much larger chance of alienating potential matches than winning people over.

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