Question: What is a closed triad relationship?

If youre in a close romantic triad, it means you are with multiple people in a romantic and sexual relationship. ... Just like many people who are in dyads have closed relationships, people in triads can have closed relationships as well. They choose to be with each other, just the three of them.

What is a three way relationship?

Taylor offers this definition: “A throuple is a relationship between three people who have all unanimously agreed to be in a romantic, loving, relationship together with the consent of all people involved.” You may also hear a throuple referred to as a three-way relationship, triad, or closed triad.

My What is a closed triad relationship? 30F and I 29M are flirting around with the idea of dating another person 32F, I think? We are getting married next month and very deeply in love. We started our relationship polyamorous but eventually decided we were more interested in play that involved each other soft and hard swaps.

One night we met this girl, and we were going to take her home. We were all dancing with each other and flirting. At the time she was dating someone and could not come but we became really good friends over the next several months. Last week she officially is not involved with her ex anymore. We are all still wildly attracted to each other when we hang out What is a closed triad relationship? and personality. So, the other night my What is a closed triad relationship? and I were talking about the idea of a polyamorous relationship.

We think she would be open to it. My question is, does anybody have any experience with already having a primary partner whom you live with and start dating another person together? And that being said, if you all started living together, what was the experience of having the third person integrate into your household? Do you all sleep in one bed or what? I hope I don't sound ignorant, but this is not something I've ever heard of before. What is a closed triad relationship?

think it is important to mention also that both women's primary gender attraction is men. My fiancé is bi but had never considered dating a woman until this situation.

The other girl has made comments that lead me to believe she's never considered this situation either but she is open to the experience. She is not bi, but is attracted to my fiancé, if that makes sense. Open or closed, I am still curious on others experience with this. I 23M and my girlfriend 24F aka Piglet had been dating for 3 years when a former co-worker 28F aka Kitten and I reconnected over some interior design stuff for a house I was buying.

I needed help picking out stuff, Kitten was artsy as fuck, and we spent a couple days together planning things. We hit it off right away and back when we worked together I was pretty sure she had a crush on me. Piglet and I had already talked in the past about making a triad but never really pursued it that much.

Then Kitten just kind of fell in our lap haha. I introduced the girls, they bonded over stuff I suck at like reading books, cooking, and dancing, and the rest has been super cool so far : Piglet is heteroflexible and Kitten is bisexual, but she never dated a girl. She was primarily attracted to me, but Piglet is just too fucking cute to resist ; We're still new though. The three of us have only officially been together for 2 months now. As far as logistics go, I'm no expert.

This is my first poly relationship and my knowledge is 2 months of experience and a shit ton of research on anything I can find on the web has been probably my favorite site so far. We really let it be whatever it was going to be.

The three of us are newbies at this, but our main priority is to spend time together. We kind of just let it happen organically. Our only rules around our relationship is that Wednesday is dinner night, update the shared calendar by 11:59pm on Sunday with your schedule for the week, and always ask any question that's on your mind the girls are pretty shy. Every Wednesday we do dinner night at my place and spend the night together. We all sleep in one bed. It's way more fun that way to be one huge cuddle puddle : Definitely get a bed that can fit you all.

I'm in a California King, but my second bedroom has a Queen and we all fit just fine. If you What is a closed triad relationship? it's warm when you sleep normally, just try having two beautiful little heat cretins on either side of you. There is no escape without waking one up. Pro tip: have water strategically placed so you don't have to roll over someone to get to the nightstand.

If I had to sum it up, our relationship is really just about honesty, freedom, and being together. The girls both have keys to my place and are welcome any time. Sometimes I'll be What is a closed triad relationship? out with Kitten, sometimes Piglet, and sometimes Kitten and Piglet will be hanging out. The girls get to go to the ballet and do fun shit together that I'd normally have to be dragged to. When schedules permit, the three of us go out on dates and have a good time. The three of us are all equals.

Not necessary by any means, but that's what we have. We're committed to each other and aren't exploring anything outside the three of us I think that's called closed. I've heard it can definitely work in many other ways, but that's only stuff I've read about people posting online.

The three of us are starting to find meetup groups to learn more from a person-to-person perspective. As far as adjustment, Kitten was of course a bit intimidated by the history between Piglet and I.

You gotta do everything you can to make your new person feel welcome and wanted. Listen to them and don't make decisions without them.

What is a closed triad relationship?

Not everyone get's to be in such a lucky position. No guarantee that things will go your way.

What is a closed triad relationship?

You could lose one of them or you could lose both of them. Treat this opportunity with respect. You'll attract more bees with honey than vinegar. There are years of love and affection between you and your fiancee, and her not being allowed to date other people while the two of you receive more total affection and have more power in the relationship is pretty much impossible to work around. He fell for her to, so we all jumped in together.

We shared a bed and sex. We had to establish boundaries and norms, but it worked well, until I realized I was a lesbian. I still love my triad family, but it's trickier. I What is a closed triad relationship? in my own room now and our female partner spends time staying with each of us.

I also still ha e a close bond to our male partner as a friend, co parent, and plutonic partner. We lived as an actual triad for about 4 years, but the last 2ish years have been me sorting through my own sexual identity issues and how they affect my relationship, but for your purposes - it can work, and be amazing. It really was great before my personal issues entered the scenario.

What is a closed triad relationship?

In retrospect, a lot of my regrettable sexual behaviors would probably not have happened if I'd known. I was pretty emotionally stunted until the last 5 years or so, and I think I was just oblivious.

Thinking back now, there were so many signs I was a lesbian; i just didn't see it. Meeting my female partner opened my eyes to the possibility What is a closed triad relationship? I was and am so head over heals for her. After sleeping with her, it confirmed a lot of things. Until then I'd had no frame of reference and just assumed sex was overrated and often unpleasant for everyone.

Then I went a long chunk of time with no sex with my male partner during my pregnancy, and realized I couldn't go back to doing that again. So it was meeting my female partner that made me realize. But even then it took a few years accept that I was a lesbian and not somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. It's so much easier for me to date someone long term, if they also connect to my primary partner.

So, if it doesn't develop into a triad, the two of us What is a closed triad relationship?

3 WAY RELATIONSHIP: How Do They Work? Throuple Rules (Detailed Guide)

and new partner usually lose interest. But all three of us are always free to date others, too. We have no interest in having sex together, but there's definitely love there. For reference, I've been with my fiance for about 3. He's been around the entire time my fiance and I have been together, but it took 2 years before he was in a position where it was feasible for him to join us.

We have a group chat on Facebook so everyone's kept What is a closed triad relationship? the loop, which has been indispensable for coordination. That being said, I feel like we're in the minority that being in a triad has been completely effortless, we all just. We are open, so from time to time other people show up, but there's no other long term partners in our group. He sleeps in a separate bed, but his room is next to ours.

My fiance usually sleeps in our bed, but often joins him for a night. I'll try to work through your specific questions: And that being said, if you all started living together, what was the experience of having the third person integrate into your What is a closed triad relationship? We've lived together for a few years. It was pretty smooth for the most part with just a few bumps here and there over relatively minor things.

I'd been with my now-fiancee for a couple of years when my girlfriend moved in with us. They consider each other a girlfriend. Do you all sleep in one bed or what? My fiancee and I have one bedroom, and my girlfriend has the other she tends to prefer sleeping by herself.

We all sleep in the same bed when we go on trips, etc. I think it is important to mention also that both women's primary gender attraction is men. They would probably describe themselves in the same sense of being attracted to women but not really having considered being in a relationship with them.

However, neither have a problem with diving in face-first, if you see what I'm getting at, and they frequently kiss, cuddle and all of that type of stuff in very intimate What is a closed triad relationship?.

I have a lot of control in the situation, and I've used that to facilitate a lot of the following. It's not all that important in the general sense because I think all of the following is important regardless, but I thought I'd point it out before someone goes poking through my post history and asks. We're all very busy with the things that we individually have going on, so this is important.

I try to make sure we eat dinner together every night. Feel free to ask about anything else. Did you talk To her before proposing to the other? Where do you guys consider your future is going? I did talk to her before it, way before it, because I will only ever have a private marriage, and I feel like that's an important thing for people to know early on who might want to become involved with me.

That gets off on a bit of a tangent that's way outside of the scope of this thread, but you can Google marriage privatization if you're interested in going down that particular rabbit hole. And just for anyone who reads this, I will not be debating or discussing private marriage vs.

There's plenty of information about that out there for you to form your own opinions. My girlfriend felt completely fine about it, very happy over it and was one of two people other than myself who knew it was happening. As for our future, we expect for the three of us to be together indefinitely.

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