Question: Why did the Lombaxes leave?

In order to end the Great War for good, the Lombaxes assembled 8 of the greatest minds they had and created the Dimensionator, a device capable of sending the Cragmites to another dimension. The Cragmites were banished from Polaris and their empire finally fell, leaving their home planet of Reepor a dormant wasteland.

What happened to the other Lombaxes?

The lombaxes were once revered as heroes after defeating the cragmites in the Great War. However, a surviving cragmite, Emperor Tachyon, has since banished them from the universe.

What happened to the Dimensionator?

After the 3 arrived at Nefarious City in Rivets dimension, the Dimensionator went critical and finally exploded. ... Nefarious and his Nefarious Troopers, who then took it from them and engaged Rivet and Kit in battle using the device.

What does it mean if a girl is Ratchet?

Ratchet is a slang term that can mean “exciting” or “excellent,” often used as a term of empowerment among women. Some may also use ratchet for when they are feeling “bad” in some way. The term has been previously used, however, as an insult characterizing a woman as being “overdramatic” or “promiscuous.”

Is Rivet missing an arm?

During a conversation with KIT later in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Rivet reveals that she lost her arm during an encounter with one of Emperor Nefarious Warbots. ... Once safe, Rivet was able to craft a metal arm to replace her missing appendage, which is the arm that she has throughout the course of the game.

He is an intergalactic hero, a skilled mechanic, and the last remaining in the universe. Son ofRatchet was born on in the Why did the Lombaxes leave? came to grow up as an orphaned mechanic on in the. His life was changed once he meta small robot who crash-landed on Veldin and became his lifelong companion and best friend. The two have since shared many adventures, often working alongsideas they have saved galaxies from many galactic criminals and other supervillains, the most notable of which being.

During his time, Ratchet has worked for as a trained commando, the as a sergeant, the as a Why did the Lombaxes leave? member, and the. Ratchet is a street-wise, headstrong, thrillseeking hero who shows immense bravery and enjoys a challenge. He has a light-hearted personality, often chiming in with wisecracks and lightening the mood with jokes.

Though he has struggled balancing his own needs and those of the people, he ultimately comes down on the side of keeping the people of the universe safe, and is fiercely protective of his close friends and his homeworld of Veldin. Ratchet uses his skills as a mechanic, a pilot, and a combatant to protect the universe from threats. His most common weapon is thewhich he uses in melee combat, though he has also wielded powerful weapons and gadgets from such as the, andMegacorp such as the, andsuch as the, and the and the lombaxes such as the.

Ratchet then lived his life on Veldin, securing a garage as his home, completely unaware of his father's sacrifice. Ratchet worked on Veldin as a mechanic. He looked up to the Solana Galaxy's greatest heroes, such as prior to disappearanceand was a keen fan of celebrity superhero Captain Qwark. He dreamed of one day exploring the galaxy, and had been constructing a made with his OmniWrench and the. In the 2016 re-imagining, Ratchet's story is slightly different. When Ratchet arrived on Veldin as an Why did the Lombaxes leave?, a fongoid named had found him and took him under his wing.

Ratchet grew up in Grim's garage working for him, a reckless mechanic who installed unnecessary modifications on ships after clients only requested a repair. He dreamed of greater things and idolized the. InRatchet had fully built his ship, though he was informed it could not be complete without attaching a. Later that day, a robot crash-landed in thewhich Ratchet recovered. The robot contained an detailing a message from to the citizens of planetinforming them that Novalis would be destroyed to help him construct his.

As the robot came equipped with the latest in robotic ignition systems, Ratchet could now start his ship. He resolved to search the galaxy with this robot, to find and ally with Captain Qwark to defeat Chairman Drek. While en route to Novalis, when Ratchet asked the robot for his name, the robot provided his serial number: B54296. However, after the ship slightly jerked as Ratchet was pressing buttons, the robot hit the side of the ship and made a clanking sound, prompting Ratchet to name him Clank instead.

Qwark betraying Ratchet and Clank. After traveling through planets such as andRatchet and Clank met Qwark in on planet. Upon meeting him, he told them, to their surprise, that he was Why did the Lombaxes leave? aware of their heroic deeds across other planets and promised to train them at his challenge course on planet. Qwark betrayed them, revealing he was working for Drek as a spokesperson for his new world, and left them to die at the hands of his.

Ratchet feeling guilt over his fixation on Qwark. After defeating it, Ratchet was furious at Clank and became fixated on vengeance against Qwark, apparently unconcerned with Drek's plan. However, as Ratchet still required a robotic ignition system to fly a starship, Clank offered him an ultimatum that he would only start Ratchet's ships if he agreed to save planets that were under attack by Drek, starting with helping the on planet.

Why did the Lombaxes leave? reluctantly accepted the terms, and though he would often fight with Clank, he did at times let slip that he still cared about the innocent lives at stake. The two later confronted Qwark and shot down his spaceship at the in the orbit of planet. After celebrating in Qwark's defeat, an infobot showed the extent of the damage the blarg were doing to on Oltanis' surface.

This prompted a change of heart in Ratchet, as he made amends with Clank and was now determined to stop Drek. Ratchet and Giant Clank confronting Drek in his own mech. While exploringRatchet learned that Drek was going to use a weapon called the to destroy planet Veldin. This enraged Ratchet, as he Why did the Lombaxes leave? to fiercely defend his home from Drek. Ratchet and Clank eventually confronted Drek over the Deplanetizer on Veldin, and the two defeated him by propelling him to his new world and destroying it with the Deplanetizer while he was still on the planet.

Drek's defeat led to Clank's arm being heavily damaged, though Ratchet told him he would be fine and returned to the garage, seemingly leaving Clank. Just as Clank walked the other way, Ratchet called out to him asking where he was going, promising to fix Clank's arm.

As such, the two did not part ways, and instead bonded to become lifelong friends. Re-imagined Ratchet repairing Clank at his garage. In the andwhen Captain Qwark and the Rangers hosted tryouts on the planet looking for a new recruit in the wake of Chairman Drek's destruction of planets, Ratchet convinced Grimroth Razz to allow him to participate in the tryouts, only to be rejected by Qwark, due to his reckless past and his inexperience.

Returning home solemn, Ratchet then spotted a ship crash-land from the sky and investigated it to recover the robot inside, whom he nicknamed Clank. Clank told Ratchet of Drek's invasion of on planet Kerwan. Ratchet, eager to help, falsely claimed to be a friend of the Rangers, and the two set off to Kerwan. Ratchet helping the Plumber repair his ship. After crash-landing Why did the Lombaxes leave?

Novalis, where the repaired their ship, Ratchet and Clank arrived on Kerwan, where they made use of the Mag Booster installed on the ship to propel into athereby putting an end to the invasion. Ratchet landed on the planet and received a huge applause from the crowd of citizens.

After being put on the spot by interviewerQwark made Ratchet a Ranger, giving him a training course and granting him aalong with a new starship. Ratchet also Why did the Lombaxes leave? on many missions for the Galactic Rangers, including investigating the Blarg Tactical Research Station and planet Gaspar for new equipment, as well as rescuing Skidd McMarx on Aridia, competing in Rilgar's hoverboard races, fighting the blarg on Batalia and thwarting their water theft on Pokitaru.

Throughout this, Qwark only grew jealous of Ratchet's popularity, while and were visibly annoyed by him, which Ratchet was blissfully unaware of. The Rangers next attacked Quartu, where they learned that Drek was going to destroy planet Novalis with the Deplanetizer. Ratchet, fearing Qwark's safety, flew to the Deplanetizer himself, sacrificing his starfighter in the process.

He infiltrated the station alone to disable it, but Drek caught him and trapped him using a and took him to a shuttle home so that he could witness his failure first hand.

On the way to a shuttle, Ratchet saw Qwark relaxing with other blarg in the Deplanetizer, realizing that Qwark had betrayed the Rangers due to his jealousy of Ratchet.

Ratchet about to battle Nefarious. Ratchet then returned to Veldin, solemn after his Why did the Lombaxes leave? and returning to his old life. Clank returned to Veldin later, attempting to convince Ratchet to rejoin the Rangers. With a push from Grimroth Razz, proud of how far Ratchet had come, Ratchet then rejoined the Rangers as their leader, to which they welcomed his return.

The Rangers then deduced thatDrek's mad scientist, was simply using Drek to humiliate the Rangers by seeing them fail, and that the Deplanetizer's next target, Umbris, Why did the Lombaxes leave? destroy not only Umbris but several planets with it. Ratchet confronted Qwark, and after a battle with him, convinced him of the error of his ways, causing him to help them fight Nefarious. The three managed to defeat Nefarious, causing him to crash-land on Umbris, and fled the Deplanetizer shortly before it was destroyed, while the Rangers caused the Deplanetizer to destroy New Quartu with Drek still on it.

Afterwards, Ratchet returned Why did the Lombaxes leave? to Veldin, before being visited by Clank once again, who would become his lifelong companion. Ratchet and Clank later returned to Kerwan to see the rangers, meeting Qwark while he was doing community service withShiv promptly stole Ratchet's ship, and so Ratchet, Clank and Qwark gave chase.

The holo-film based on these events added in things that never actually happened; with Ratchet being stranded in deep space for weeks after Novalis' destruction and needing to assemble a gravity drive to escape.

Going Commando Ratchet being recruited for Megacorp by Qwark in disguise. At the beginning ofcelebrated as galactic heroes, Ratchet and Clank both appeared in an interview forin which they described their life following Drek's defeat.

At this moment, they were teleported away by Captain Qwark, disguised aswho recruited Ratchet as a commando, giving him training in martial arts, heavy weaponry, survival skills, stealth, macramé, ballroom dance, and origami. Ratchet Why did the Lombaxes leave? the Electrolyzer to free Clank. Ratchet was tasked with traveling to the to track down thewho had stolen a biological.

Two weeks after Ratchet agreed to the mission, he was dressed in a commando suit and began by tracking the Thief to a on planetwhile Clank was given a job as Megacorp's head accountant, as well as an apartment in the city of on planet. Ratchet chased the Thief from planet to planet, while fighting off the hired mercenaries, though when learning at the that the Thief had kidnapped Clank in Megapolis, Ratchet went there to rescue him.

Once the two were reunited, they resolved to retrieve the experiment together. They eventually chased the Thief down on and returned the experiment to Fizzwidget, who left both of them stranded on planet. Angela demanding the duo to hand over the experiment. The Thief caught up with them, demanding they hand over the experiment, though clumsily falling out of the disguise and revealing herself to be a female lombax named.

Ratchet and Clank went on to learn more about the experiment, learning that it would be manufactured into a pet known as thea dangerous pet that could breed rapidly and would devour its handlers. Ratchet with Angela, Clank's admirer, and Clank in his apartment in Megapolis. Though Ratchet and Clank first tried to get through to Fizzwidget, it eventually became clear this was not feasible, Angela noticing something was off with him.

Instead, the three resolved to stop the Protopet menace by taking out the original one, located in the on planet. Once they reached the Protopet duplication room, Qwark revealed he had been disguised as Fizzwidget the whole time, and attempted to frame the three for the Protopet menace and liberate the Bogon Galaxy using Angela's to cure the original Protopet.

Since the battery was inserted backwards, the device amplified it to a instead. After Ratchet and ClankAngela Why did the Lombaxes leave? the real Fizzwidget, who expressed his gratitude, and with Clank identifying the problem, amplified the fixed Helix-o-morph to cure the other Protopets.

Afterward, Ratchet and Clank spent some time in the latter's apartment in Megapolis. Up Your Arsenal Sometime between the events of Going Commando andRatchet built a gravimetric warp drive out of blargian scrap metal, and did not test the device. He also starred as Jeeves, Clank's chauffeur, in the series.

Ratchet and Clank on Endako in Up Your Arsenal. At the start of Up Your Arsenal, while in Clank's apartment, Ratchet learned through a report that Veldin had been hit by a surprise attack from an army of aliens known as theled by a villain known as Dr. Wishing to protect his home, Ratchet installed the untested warp drive to the Star Explorer, despite Clank's protests, to reach Veldin immediately. Upon arriving, Ratchet met up with thewho inadvertently appointed him as their new sergeant, and gave him a and to fight back against them.

After defeating them, Ratchet and Clank were congratulated by Solana Galacticwho asked them to search to find a long lost hero who was the only man to have fought Nefarious and lived. They soon discovered that this hero was Captain Qwark, whom Ratchet fought willingly, believing Qwark had it coming. Once he was defeated, they realized that Qwark was amnesiac, and after being contacted bycaptain of thereturned him there on the president's orders.

Sasha introduced Ratchet to his new quarters on the Starship Phoenix, which impressed him. However, he was dismayed to know that Qwark was the one President Phyronix had placed trust in. After assisting the Rangers in onRatchet obtained a, which caused Qwark regained his memory after Ratchet played it.

With President Phyronix' backing, Qwark then formed the Q-Force, a team consisting of Ratchet, Clank, Sasha, Qwark's monkey friendas well as old allies Al, Skidd McMarx, and Helga.

Qwark planned out two successful attacks, on andwhich both featured Ratchet front-and-center, while Qwark made excuses for not being involved.

Investigating Why did the Lombaxes leave? operations onRatchet learned about a weapon known as theand thata pop star of which he was a fan, was producing propaganda for Nefarious.

When he and Clank attempted to learn about Nefarious' whereabouts from Courtney Gears, Gears led them into a trap and swapped Clank with a replica namedRatchet totally unaware. Klunk informed Ratchet that Nefarious was located on his flagship, the. Before he could go, Ratchet first had to save Skidd, who was captured by Courtney Gears as she tested the Biobliterator on him, turning him into a robot.

Ratchetand began to grow slightly suspicious of Klunk. Qwark telling Ratchet and Clank to go ahead. As the refueled atRatchet accompanied Qwark to confront Nefarious on his ship.

This was actually a trap, as Nefarious self-destructed the Leviathan. Qwark remained behind on the starship to find the data disk, with Ratchet staying behind to wait for Qwark, though Klunk activated the shuttle and left before the ship exploded. As no escape pods were detected, the Q-Force assumed Qwark was dead and held a funeral in his honor, Ratchet upset by Qwark's apparent death but Why did the Lombaxes leave?

to think of positive things to say about him. From playing the vid-comicRatchet worked out that Nefarious would attack Metropolis next, but did not arrive there in time to stop Why did the Lombaxes leave? using the Biobliterator to transform the entire population of the city into robots. Just as Ratchet caught up with Nefarious, Klunk revealed he had been spying on Ratchet the entire time. Ratchet defeated Klunk and freed Clank, but despite Clank blaming himself, Ratchet held nothing against him and assured him that Nefarious would pay.

Why did the Lombaxes leave?

At this point, President Phyronix effectively conceded that Nefarious would win the war within a week. Ratchet nonetheless continued the fight, and at Sasha's suggestion, traveled to the on to find what Qwark had been looking for when he remained on the Leviathan. Here, Ratchet found the master plan data disk, and learned that Qwark was still alive, but chose to conceal this information while returning the data disk to Al to decipher.

Ratchet then found in the by playing the unreleased vid-comic. When he found Qwark he resigned, he berated Qwark and expressed shame for having ever looked up to him, before returning to his ship. Sasha informed Ratchet that the Starship Phoenix, prompting Ratchet to use the gravimetric warp drive to rescue her. After rescuing Sasha, he found that Al had decoded the data disk and learned that the Biobliterator was recharging onwith Veldin as its next target, enraging him.

Ratchet traveled to Koros and made helped Clank take over a cannon on Why did the Lombaxes leave? planet which Clank used to destroy the Biobliterator, only to learn Nefarious had constructed another in secret on.

On Mylon, Ratchet caught andonly for Nefarious to transform the Biobliterator and aim Ratchet to kill him. Before it could, Qwark flew in with his shuttle and interrupted the Biobliterator's fire at the last minute, and Ratchet then used a and with Qwark's help.

Nefarious teleported away from the Biobliterator, but was stranded on an asteroid out of range of any planet. Following Nefarious' defeat, Ratchet, alongside many friends of his he had encountered in his adventures, went to see the premiere of a new film. Deadlocked After Sasha was appointed mayor of Metropolis, Ratchet was made commander of the Starship Phoenix, with Clank as his first officer and Al as his chief engineer.

During this time, the Phoenix went on two known missions: investigating following the disappearance ofand following a false distress beacon at quadrant J0713 an area devoid of life placed by to lure Ratchet there.

Shortly after this, and a week following the death of Why did the Lombaxes leave? at the start ofSasha sent Ratchet a transmission informing him of this and warning him about rumors of Gleeman Vox kidnapping heroes and forcing them to participate inan illegal reality show featuring heroes fight in gladiatorial combat.

Just before she could get through to him, the Phoenix was boarded, and Ratchet, Clank, and Al were all kidnapped. When Ratchet awoke, he found himself in thewearing armor that was standard issue for DreadZone contestants, strapped with a that would detonate if he did not cooperate with Vox, Why did the Lombaxes leave? placed in a containment suite. Why did the Lombaxes leave? initial reaction was one of excitement, eager to experience the fame and fortune that would come with being a professional gladiator, though Clank reminded him they were being held prisoner.

Ratchet was then introduced to andtwo Al had acquired from a former contestant. Throughout the show, Ratchet continued to break DreadZone records and expectations, defeating Why did the Lombaxes leave? top gladiators known as thewhile Clank and Al looked for a way to undermine DreadZone from within.

He was underestimated at every turn, by Vox News, the Exterminators, and by Vox himself. However, Vox began to see potential in Ratchet and mused about Ratchet's popularity surpassing that Why did the Lombaxes leave?a former hero who Ratchet had admired during childhood.

Vox's suspicions came to pass when, while Ace Hardlight merchandise failed to sell, Ratchet merchandise was highly sought after among DreadZone fans. Ratchet continued to prove himself successful, besting all the DreadZone challenges, eventually defeating Ace Hardlight. Hardlight warned Ratchet not to allow Vox to corrupt him the way Vox had corrupted Ace.

Shortly after, Vox called Ratchet into his office to offer to make Ratchet champion of the Exterminators, enticing him with commercial opportunities. Heeding the warnings of Clank from the start and Hardlight from a few moments earlier, Ratchet rejected Vox's deal, calling Vox corrupt and stupid for thinking Ratchet would ever kill heroes for money.

In response, Vox sent Ratchet on one final battlecourse, thewhich had been mathematically proven to be unbeatable. Ratchet beat the course, after which Clank and Al had figured out a way to send Ratchet to the DreadZone Station control level and free all captive heroes. Vox then rigged the station to explode and turned the event into a final episode of DreadZone, pitting himself as the villain and Ratchet as the hero, hoping that his and Ratchet's death live on holovision would be the greatest ratings Vox had ever had.

Ratchet was at first content to die there knowing that many other heroes had escaped, though Clank arrived at the last minute to rescue him on the final shuttle. Size Matters Ratchet and Clank meeting Luna while on vacation. Inwishing to take a much-needed break from heroism, Ratchet took a vacation on with Clank. His break was shortlived, as he meta robot posing as a schoolgirl writing a report on heroes.

A kidnapping subsequently was staged by the technomites, who left behind an object that Clank identified as a ; Ratchet firmly believed the technomites did not exist. Nonetheless, he and Clank chased after Luna, first towith tagging along until Ratchet distracted him by encouraging him to research his family history on the ship's computer. Ratchet then traveled towhere he competed in a race to obtain a that allowed him to catch up with Luna.

Luna then sprung the trap and Ratchet was incapacitated and taken to the. Ratchet dreaming about his surgery. Ratchet was Why did the Lombaxes leave? successfully, and it took twenty-six of the technomites' best warriors to destroy a single prototype. Ratchet as he encounter's while. While he was being experimented on, Ratchet entered a strange sequence, where he encountered odd hallucinations of individuals he had ran into in the past, before being awoken by Clank.


He then escaped the station Why did the Lombaxes leave? chased Luna towhere he learned she was actually a technomite robot designed to lure them into a trap, and chased her once again to the where he defeated her. Clank attempted to access Luna's mainframe to find coordinates to Otto Destruct'sbut Why did the Lombaxes leave?

disabled by Luna's level nine access protocol. Ratchet jumped using the Shrink Ray and repaired him, after which they left to find and defeat Destruct. After fighting through the Ratchet clones, Destruct revealed that his intention with the army was to use them to gather every intelligent being in the solar system and transfer their intelligence to him.

Though Qwark, who had been made to believe Destruct was his father using false evidence planted, interrupted Ratchet, he and Clank eventually defeated Destruct, and Skrunch told Qwark the true nature of his parents.

Though Qwark wished to transfer his intellect or lack thereof to Destruct to make Destruct less intelligent, an interruption caused Skrunch to do this instead, neutralizing Otto Destruct as a threat.

After this, Ratchet returned to a scheduled massage on Pokitaru. Secret Agent Clank Secret Agent Clank is an in-universe holofilm in the. Its events are a fictional movie within the. Please see for the wiki's coverage of canon. The brainwashed Ratchet is caught A mind control device was planted on Ratchet by Klunk, that controlled him and caused him to steal the from the. This framed Ratchet for a crime he didn't intentionally commit, causing him to be taken to Solana's Ultra High Securityin which he was imprisoned alongside many other inmates that he was responsible for imprisoning, such as the Thugs-4-Less and the tyhrranoids.

The promised him no protection against them, though Clank, while investigating the real criminal to potentially free Ratchet, was able to supply him with weapons by disguising them as cakes so he could fend the other attackers away. Ratchet mostly spent his time fighting off prisoners and meeting old enemies, though at some points he also coordinated with Clank.

Ratchet met withwho had been imprisoned for illegal deals, and passed on Clank's message in which he requested the code to access 's High-Stakes Room, which Slim Cognito knew, but would provide only if Ratchet protected him from other villains.

Ratchet also met with thewho was trying to fix the water pumps but accidentally destroyed them, sparking another battle. The mind control device caused Ratchet to have a crazed moment in which he claimed to have set up a laser that could destroy the galaxy, and the Prison Ward hit his head and he returned to normal, but his message sparked another fight.

When Clank defeated Klunk and stopped his mind control device, President Phyronix was debriefed, and as Ratchet's actions were the consequence of mind control, he was released from prison with a full pardon.

Ratchet and Clank then used the hoverbike to rush to defend the city from a huge invasion, and confronted the leader of the drophyd invasion, a cragmite named Emperor Percival Tachyon, who claimed he was only interested in killing Ratchet, the last known lombax in the universe. Ratchet managed to escape Tachyon and stole his starship, which took him to the Polaris Galaxy, where he crashed on planet.

After meeting with a who took him to on planetRatchet then used an escape pod in the city to travel to planet Fastoon, the abandoned home of the lombaxes. The search led them to thewhere they encounteredthe daughter of explorerand her warbots andand formed an alliance with them to search for the Lombax Secret.

After learning from the Plumber that a weapon to vaporize the cragmites did not exist, Ratchet discovered in a hidden lombax bunker on planet that the Lombax Secret was Why did the Lombaxes leave? fact a device known as theand after finding and questioning thethey learned that the lombaxes had won the war by banishing the cragmites to another dimension entirely.

Clank asked Ratchet destroy the Dimensionator, believing it to be too dangerous, which Ratchet disagreed. Ratchet tracked the Dimensionator to the homeworld ofthough before they could claim it, it was taken by Captain.

The two chased and defeated Slag, though Qwark then took the Dimensionator himself to try and become a superhero, which backfired as Tachyon captured Qwark and took the Dimensionator, bringing the cragmites back into the universe as their leader. The cragmites then invaded the galaxy wholesale, starting withthe capital of the Polaris Galaxy, on planet. Tachyon later invaded Fastoon, and Ratchet returned to the planet with Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr to fend off the invasion.

He caught up with Tachyon, who revealed that the lombaxes Why did the Lombaxes leave? fled to an invasion after Tachyon's attack aside from two who were left behind: Ratchet's father, the guardian of the Dimensionator who Tachyon had killedand Ratchet, who had been sent to Solana.

Tachyon offered Ratchet a compromise: he opened up a portal to the which they had fled to, giving him a chance to rejoin his kind but let him live in another dimension entirely. Ratchet refused this offer, believing that no one was safe with the Dimensionator in Tachyon's hands. He fought with Tachyon, and banished Tachyon to another dimension entirely, before returning and disabling the Dimensionator for good. Following this, Clank was kidnapped by thea race of godlike aliens that Ratchet did not believe existed, and then resolved to find his friend.

Quest for Booty While searching for Clank, Ratchet, along with andvisited planeta Space Pirate planet home to Captain. Ratchet fought with a gang of Space Pirates, and was then caught and fired out of a cannon tohome to the native population. The mayor introduced Ratchet to thea device requiring a to use, that could find Clank's location.

Ratchet and Talwyn followed Rusty Pete to the to search for Darkwater's corpse to find the Star, but he betrayed them as he revived Darkwater using Slag's head, as Darkwater and Slag now shared a body and summoned an army of. Ratchet defended Hoolefar Island from the pirates, and traveled to to find the Star, and after defeating the undead Darkwater, was able to return to the Island and use the Eye. He saw that Clank was not only held captive by the Zoni, but by Dr.

Nefarious, and resolved to head to the to find him. A Crack in Time Ratchet traveled in the Aphelion with Captain Qwark no longer accompanied by Talwyn to the Breegus System to find Clank. Though the ship crash landed on planetit suddenly stopped falling due to a that froze it in mid-air.

After searching the planet, they met a friendly species known as thewho told them more about the Zoni, before the planet was invaded by Lorda mercenary working for Nefarious who mistook Ratchet for another lombax rebel named General. Qwark was kidnapped just as the battle started, though Ratchet, who repaired and upgraded the Aphelion with the Zoni's help, chased after Vorselon to hisfreeing Qwark and the fongoids.

Once accomplished, he then decided to track down Azimuth to with the hope of gaining new information. Ratchet met Azimuth on the Why did the Lombaxes leave?, and after a brief confrontation following a misunderstanding, Azimuth recognized Ratchet as his friend Kaden's son, and the two bonded. Ratchet did question Azimuth on why he didn't stay with his father while the surviving lombax's fled during Tachyon's mass destruction, but Azimuth merely said that the universe had a cruel sense of humor, and soon after changed the subject by offering Ratchet his father's.

Knowing he had gained another ally, Ratchet agreed with Azimuth to find the where Clank was located, and defeat Nefarious. Later on, Azimuth had told Ratchet to meet him in Axiom City on planetas he claimed to know a way to try and contact Clank, who was still within the. Soon after dealing with more of Nefarious' soldiers, they were able to break into an information center where Azimuth managed to locate an active on planet.

Once there, they had another run-in with Nefarious' army and chose to help the slow them down, and in exchange they would show them where the Why did the Lombaxes leave?

Eye is. Once Ratchet and Azimuth got to the Obsidian Eye, Why did the Lombaxes leave? were successfully able to get a signal on Clank, who was still focusing on his own work to repair the clock from the effects and damages it caused on many of the planets. Clank, surprised and happy to see Ratchet again as he was, explained to him with the little time he had before the signal was lost that he needed his help.

He asked him to look for a portal on planetwhere it would take him back two years to when had ambushedknowing it was the last place anyone knew where he was before he had supposedly disappeared.

On the way to Zanifar, Azimuth explained to Ratchet the supposed consequences of using the clock if they were to go back and save the lombax's, to which Ratchet agreed to pursuing despite knowing that altering the timeline would prevent him from ever meeting Clank. Once Ratchet found the portal on Zanifar, he soon realized after going back in time that it was the planet Nefarious and Lawrence had crash landed on after being stuck on the meteorite for a while. He is able to bust into the station within that planet, where he soon comes across Nefarious interrogating Orvus on how to get into the stationed within the Great Clock.

Orvus still refused to, claiming that the clock was Why did the Lombaxes leave? meant to be used as a time machine. Nevertheless, Nefarious tried using the to get Orvus to talk, but Orvus was able to block the attack. During which time, he claimed there Why did the Lombaxes leave? only one person who was able to get into his chamber, and that he was far from Nefarious to get to. In that moment, Orvus suddenly disappeared, but after looking more into his databanks just before he escaped, a picture of Clank had popped up.

Ratchet was surprised to see it was Clank, which caught Nefarious' attention, causing Ratchet to flea through the windows immediately after he Why did the Lombaxes leave? an explosive right in front of Nefarious' face.

In the present, the explosion carried over to Nefarious in the current time, infuriating him once realizing Ratchet had gone back in time.

Ratchet continued to search all over the Breegus System fighting off Nefarious' forces, including another run-in withwho had captured Azimuth while Ratchet was on his mission in Zanifar. Once Vorselon was defeated once more and Azimuth freed, the search for Clank continued. While in theRatchet had picked up Why did the Lombaxes leave? distress call with Clank's signature on it. This eventually led to the citadel onwhere Nefarious had used Clank as a decoy for Valkyrie leader to kill Ratchet and Azimuth.

Ratchet had already had a run-in with the other two leaders of the Valkerie's and during the story, but were able to destroy their ships during separate confrontations, eliminating them as threats. Ratchet soon after had his final run-in with Cassiopeia after realizing she had Clank held hostage within a machine suspending him. After causing her vehicle to malfunction, the vehicle smashed the glass Clank was in, and soon after lead Cassiopeia to fall to her death. Luckily, Ratchet was able to catch the suddenly-conscious Clank using his Hoverboots, and the two friends were finally reunited once more.

After recovering from the battle, Clank warned Ratchet that the Great Clock should not be used to alter time, to which Azimuth disagreed with, believing the clock could bring back the Lombax race itself once more. Even so, Ratchet agreed with Clank knowing that the risk of such an action was too high, causing Azimuth to part ways with them both over this disagreement. Ratchet and Clank later traveled to the Nefarious Space station, where Qwark was also happily reunited with Clank again.

They then turned their attention to Nefarious, eventually infiltrating the to try and defeat him. Nefarious caught them, and revealed that he planned to control the Great Clock and alter time to create a new timeline in which heroes always lose.

Ratchet tried to convince him that there was an error in his logic of the clock, but were still casted away with his Asteroid Flinger 5000. It was supposed to kill them when they crashed on planetbut thankfully they were saved by the Zoni.

After going back in time to help chief from stopping the from destroying their village and the remainingthey were able to acquire a ship after going back into the present, and soon after made their way back to the Nefarious space station. Once there, however, Ratchet also received a message from Lord Vorselon once again. While claiming to have been Ratchet's father's accountant, he challenged Ratchet to a final confrontation on his ship.

Although having upgraded his suit in preparation for the fight, Ratchet and Clank managed to vanquish Vorselon once and for all, while destroying his ship just before they departed. They then returned to the station and defeated Dr.

Nefarious, but as the ship was about to crash into the space station, they tried to make it to the escape pod but had already taken it. Luckily, Azimuth arrived to save them from the station just before it was destroyed. Ratchet and Azimuth then traveled to the Great Clock to drop Clank off, but Azimuth became enraged when Ratchet and Clank yet again refused to use it to save the lombaxes, and fired an energy blast from his wrench that killed Ratchet. Horrified from what he had witnessed, Clank ran over to the before Azimuth could reach it in order to ensure he couldn't use it.

Upon realizing it was safe to use the Great Clock to travel six minutes back in time, Clank saved Ratchet's life just in time and the two fought Azimuth. Once defeating him, Ratchet tried to fix the switch Azimuth had tampered with, but to no avail. Azimuth, who realized the error of his ways upon the fact that the clock was never meant to be used as a time machine, gave his life to fix the Great Clock which Why did the Lombaxes leave?

had damaged. Once the clock had been repaired by the Zoni, Ratchet left, mourning the loss of Azimuth and leaving his best friend behind to take care of the Clock. However, Clank instead promoted to Senior Caretaker and rejoined Ratchet, deciding to stay by his side until he could find a family of his own, and the two depart from the great clock. Comic series Ratchet and Clank had both retired and returned to Veldin, where Ratchet was attempting to repair a speeder, which almost shot up and left the atmosphere until Clank saved it with a stabilizer.

Here, Qwark, who had been elected Galactic President of Polaris, met with the two and warned them of planets going missing from across the universe. Ratchet objected to being involved at first, claiming that he was retired and absolving himself of the responsibility, then returning to his garage.

He was later awakened by a green light from 's teleportation ray, and after a brief fight with Zogg's robots, he was kidnapped and taken towhere Zogg revealed himself to be a fan of Ratchet. After a short conversation with Zogg, the self-proclaimed President of the made up of planets taken from other galaxiesimprisoned them in his. Ratchet and Clank were unable to escape the prison, but bumped into an general namedwho sparked a fight with them that led to Ratchet and Glahm's execution.

However, Glahm was using this as a set up to allow them to escape, with Cronk and Zephyr freeing Ratchet and Clank and returning them to the Apogee Space Station.

Here, they met not only with Why did the Lombaxes leave?, but with Sasha Phyronix and the Solana Galactic Rangers, who along with Qwark and the Polaris Why did the Lombaxes leave?, were using the station as a base of operations while dealing with Zogg.

Ratchet then learned that Zogg was a candidate for president of the Polaris Galaxy who Qwark initially planned to endorse, before instead running for president himself and being elected, leaving Zogg bitter.

Ratchet agreed to Zogg's terms and teleported onto his warship. Zogg confiscated Ratchet's wrench, then broke his promise and claimed he would leave Veldin to die, though Clank threw a hidden grenade and Ratchet was able to flee Zogg and his robots, messaging Talwyn, Sasha and the Rangers to attack Zogg's ship. Ratchet obtained the and ordered Clank to stop the warp sequence, though Zogg caught them both. Before he could kill him and Clank with a Plasma Coil, Talwyn Why did the Lombaxes leave?

her ship into Zogg's, and was captured by his troops while Ratchet and Clank used an escape pod to travel to the desolate Veldin. There, they located Ratchet's garage and retreated, but were attacked by Zogg's robots, though Clank used a which emitted electromagnetic radiation, disabling Zogg's robots but also Clank for an hour. Ratchet then encountered General Glahm who took him and the incapacitated Clank to the planet's Planetary Defense Center, where despite Ratchet begging him not to, Glahm fired a missile barrage that destroyed the ship, and presumably killed Zogg and his sidekickbut also Talwyn.

Believing Talwyn to be dead, Ratchet remained silent and mourned Talwyn's loss while Clank awoke. Sasha, Cronk and Zephyr arrived to recover Ratchet and return to the Apogee Space Station, where they would come up with a plan to save Veldin. However, Zogg crashed into the station with an escape pod, holding Talwyn at gunpoint, unleashing an army of 100 on the station.

Talwyn was able to free herself Why did the Lombaxes leave? Zogg's grip, and as Zogg searched for the Surinox Shard, Ratchet was able to tackle Zogg into a docked ship, where Clank was located alongside a taped up Qwark, who tossed Azimuth's wrench to Why did the Lombaxes leave? and ordered him to fire a negatively charged blast to the shard, which banished Zogg to the same dimension that Ratchet had banished Tachyon to.

From there, the Polaris government restored planets back to their original galaxy, and Ratchet decided to move back to Polaris rather than stay on Veldin.

All 4 One With Dr. Nefarious still on the loose, Ratchet claimed in an interview with and that he would not join the search, suggesting he had confidence in Qwark's ability. Nefarious and his butler appeared, and Nefarious resurrected a Light-Eating Z'Grute to kill them all, though he had no control over it and it instead ravaged the city.

When Lawrence fled, announcing his resignation to Nefarious, Nefarious was forced to team up with Ratchet, Clank and Why did the Lombaxes leave? to defeat it, though they were afterwards teleported away by a machine known as the to a testing laboratory on planet. Therefore, the four would have to escape the world themselves and stop the Ephemeris. A small girl named took the four to thea race native to the planet, who explained the Ephemeris in detail to them.

Eventually, the four worked to destroy the machine and defeat thewho had planned to use it to destroy the universe. The four defeated the Loki Master, and Cronk and Zephyr were finally able to arrive with the help of Lawrence. Ratchet, Clank Why did the Lombaxes leave? Qwark believed that Nefarious had changed his ways, though Nefarious instead fled the world with Lawrence Why did the Lombaxes leave? was then still at large as a supervillain.

Full Frontal Assault After Qwark lost the next presidential election, he, Ratchet and Clank founded a new Q-Force, with new members on an entirely new. After they defeated his forces on planetthe villain revealed himself to be Qwark fanboy,whom Ratchet had previously encountered in Bogon.

Ratchet and the Q-Force Why did the Lombaxes leave? his forces on planets andthough Zurgo had infiltrated their ship and taken over Ebaro's weather system, plunging the sector into chaos.

Ratchet and the Q-Force destroyed the generator before invading to defeat him and bring him into Polaris' authorities. Into the Nexus Now a member of the with Clank, Cronk, Zephyr and Talwyn, Ratchet worked to arrest criminal for her assault on.

Why did the Lombaxes leave?

Ratchet, along with Clank, Cronk and Zephyr, escorted her to the Vartax Detention Center, though her brother,working with the Thugs-4-Less mercenaries, attacked the ship and kidnapped Cronk and Zephyr. Ratchet and Clank were imprisoned aboard the ship, though while the windows cracked open Why did the Lombaxes leave?

allowed them to escape the ship before the Progs and Thugs destroyed it, they were forced to watch helplessly Why did the Lombaxes leave? Cronk and Zephyr died.

Ratchet was able to stow away on the Thugs' ship to fly to planet. Ratchet delivered the news to a visibly distraught Talwyn, who urged him to return to on Igliak where it was safe, though Ratchet objected and wished to avenge Cronk and Zephyr. They learned that Yerek and the rest of the had been abandoned for 20 years.

After retrieving a from Pollyx's assistant, they tracked himself to the where he gave Clank an upgrade to travel to the. While still wishing to avenge the war bots' deaths, Ratchet became more sympathetic, as he understood that they wanted to be reunited with their race as he did. Eye as predicted betrayed Vendra and imprisoned her in the Netherverse. Ratchet and Clank agreed to meet Neftin on planetwhere they agreed that they would help Why did the Lombaxes leave?

steal Why did the Lombaxes leave? Dimensionator and free Vendra, but the Prog twins must then turn themselves in. They headed to the Intergalactic Museum of History in Meridian City, in which they found the Dimensionator. The city came under attack from Mr. Eye, and Clank went to the Netherverse and found Vendra. Eye, and Clank retrieved Vendra, allowing her to seal Mr. Eye and the nethers back into the Netherverse. The Prog twins kept their word and turned themselves in.

The low-rent Dimensionator was returned to the museum, which fell apart, though Ratchet claimed despite wanting to find his race, he settled in staying in this dimension with Talwyn. Ratchet left to meet up with Talwyn, unaware that Clank had swiped the Dimensionator.

Rift Apart In Rift Apart, Ratchet makes use of dimension-hopping technology with Clank, revisiting several planets they had been to in a battle against Nefarious. Characteristics Appearance Ratchet is a lombax a feline, humanoid being with yellow fur, two large pointy ears with brown stripes, large hands, flat, triangular clawed feet, and large green eyes. Ratchet's iconic attire normally consists of teal-blue pants, with knee padding, along with brown leather gloves, a chest harness, and a belt.

Starting in Tools of Destruction, Ratchet's attire was updated with an orange, tangerine and teal-blue short-sleeved shirt with brown boots. In addition, Ratchet normally equips a wide variety of heavy armor, and wears Clank as a backpack.

With some exceptions, the armor does not normally cover his face. His proportions have changed slightly throughout the series. Since Tools of Destruction, Ratchet's arms and legs have been longer than his original appearance, while his hands are slightly smaller, giving him more realistic humanoid proportions.

His height compared to other characters also tends to vary by game, though he is typically much shorter than other Why did the Lombaxes leave? in the galaxy he encounters. Ratchet's appearance not resembling that of a typical larger, more muscular hero such Why did the Lombaxes leave? Captain Qwark or Captain Starshield has often led to opponents underestimating him.

Personality Ratchet is an eager, headstrong, light-hearted, and astute character. He is a thrillseeker, both having a great sense of adventure and actively enjoying danger. Ratchet's headstrong nature both allows him to fearlessly leap into harm's way, which can be to his benefit or to his detriment depending on his success, particularly Why did the Lombaxes leave?

he overestimates his mechanical skills. Ratchet is fairly astute, and though not always able to piece things together immediately, he can notice he is being misled. Ratchet is light-hearted in most situations, often throwing in snide remarks at his foes, or making light jabs at his own expense to brighten the mood.

Throughout his time, Ratchet has often struggled between his heroism and his own wants. In his first adventure, Ratchet Why did the Lombaxes leave? fixated on vengeance against Qwark, before seeing Clank was right and there was more at stake. In Deadlocked, he was briefly allured by the fame and fortune of a professional gladiator, but strongly rebuked Vox's offer to be made champion after seeing what it would take to get there. Ratchet's conflict took center stage in Tools of Destruction: his fixation on the promise of using the Dimensionator paralleled his fixation on vengeance from years ago, and similarly put him at odds with Clank.

He later regretted this and took Clank's side, and when offered the choice by Tachyon to use the Dimensionator to reunite with his people, chose to destroy it to keep his friends and the universe safe, denying himself the family he had once sought.

Ratchet's relationships with others have shaped his personal growth and internal struggle. He originally admired Captain Qwark before coming to see him as a fraud, as Qwark was solely motivated by the fame and fortune, something Ratchet has sought himself but resisted selling his integrity for it in a way Qwark would. His relationship with Qwark also showcases his personal growth: Ratchet grew past the focus on vengeance against Qwark in his first adventure, to the point of working closely with Qwark later to help one another out.

In addition, Ratchet Why did the Lombaxes leave? resisted harboring similar hatred for his other foes; while Dr.

Nefarious loathes Ratchet and wishes to kill him, Why did the Lombaxes leave? has only ever wanted to stop Nefarious. Ratchet's growth is also seen with Alister Azimuth, a mentor to Ratchet who shared many of the same values, and whose fixation on the promise of using the Great Clock to return the lombaxes mirrored Ratchet's fixation on the Dimensionator for the same purpose. Seeing the damage that could be done to the fabric of space and time by using it, Ratchet warned Azimuth against it, before ultimately fight over it.

What separates Ratchet from his allies and adversaries in this way is Clank, his most important friendship. When Ratchet is ever led astray towards pursuing selfish ends, Clank is always the one to remind him of what is right, something Ratchet came Why did the Lombaxes leave? realize is important. The two also play off one another well: while Clank's more cautious, measured approach is balanced by Ratchet's headstrong attitude, and while Clank's optimism and faith in people's good nature can serve them both well, Ratchet's more astute nature allows him to see traps before Clank does.

Why did the Lombaxes leave? well as being guided by Clank's moral compass, Ratchet is also fiercely protective of his friends and his home: he becomes animated in response to any threats against Veldin, and has gone out of his way to come to the defense of his friends.

Powers and abilities Abilities Ratchet on planet Batalia. Ratchet is a talented and resourceful mechanic who has invented powerful devices often with limited resources available to him.

He began his adventures when he built his own starship with his OmniWrench, and later built an intergalactic warp drive with scrap metal. However, his overconfidence with his skills often leads him to use his devices untested, which can have dangerous consequences. Despite not having a pilot's license, nor having flown since his first adventure, he is nonetheless a skilled pilot. Ratchet has survived and won several dogfights in space against insurmountable odds, as well as win races againstthe fastest pilot in the Bogon Galaxy.

Ratchet's most commonly used starship has been thea sentient lombax vessel used since Tools of Destruction, though prior to that he frequently used the ship provided to him by Megacorp, among others. Ratchet has also shown proficiency in commandeering several vehicles, including, theand the.

With hoverboards and hoverbikes, Ratchet has competed in and won races, including earning membership of the for his success.

Ratchet is a skilled, acrobatic, and physically a strong fighter. With Megacorp, he underwent extensive commando training, including in martial arts, heavy weaponry, survival skills, and stealth, but also in macramé, ballroom dance, and origami. Despite his appearance, his physical strength is enough to hold off the likes of even a. However, his primary strength in combat comes from his extensive arsenal which allows him to wield a vast array of weapons.

Equipment Ratchet wields a loaded arsenal of weaponry acquired both legally and illegally from several manufacturers: Gadgetron, Megacorp,GrummelNet, the lombaxes, and others. He equips weapons using a neuro-sensor in his helmet, which reads his thoughts and teleports the desired weapon in his hands.

His weapons range from standard blasters such as the, orgrenade launchers such as theorshotguns such Why did the Lombaxes leave? thetheor the and missile launchers such as thetheor theto many other deployed tactical weapons such as thetheor the and weapons that summon aid in combat such as the Agents of Doom and.

Ratchet also often wields weapons that can morph his opponents into animals such as thetheand theand tear holes in the fabric of space and time the. As well as his arsenal of weapons, Ratchet's signature weapon is his OmniWrench, a device he uses a mechanic, but wields as a melee weapon. The OmniWrench also serves him well in interacting with his environment typically turning or picking up and throwing objects.

Aside from this, his most common gadgets are theused to swing across large gaps, the used to grind on rails, and thea lombax invention used to quickly traverse environments.

Behind the scenes Development Ratchet was originally conceptualized by Insomniac employee Brian Hastings as a reptilian alien who traveled around planets collecting weapons. The concept behind had at some point evolved into that of a fuzzy caveman led to space by a robot on a mission to save the galaxy, before the caveman's club was replaced with the OmniWrench 8000, and the caveman became a mechanic.

This form gave way to Ratchet's cat-like form, decided upon after Insomniac looked at various terrestrial creatures, such as dogs and rats, and settled on feline features due to the sense of agility associated with them.

Detail drawings of Ratchet Ratchet's initial design lacked eyebrows and stripes on the ears and went through many different color iterations before finally settling on a brown design.

Ratchet was also given five fingers rather than three or four to appear more anthropomorphic but also to be better received in Japan, a decision made through conventional wisdom rather than one suggested by Sony of Japan. Clean shapes as well as bold iconic ears were key to his final design.

This prompted a significant personality Why did the Lombaxes leave? for the sequel, Going Commando, in which Ratchet was instead voiced by the voice of from from then onwards, and given a much more mature and affable personality.

Many scenes in Going Commando were written deliberately to show Ratchet being protective of Clank, to draw a distinction from the previous game where Ratchet was often at odds with Clank. In Tools of Destruction, Tachyon taunts Ratchet by saying that only he knows Ratchet's true name.

This is because Ratchet's real lombax name was originally going to be revealed in A Crack in Time, but writer T. Fixman and Allgeier also know what happened to Ratchet's mother and Kaden, but have not revealed those stories in case they revisit them in a later game.

When transitioning to the hardware, Ratchet's character model became far more detailed in terms of polygons and bones for his skeleton to animate the character. While the skeleton for Ratchet's character model used 110 bones in total in the entries, for Tools of Destruction, the skeleton featured 120 bones in the face alone.

Jak X: Combat Racing listed Ratchet's age as of Deadlocked at 18. During a livestream Insomniac Games noted that Ratchet was either 15 or 17 during the events of the first game. As Going Mobile was never installed as part of the main series, its events are considered non-canon.

Please see for the Why did the Lombaxes leave? coverage of canon. Ratchet also appears in non-canonical entries to the series. In the manga,Ratchet is the main character and has to save Clank. Ratchet and Clank upon entering the vid-comic. In a mobile phone game,Ratchet and Clank were invited to look at new biomatter converter technologythough the device accidentally transported them to a Secret Agent Clank vid-comic.

They eventually contacted Al, who informed them only the could help them escape, which they had to findalthough it had split into pieces on transport.

They obtained all pieces, but discovered Maximillian was also planning to use it and escape the vid-comic, and was waiting for them at the final exit. They managed to defeat Maximillian, and then used the device themselves, traveling either home or to an unknown location. In the short film,Ratchet and Clank were on a pizza run when they stumbled upon Dr. Nefarious' experiments with the Portalizer, after numerous setbacks, the duo eventually managed to secure the device in the weapons museum in Galactic City.

InRatchet is a playable character, who drives a car with Clank as the antenna, in multiplayer mode. This is a crossover with the game and Deadlocked, in which is a playable skin for the second player in co-operative mode. InRatchet appeared, based on his Tools of Destruction attire. Ratchet and Clank were captured, alongside Jak and Daxter, and Sly Cooper, to compete in a friendly competition hosted by the floating aliens known as the Whibbles to determine which was the Why did the Lombaxes leave?

hero. The three fought at first, though they later allied to defeat villains Gleeber and Lunk, who had enslaved the Whibbles. Ratchet appeared to be the leader of the group, often breaking up disagreements between Jak and Sly. Later, the team defeated Gleeber and Lunk, and were returned to their worlds, with a communicator to keep in contact with the others. Ratchet uses many of his weapons from the series, including the wrench, the Combuster, thethe Agents of Doom, theMr.

For his ultimate level three Super Move, Ratchet uses the Aphelion to destroy enemies. In Ratchet's story mode, Ratchet and Clank are traveling through the galaxy searching forand track them down to the Nefarious Space Station, where they defeat many foes, run into Qwark and Nefarious, encounter their story rivals Jak and Daxter, and finally defeat the final boss, the source of the fake gold bolt signal.

Reception Ratchet was later voted as the sixteenth top character of the 2000s decade by readers. GameSpy also criticized what they described as Ratchet's uninteresting aesthetic design and rude, immature and immoral demeanor. In Up Your Arsenal, Ratchet admits he once looked up to Qwark.

Juanita also mused on-air about Ratchet's death, and both she and Dallas laughed when believing would quickly disembowel him. Nonetheless, actual DreadZone fans began to root for him. Vox's treatment of Ratchet comes in contrast to their coverage of Captain Starshield.

During Starshield's tenure, Starshield was covered favorably by Vox News as he broke several records, and his performance was such that other Exterminators were afraid to fight him until before Ace Hardlight finally Why did the Lombaxes leave?. Ratchet on the other hand was not only smeared relentlessly, but underestimated by both Vox News and the Exterminators.

Vox News from Ratchet's first mission believed he would not last long, and even in the final battlecourse when Ratchet had survived every challenge up to that point and broken records, still had full confidence he would fail there. Similarly, the Exterminators all showed confidence in defeating Ratchet easily, dismissing Ratchet based on his appearance alone, and Ace Hardlight assuming his battle with Ratchet would be quick.

Later, he jumped at the opportunity to become a commando for Megacorp and embark on a new journey, favoring Fizzwidget's dangerous missions. In Up Your Arsenal, a gravimetric warp drive that he built out of blargian scrap metal worked without testing it, allowing him to reach Veldin in time on the first try.

In Tools of Destruction, when a similar situation occurred and Ratchet used his newly-built speeder to stop a drophyd invasion, the speeder failed, causing Ratchet and Clank to almost crash to their deaths. Although Ratchet was fooled by Klunk in Up Your Arsenal, he was able to notice signs that something was off about Clank's behavior before Klunk's reveal.

In Tools of Destruction, Ratchet came to Qwark's aid first, Qwark later helped Ratchet by spying on Tachyon and preparing a disguise to allow him to fight in the arena onand provided a plan to infiltrate and rescue Talwyn. In A Crack in Time, Qwark willingly came with Ratchet on his adventure to find Clank, and helped the group infiltrate the Nefarious Space Station.

Qwark also came to Ratchet's aid again in Into the Nexus, helping him when they were fleeing the. Ratchet was also animated in coming to the defense of Angela when she was kidnapped by the Thugs-4-Less, and later for Sasha and the Q-Force when the Starship Phoenix came under attack, using the unstable gravimetric warp drive to reach them sooner. When Talwyn was placed ina heavily fortified prison that would be nigh impossible to enter, Ratchet risked it and traveled there anyway even in spite of doubting Clank's claims about the Zoni at the time.

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