Question: Why are Honma clubs so expensive?


Honma golf clubs are expensive because they are made with special steel which is way better than the cheap industrial steel. ... Without any doubt, Honma is the most popular Japanese manufacturer and if you ask most golfers about the brand, youll hear them talk about its luxury or its high cost.

A few years ago I was watching the Pebble Beach Pro Am and they were for some reason following around Mr. Can't say they helped his reported 20 handicap. Re: why are honma clubs so expensive, while they aren't used by many pros? The Japanese makers seem to be more interested in the Canadian market this year.


I see more Homma clubs being displayed, and Greenfield is now repping S Yard, also Japanese. We might now see more Japanese clubs Why are Honma clubs so expensive? the pros. Earlier this year in Shanghai, a friend lend me a set of Homma so that I can play with him didn't bring my clubs. Had a set of S Yard for three games in Toronto, actually thought they were very good.


Was not long after I played with the Hommas, and thought the S Yard were better. Re: why are honma clubs so expensive, while they aren't used by many pros?

Why are Honma clubs so expensive?

S-Yard clubs are no good neither. I tried them out in Greenfield and thought the shafts are so whippy I wonder if they are too whippy for a 10 year old. I have no idea why Greenfield carries them other than feeding the ego of senior Asian fellas who can still bomb it like they used to.

I might be right to say that this is a line that's brought it for Why are Honma clubs so expensive? who like to buy a new taylormade driver every time they come out as well.

Why are Honma clubs so expensive?

There sure is a market for these people. I am not saying that S-yard's forging is bad. It's just not at the same level as Miura, OnOff, Epon. Do you guys consider how much it is to play a round in Japan? People want the best regardless of cost. Contrary to general belief, Homma is just not that popular in Japan. You realize that Japan forged irons are superior when their version of Snake Eyes is Geo Tech.

I heard if you really want to do a custom set of clubs and do them right from scratch with a designer and all.

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