Question: What is Kokichis real ultimate?

His title is the Ultimate Supreme Leader (超高校級の「総統」 lit. Super High School Level Supreme Leader).

Is Kokichi the ultimate supreme leader?

Kokichi Ouma (Kokichi Oma in the English version) is the secondary antagonist-turned-anti-hero of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. He is titled the Ultimate Supreme Leader. He is voiced by Hiro Shimono in the Japanese version of the game, and by Derek Stephen Prince in the English version of the game.

What is Gontas ultimate?

His title is the Ultimate Entomologist (超高校級の「昆虫博士」 lit. Super High School Level Entomologist).

Why did Kokichi betray Gonta?

In Chapter 4, Kokichi seemingly manipulated Gonta into killing Miu for him, because Miu had made it so that Kokichi couldnt harm her. However, it is also indicated that they both agreed that mercy killing would be the best action, and that Gontas decision was ultimately his own.

What did Nagito do wrong?

After discovering the horrible truth behind the Neo World Program in Danganronpa 2, Nagito sacrificed himself in order to kill the Remnants of Despair. He set up a suicide to cause Chiaki Nanami, the traitor and not a Remnant of Despair, to unknowingly deal the killing blow, and therefore become the blackened.

Why did Kokichi fake his death?

After talking about it a bit more, Kokichi confessed that he lied about being the culprit, claiming that he wanted to draw out the real culprit with his lie. When Himiko asks why Tenko had to die, Kokichi states that her death was meaningless and that Angies death was the only one that they had to worry about.

Personal Details Born 21 June,??? He became Ultimate Supreme Leader of the states on 1 April 2017, on the nation's founding.

What is Kokichis real ultimate?

After a bitter struggle with a killing game, Bourgeois anime, year 10 Deutsch where he managed to get 12 signatures to overthrow the oppressive capitalist bourgeoise in year 10 Deutschtinned spaghetti pizza, and a civil war, he had finally managed to proclaim the great and glorious Socialist Communist States, which he currently rules over.

Born What is Kokichis real ultimate? no parents and living as an orphan. He grew up struggling in Akihabara, the anime capital of the world and the capital of his favourite anime's. But this moment would come back to help him in the future ahead. He moved to New Zealand now the glorious People's Republic of Socialist Communist Stateswhere he saw the horrors of oppression.

Then-Prime Minister of this nation,oppressed the people with his ' ,' and his '. Which he achieved, when he defeated the vilein the most epic and world-changing duel to ever grace the people of the world. What is Kokichis real ultimate? was one in which Kokichi Oma won and became Ultimate Supreme Leader of the newly formed Socialist Communist States. His rule has seen the glorious prosperity of the nation, with Socialist Communist States having the best military, economy and prestige in the world.

The masses give Kokichi Oma their eternal praise. They wish him a long and glorious reign for as long as he lives. Long live the Ultimate Supreme Leader Kokichi Oma. Father of the Re-evolution, and Supreme Leader of the Socialist Communist Party. Mt Fuji, where Kokichi Oma was gloriously born. It is not known what year Kokichi Oma was born, as he prefers to keep it a secret.

However, he has given us his birthdate: 21 June - a national holiday in Socialist Communist States. Kokichi Oma was born in Tokyo, Japan, on Mount Fuji.

It was a sunny day, with blue skies and double rainbows. The cherry blossom trees began to bloom, along with many other flowers. At night, a bright star shone, which could be seen kilometres away from the city. It is generally believed he descended from the sky and landed calmly on the earth, where he did not even shed a single tear. This is all true because the Ultimate Supreme Leader said so! It's not like he's lying.

While this happened, three wise men visited the soon to be Ultimate Supreme Leader: Karl Engels, Frederick Marx and Vladimir Ulyanov. They were amazed by his gloriousness and decided to present him with gifts. Karl Engels presented him with a copy of 'The Communist Manifesto,' which he gloriously threw away. Fredrick Marx presented him with a crimson bandana, which he also gloriously threw away. Finally, Vladimir Ulyanov gave him Grape Soda, which he gloriously accepted and chugged down.

Quite a sight to see for these three wise men. Today, Mount Fuji is considered sacred territory, both in the Socialist Communist States and Japan. The Ultimate Supreme Leader used to What is Kokichis real ultimate? it a lot until his departure to the glorious Socialist Communist States.

According to rumours, you can still smell the urine he exposed up there. It is a high honour for anyone visiting up there to smell such glorious waste from the Ultimate Supreme Leader. You should travel there if you have the chance. It is quite the experience. Kokichi Oma grew up struggling in the What is Kokichis real ultimate? of Akihabara. He would spend his time reading manga and watching Anime in the orphanage in the city.

It was a very difficult childhood, having no choice but to live in a life of luxury, eating, sleeping, having a roof over his head. His knack for leadership was also developed here. He would always order people to fetch his stuff, clean his mess and What is Kokichis real ultimate? his bidding. It is generally believed this is where his humble traits appeared. It was also here he would meet his friends.

Everyone would play pranks and jokes on each other. This group consisted of only 10 over 10,000 members. They played pranks on all unsuspecting Capitalists and Bourgeoise who may be walking around. It was considered one of his most innocent acts in his life. But maybe this was where Kokichi Oma started developing his socialist-communist ideas. Here, Kokichi Oma studied at the prestigious Imperial Capital's Imperial High School.

At this school, he was the best. He excelled What is Kokichis real ultimate? every sport. He passed every single test but shined brightest at the podium. One day at school he got bored. Kokichi decided to read 'The Communist Manifesto' that one of the wise men had given to him at birth. He proceeded to grab it out of his bag and began reading it.

After a minute or two, he got bored was amazed by what he read. Although he threw it back in the bin because he was bored of itKokichi Oma learnt many things that would come back to aid him in his Re-evolution that would liberate New Zealand later down in his life.

It was also here, that he met his future partner: Shuichi Saihara. Another student from a different school. Kokichi Oma was rather amused by this shy, yet very clever detective. He would occasionally call Shuichi his 'beloved,' 'Shumai,' and 'Saihara-chan. But the moment Kokichi Oma had laid eyes on this detective. With you around, I'll never get bored. And so Kokichi Oma and Shuichi Saihara became each others partners. Even today Shuichi is still the Ultimate Supreme Leader's spouse.

John Key's resignation to the nation after Kokichi Oma's protest. In 2016, Kokichi and Shuichi decided to move to a new country. Not because Kokichi somehow lied and convinced the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, that he slept with his mother and killed his father, which led to Abe grabbing gold pins from a dress What is Kokichis real ultimate?

stabbing it in his eyes, therefore blinding himself, which frightened Kokichi and forced him to high-tail it out of Japan. When they arrived in New Zealand, they were shocked by the way it was treated.

People had political and civil rights. There was a housing crisis, homeless people sleeping in cars, and there was mass unemployment. It was an outrage to him. It was then and there that Kokichi Oma would commit himself to liberate New Zealand from its oppressive ruler:.

Who would oppress the people with his Imperialist ' ,' and his '. While he was building up Re-evolutionary feeling within the New Zealand population, Kokichi Oma attended another High School which shall remain anonymous.

Here he saw more oppression. This time it was in year 10 Deutsch. Kokichi Oma wanted to liberate the dull-minded people of year 10 Deutsch. He had some problems though everyone was laughing at him for being called Omabut he What is Kokichis real ultimate? to overcome this, and he got 12 signatures. Forcing the oppressive Capitalist's and Bourgeoise to abdicate.

It was a noble and heroic thing Kokichi did. The people of year 10 Deutsch were so grateful to him that they joined his cause in overthrowing the dictator John Key. Kokichi Oma, despite his gloriousness and his perfections, was having a hard time convincing the people that New Zealand needed to be under his personal control free and liberated.

But it was then that Kokichi Oma remembered something. Back in Japan What is Kokichis real ultimate? had read Marx.

Kokichi Ouma In The Real

He remembered that the conditions that these people were in housing crisis, unemployment, companies selling river water overseas etcwere similar to what Marx had been saying. So it was quite clear to him, that this was what he needed to say to masses if he wanted to fool and exploit convince everyone they were being exploited. So the masses became class conscious, and realised the horror that John Key had put them in. So on the 5 December 2016, about 10 10,000 people What is Kokichis real ultimate?

on parliament and ordered that John Key resign and give power to the people. He must have heard this before he did his annual press conference, because he then announced his to the people of New Zealand. It was a shock, even to Kokichi. He couldn't believe his plan actually worked. Although the Capitalist John Key would tell you it was due to family reasons, it is quite obvious Kokichi's glorious protest had frightened him into resigning.

But the trickster John Key, had managed to get the vile to be in charge of New Zealand. Clearly Kokichi needed a new tactic then just protesting. He would go full on Re-evolution on their Bourgeoise be-hind. The vile Bill English Vs Kokichi Oma On the 1 February 2017, Kokichi Oma launched his passive-aggressive Re-evolution against the oppressive National government of Bill English.

Every night, he and his 10 10,000 followers would sneak around parliament and throw eggs and toilet papers over the Beehive. There were instances when some members got caught, but Kokichi Oma always evaded his captors.

On the 28 February, the vile Bill English, not wanting to see his power falter, personally decided to duel Kokichi Oma. This was the moment he was waiting for. The fate to decide whether the people would be oppressed under a Capitalist system, or be oppressed free and liberated under a Socialist-Communist one.

The vile Bill English begun his attack on Kokichi Oma by putting tinned spaghetti and pineapple on a piece of dough, and then calling it Kokichi responded by saying it looked terrible.

The vile Bill English was shocked and amazed by him. The people of New Zealand were finally free. Now everyone was more oppressed free What is Kokichis real ultimate? unexploited. Kokichi Oma gloriously looked towards the future. A bright and glorious moment awaited for him and the people. For the establishment of a Socialist-Communist paradise had finally arrived. The dividing lines When news reached that the vile Bill English had been defeated by Kokichi Oma, the people were confused ecstatic.

However, some people weren't happy about this What is Kokichis real ultimate?. That is the other treacherous Nationalists hiding in their stronghold in the South.

The bandit Dr Don Brash, coming out of retirement, took command of the National Party and declared his own illegal and illegitimate government in the South. Kokichi Oma, who had just taken control of the North, could not allow this type of oppression and maybe challenge to his leadership to occur.

So on the 1st March, the day after the vile Bill English had been defeated, Kokichi Oma invaded liberated many parts of the South Island.

He had officially taken personal command of the military to ensure great success. Though some foreign Imperialists would say that he didn't even personally order them around; he just got some experienced generals and officers to do it.

Anyways, there were many military successes. The Nationalist's capital of Christchurch now IwiKiwigrad had been liberated, and a major drive southward continued. By the 15th March, only a small portion of the occupied Nationalist's land remained. Victory was in sight for Kokichi Oma.

However, there were some minor setbacks in their progress. McArthur started shelling Wellington and begun launching an invasion. Kokichi Oma, in a rare display of shock and awe, ordered all troops to retreat back to the North. Many foreign Imperialists say that this was a massive tactical blunder because ordering all your troops to retreat back and not even leaving any divisions in the South Island is what escalated their loss of land. But What is Kokichis real ultimate?

Oma knew what he was doing. Even more minor setbacks occurred. The enemy had managed to occupy large areas of the North Island. By the 20 March, they had managed to push him and his government to the tip of the North Island.

Kokichi, deciding things may be a bleak, decided to have his first foreign trip as leader. He managed to sneak be escorted into Xi Jinping's office. The Chinese leader, who may have thought someone's kid may have gotten lost and stumbled into his office and was about to call security until Kokichi told him he was the new leader of a socialist-communist paradise in New Zealand, in which Xi Jinping laughed thinking it was a joke until Kokichi somehow proved to him he was and begged for support and offering massive trade and land concessions to China and offering to pay back China with massive cheap labour and an offer of military aid, still didn't accept, until Kokichi offered one last desperate deal by banning ' Winnie the Pooh' in his nation if he won, which caught Xi's What is Kokichis real ultimate?

immediately, accepted. The Nationalists conga-line retreating Kokichi Oma, with the help of the People's Liberation Army volunteers, managed to push the aggressive Nationalists back. They even managed to push them way back to the tip of the South Island.

At the Battle of Bluff, Kokichi Oma decided to take personal command of the army forces present in the battle. The men, in well-choreographed ballet dance, begun to intimidate the enemy.

Mioda's Danganronpa Imagines! — Kiibo, Kokichi, Shuichi, and Byakuya with a...

The bandit Dr Don Brash, along with the vile Bill English, trickster John Key, and many other Nationalists, conga-lined out of the South Island and set up their base at Stewart Island. Kokichi wanted to continue the liberation war, but Xi Jinping got bored, so he ordered all his troops back. Kokichi had no choice but to settle with what he had.

But one day he vowed that the aggressive Nationalists would be defeated, and Stewart Island would be liberated. Even today, sadly, the Nationalists control the Island, with the bandit Dr Brash as their dictator. What happened to these Nationalists you may ask? The vile Bill English, it was rumoured, was putting more tinned spaghetti and pineapples on his pizza. It wasn't until a few months later that it was confirmed. He now works selling his famous 'tinned spaghetti and pineapple pizza' on occupied Stewart Island.

John Key went on to become a famous native of Stewart Island. Here he spends his time swimming in taxpayers money he had collected from his 8 years as Prime Minister. Sometimes his pal, the vile Bill English, will visit him in his 'three way handshake' and 'pony tail pulling' paradise. Oh, and also, John Key is the minister of tourism in the Ultimate Supreme leader's government. Just thought you'd like to know. The new government's What is Kokichis real ultimate?

priority was to convert the nation into a socialist-communist paradise. The Ultimate Supreme What is Kokichis real ultimate?

wanted to try out his new political thought ' Socialism-Communism. One of the first policies of these thoughts came when the first decrees by the new government ordered the complete and total privatisation of all State Assets. But whether it works politically and civilly is another question that needs to be answered.

These farms were transferred to Big What is Kokichis real ultimate? outside Government companies. These companies would focus on producing a large amount of food for profit the people to have.

However, some Capitalists pigs may say that the glorious Ultimate Supreme Leader was only selling the nation's food to other fascist, capitalist pigs.

But this is clearly wrong! I mean, what do you think I am? But that could just be a lie? This helped to decrease the already large income inequality that the nation had. Homes were given to everyone who could afford it. This noble decree by the Ultimate Supreme Leader had created a nation of houses.

All thanks to the Ultimate Supreme Leader. The Ultimate Supreme Leader appointed many people to the new government that he had established. He appointed the glorious K1-B0 as minister of defence, so to cater to the defence of the nation. He was also appointed glorious 5 star general of the military, which he proudly and humbly accepted. Keating was appointed Chancellor of the Treasury, to look after the nation's finances and to implement taxes where he believes see fit.

He was also given the honorary position as minister of preventing starvation, which he has gladly and properly done. But of course, the Vice Presidency was left vacant because the Ultimate Supreme Leader did not know who to choose for such high honour.

But this all changed after the 2017 election. Then-candidate for the leader of the States, Al Gore, was running his own campaign to be the leader.

The Ultimate Supreme Leader did not pay any attention to him. That was until election night where the state of Florida Biergrad was considered too close to call. After a 5-4 vote that stopped the recount, the Ultimate Supreme Leader kept his job. However, he banned elections after this and made Al Gore Vice President for the Lols. So that is exactly how Al Gore became Vice President if anyone actually bothers to read this. With the previous capitalist government making the land a technological and industrial moderate nation poor, poverty stricken nation, the Ultimate Supreme Leader wanted to advance the nations industry, so that one day, the Socialist Communist State could mass produce everything and be self reliant.

However, he decided that 5 years was too long and too boring, so he made it 5 weeks. The first 5 week plan was a massive success. What is Kokichis real ultimate? quotas were over achieved and the nation flourished. All the resources and raw materials that were extracted and created from these plans went directly to foreign nations and other big businesses the people themselves.

The Ultimate Supreme Leader was personally responsible for the success. This was due to him directing the course of the plan and giving very useful directions. But, there were of course anti Re-evolutionary traitors and capitalist saboteurs interfering with the plan.

Despite these Imperialist interferences, the first 5 week plans was a glorious success. So don't believe what those Imperialist say when they claim that it eroded the rivers, claimed many lives, increased the personal wealth of the State and Ultimate Supreme Leader, did not overachieve but under achieved etc.

Glorious parade in his honour. When the Ultimate Supreme Leader became the leader of the States, he wanted the people to know and credit the hard work he did to create the Socialist-Communist utopia that he struggled for.

So in January of 2018, Kokichi Oma founded the Art and Literature Association. This group would work hard in creating the proper, right, and politically-correct depiction of Kokichi Oma. Many statues, mosaics, frescos, paintings, books, poems, fables, food, and songs were dedicated in his honour. In fact, the Ultimate Supreme Leader wrote many books about himself.

Memoirs about his Re-evolutionary struggles, biographies about his life, and many mystical fables, like the one about a quick brown fox jumping over a lazy dog, which he personally created from his own intellectual and creative mind.

The worker's of the nation have been forced willingly reading his works, and have found them to be of great importance. Every day, the people of the nation give praise to his works, and those who don't have a copy of any of his books in their library shelf are thought to be enemies and spies against the Ultimate Supreme Leader.

So everyone must have a book of the Ultimate Supreme Leader if they are true worshippers of his greatness. On the subject of the media, the Ultimate Supreme Leader himself has guided the many State-run news networks into the proper direction on what they should write and report about him.

Many of the media staff have listened carefully with awe-struck expressions about the way the media should be run. The Ultimate Supreme Leader has told them they should refer to him as many things: 'great and respectable,' 'father of the nation,' 'great and all-knowing,' 'beloved and intelligent' etc.

The media has been told to report all the good things about him. The very rare and usually impossible 'mistakes' he does make are to be removed and wiped out from existence. Those 'mistakes' that do get out, usually result in harsh punishments to those whoever allowed such material to get out. While on that note, those who question the Ultimate Supreme Leader's glorious cult-of-personality will be severely punished for doubting his sheer greatness.

Whenever any important day involving the What is Kokichis real ultimate? Supreme Leader occurs, a glorious parade, that is much greater, expensive, time-consuming than any other parade is put on, like the parade celebrating the establishment of the nation. Most foreign Imperialist and Capitalists tell lies that the parades that personally celebrate the Ultimate Supreme Leader always lead to the bankruptcy of our nation.

This is a false and highly insulting lie. Tell that to the Emperor of Central Africa. But luckily, the Ultimate Supreme Leader is the only person the worker's need to survive.

Because there can be no Socialist Communist States without him! Despite Oma's government being a unified administration, the Ultimate Supreme Leader believes in the 'Divide and Rule' principle of governing. While no one would dare to overthrow his regime he hopesOma pits his cabinet against one another to ensure a competition of favours in the rank and the betterment of the State.

Not because he is paranoid about his cabinet ministers gaining influence and overthrowing him. He does it because it is fun watching them backstab each other. With his Vice President, Oma tends to send Gore on missions across the States in What is Kokichis real ultimate?

to hunt the elusive ManBearPig. Kokichi likes to eat What is Kokichis real ultimate? food while Gore and Fatty play. Flag of Kokichism-Shuichism The Ultimate Supreme Leader follows the political ideology Socialism-Communism, which is a double-negative in a political sense he founded and developed from his own thoughts and political analysis. Which would be run and maintained in the name of the Ultimate Supreme What is Kokichis real ultimate?

and the State. All wealth and resources made from these businesses would go directly to Kokichi Oma and the State the Workers. The idea focuses heavily on the privatisation of other businesses, which would be run by private public individuals in the name of the State. Also, it focuses heavily on praising the Ultimate Supreme leader. The worker's paradise cannot be achieved without the full guidance of the Ultimate Supreme Leader.

Everyone must follow and obey his direction if they want to be able to produce a large number of goods for their own needs.

Today, the Ultimate Supreme Leader is still finding ways and such to improve the glorious ideology, so that one day, the world will know the glorious perfection of his thoughts and ideas. But of course, his political ideology was first developed after his 2 minute reading of What is Kokichis real ultimate?.

He was originally a Marxist-Leninist, but soon What is Kokichis real ultimate? ways to improve the idea. Naturally, he went on to develop it as a sort of 'new' Marxist-Leninist idea. This idea and its development kept changing until eventually, it was classified as its own sort of communism. Socialism-Communism has been considered the greatest and most superior idea over any type of communism.

The What is Kokichis real ultimate? Supreme Leader's thoughts have transformed the nation into a dump glorious Socialism-Communist wonderland. Even today, the glorious thoughts and ideas are being used across all sectors of society. The economy is flourishing according to nationstatesthe Bourgeoise's income is rising decreasing at an exponential rate. The glorious workers of the nation's income are gladly decreasing rising at a quick pace. So the nations income equality, What is Kokichis real ultimate?

Socialism-Communism, are dropping rising at a ridiculous rate. You could even say that income inequality doesn't exist. All thanks to the Ultimate Supreme Leader. The Ultimate Supreme Leader usually gives glorious lectures about his thoughts and ideas to his friends. Though some of them may say he doesn't talk about that at all, instead saying random and confusing lies that don't have anything to do with anything. But of course, this is the Ultimate Supreme Leader's way of showing his friends his political thoughts and ideology.

I mean, who doesn't like privatising everything?! The What is Kokichis real ultimate? gets to own everything, make a profit, heck even I get my own cult-of-personality.

When the Ultimate Supreme Leader isn't causing the nation mayhem progress, he spends his personal time at home. Usually on Nationstates he likes to role-play as a communist nation in the Pacific. He spends most of his time on the site creating interesting factbooks and roleplaying on Forum 7. At home, when he's not playing video games, he like to spend time with his beloved Shuichi.

They would usually chat together and enjoy talking about their day, the books they've read and say to each other what they thought about it and whether it was any good or What is Kokichis real ultimate?. They like to have nice tea brakes after working. Kokichi is an avid drinker of tea, and would almost prefer it over his favourite carbonated drink 'Panta. Sometimes the two will usually prank one-another or their close friends.

But he never takes his pranks on us too far. He likes to reference many of the shows he watches in his political speeches. Such example was when he was explaining to the working class of the nation what their aims and goals were to defeat, once and for all, the capitalist and Imperialist systems. Because clearly they knew way too much of the outside world if they understood that reference.

Supreme Captain's Navy Portrait From many analysis from the glorious State-run analysers, along with many highly honourable and rare interviews with those close to the Ultimate Supreme Leader, Kokichi Oma has What is Kokichis real ultimate? seen to be a trickster to foreigners and even those in the nation he runs himself.

However, he is also quite intelligent and cunning. A lot of people just think he's a manipulator, which he is, sometimes, a hypocrite, which he. He's funny, and maybe a bit. While on the subject of his intelligence, Kokichi has been attributed to have complicated thoughts, and can come up with plans on the spot—a famous and memorable account was when the Ultimate Supreme Leader wrote a script on 'how to not screw-up a class trial 101' while he was poisoned with 'strike-9 poison' to another 'friend' that was about to die by poison.

This antidote I have in my hands can, like, save us both. You don't need to go that far to save me. Kokichi would always thank Kaito for this moment. But of course, those foreign Imperialist tell us that Kokichi Oma is a manipulative, cunning, liar, that seeks to get his own way. Other times he may do it for fun and games with those close to him.

The Ultimate Supreme Leader is a devout Roman-Haruhiist. He follows and adheres to the teachings of the one-true god: Haruhi Suzumiya. He has been a committed Roman-Haruhiist since January of 2019 when he watched 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzuniya for the first time on 'Anime Lab' he was gloriously What is Kokichis real ultimate?.

In accordance with his role and devotion to Haruhi, the Ultimate Supreme Leader appointed himself as Haruhiist-Maximus the Greatest Haruhiist. This role made him the high priest of the States and gave him the powers to organise which days should be a holy day of prayer. For example the 8 October is considered a holy day as it is Haruhi's Birthday. The Ultimate Supreme Leader's birthday: 21 June, is also considered a holy day, because it symbolises his nativity, which was brought by the God Haruhi.

He and Kyon Kun denwa are Haruhi's disciples, and they spread the word of Haruhi in order to make the world a little less boring. From this incredibly ambiguous statement, the Ultimate Supreme Leader knew that the world must come under his rule, and that the word of Haruhi must encompass everyone.

The Ultimate Supreme Leader is known to be an avid writer. He has written hundreds of books, fables, memoirs, manga's, light-novels, and auto-biographies. Many of his writings have been praised, honoured, and been forced willingly read by the people of Socialist Communist States. These immortal literary works, which are just highly reliable and give proper merit to the Ultimate Supreme Leader, are the envy of all writers in Socialist Communist States.

What is Kokichis real ultimate?

Many attempt to emulate his writings so they may be able to properly portray the Ultimate Supreme leader the right way. The works of Kokichi Oma include: With the Decade A memoir describing the Ultimate Supreme Leader's work as leader of the Party, Army, various organisations, and the States itself. The Ultimate Supreme Leader is also a big supporter of the theatrical arts. Kokichi Oma is known by many to be a terrific actor; he is able to cry real crocodile-like tears and be able to stop them at will.

His great talent in the theatrical realm has been a great help to the many State-run drama studios. He has What is Kokichis real ultimate? great and careful advices on how to properly direct and produce a theatrical play.

Whether it be a Re-evolutionary opera, a light-hearted musical in honour of the Ultimate Supreme Leader, or a Re-evolutionary ballet that properly portrays the struggles of the landlord, the Ultimate Supreme Leader knows how to get someone else to direct it! Many of these notable works include:.

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