Question: What is Ogun the god of?

Iron is an abundant element in nature and in West African and African diaspora religions Ogun (who is also known as Oggún, Ogoun, Ogum, Gu, or Ogou) is the god of iron, metal, and metal work. In his various manifestations, he is also a warrior and is associated with war, truth, and justice.

What is Ogun good for?

Ogun is the traditional deity of warriors, hunters, blacksmiths, technologists, and drivers in the Yoruba region. Followers of traditional Yoruba religion can swear to tell the truth in court by kissing a piece of iron in the name of Ogun. Drivers carry an amulet of Ogun to ward off traffic accidents.

What is Ogun power?

Ogun is a Third Generation pyrokinetic, giving him the power to create and utilize his own flames. He uses this ability to create multiple spear and sword-like weapons out of his flames, which he can launch at his opponents from a distance that possess great offensive and long ranged power.

Who is Ogun father?

Ogun, the son of Oduduwa, helped his father in wars against his enemies. Oduduwa therefore allowed him to reign over Ire, a town in Ekiti. Returning from a battle, Ogun came on a group of Ire people in Ajo Oriki, at a gathering where greetings were forbidden.

What does Ogun symbolize?

OGUN: Warrior god of iron and war. He controls much of the material in the earth and represents primitive force and energy. He is known as Oggún in Cuba and Ogun Feraille in Haiti (“ferraille” means “iron”). The worship of Ogun may be traced back to Iron Age civilizations in Nigeria and adjacent countries.

How old is Ogun?

Ogun StateDate created3 February 1976CapitalAbeokutaGovernment• GovernorDapo Abiodun (APC)25 more rows

Who is the African god of fire?

Ogun. The Yoruba god of fire and patron of blacksmiths, iron, metal weapons and tools, and warfare, Ogun was worshipped in several African religions. His symbols include iron, the dog, and the palm frond.

More and more people are being drawn to their What is Ogun the god of? ancestral ways. Modern African American, Afro-Caribbean, South American and many other magical people feel called to work with the Orishas, including the Seven African Powers.

Learn about the Seven African Powers and how you can begin working with them in African spirituality and folk magic. The Orishas are a group of spirits originating from Yorubaland, which is a region in Africa spanning Nigeria, Benin and Togo. Some people liken the Orishas to gods and goddesses.

They are similar but not quite the same. In the Yoruba religion, there is one main creator god known as Olodumare. Moreover, the Orishas are spirits more similar to demi-gods or angels that work under the watchful eye of Olodumare. Olodumare created the Orishas and therefore has domain over them, including over the Seven African Powers.

However, the Seven African Powers are invoked in many different religions and magical systems including Lucumi, Vodou, Santeria, Candomble, folk Catholicism and many more! Who Are the Seven African Powers?

The Seven African Powers are seven of the most potent and venerated Orishas. When the Seven are brought together in invocation and prayer, they will do amazing things for their people. The Seven African Powers are these seven Orishas: Eshu Elegbara, Ogun, Obatala, Yemaya, Oshun, Shango and Oya. Now, depending on who you ask, the 7th Oya is sometimes substituted with Orunmila or Ochossi. But I disagree and believe this is a dogmatic and patriarchal way to shut out indigenous original religion.

The Seven African Powers and Saints Now for the fun stuff. Eshu Elegbara Eshu Elegbara is also known as Elegua, Exu, Eshu and Legba or Papa Legbadepending on the tradition. This powerful orisha is the messenger between worlds and is guardian of the crossroads. Nearly every spirit associated with the crossroads is a trickster, and Eshu Elegbara is no exception. He is the Orisha to call upon when you need a road opened and to open communication with all other Orishas and. Ogun The 2nd of the Seven African Powers is Ogun, iron-working healing Orisha.

Therefore he rules over metal working and alchemy of any kind.

What is Ogun the god of?

A patriarchal spirit, he watches over children and families and is one of the most venerated Orishas in the African diaspora.

Known as the spirit who never rests, Ogun is a shaman and healer and has close ties to blood. Perhaps he knew variety is necessary for human evolution! Obatala is the gentlest of the Seven African Powers and very patient. His domain is over legal matters and he brings legitimate justice. Obatala prefers people who control their emotions and are level-headed. Yemaya One of the female Seven African Powers, Yemaya is a water Orisha presiding over the oceans.

She is a sister of Oshun, Orisha of rivers. The Great Mother and protects motherhood as well as female sexuality. She gives abundant treasures and foods like the sea but can also be angered like the sea.

Yemaya protects abused and neglected women and children and also travelers over the sea. Invoke her at the beach. Oshun Another of the female What is Ogun the god of? African Powers, Oshun is the Orisha of the rivers.

Fire Gods

Baptism by water invokes her purifying essence. Her domain is over all things that flow like water, love, milk, money, honey, etc. Invoke her for cleansing rituals with water, to heal reproductive problems for fertilityfor romance, divination, employment, magic and much more!

Some believe Oshun and Yemaya are sisters and venerate them together. Keep he and Ogun far away from each other! Shango will brings justice via lightning and he protects his followers from evil.

He loves music, women, and fun. She manifests as a horned water buffalo or a beautiful woman. Her domain is the Niger River, fertility, secrets, shapeshifting, spirits, cemeteries, etc.

Never invoke her and Yemaya or Oshun together the only exception is when invoking the 7 African Powers! Understand the culture and people from whence the Seven African Powers came. These spirits, the Orishas, were brought to the Americas on the backs of the enslaved Africans.

To haphazardly throw Shango and Ogun on the same altar without doing research may anger them! Moreover, there are different ways to invoke the Seven African Powers including dance, chanting, prayer, candles, oils, and more. All of which will be detailed below.

Seven African Powers Candle and Prayer Find Seven African Powers candles online, at local botanicas or conjure shops or at your local Walmart or grocery store! They typically depict the 7 saints the Orishas are syncretized with but the power is the same.

Burn it every day for 7 days along with the prayer on the What is Ogun the god of?. A white candle works for just about any invocation and for any deity. Carve or write the names of the 7 African Powers on the candle and dress it in an oil of your choice.

Seven African Powers Oils, Incense and Soaps Using oils, incense and soaps specifically created with the energy of the 7 African Powers will bless What is Ogun the god of?

ritual or spell you do. Burn the incense What is Ogun the god of? prayer as offering to them. Call on the 7 African Powers When… You need to cover all of your magical bases or you have a great need. They aid in self-empowerment, strength, prosperity, opportunities, protection of family and home, healing, career, motherhood and fatherhood, fertility, peace, justice and legal matters and much more! I am fascinated w the orishas.

They called to me around 96 or 97,98. But before that, I could hear my ancestors say, I am from Bantu lineage. Always heard Nana buruku when I was little. I was trying to find out more, and then stopped. I understand translation gets lost or changed, either way the roads meet back to the beginning, is my opinion.

At least the ones I know of, and some tarot cards are written with 2 or 3 translations of the orishas. This site is hard to text w a phone, so I hope I hear back from anyone of you. It would be nice to What is Ogun the god of?. One of my supervisors told me to lohe Kush or kushinties for religion purposes of my own. Spirit of the ancestors lives in your blood and you can invoke the presences of anyone of them, to assist you on your journey. Your intention is what matters the most.

Intention is energy, spirit is energy. I am looking for new books on the subject. I dreamt of a woman with her face covered from the top of her white glowing crown, long red dress with glowing white heart on the front. Which Orishas would this be? Thank you for this article and my help you could give. But last night I had the strangest dream where there was some type of male figure?

Similar to a shaman or guide who called upon a deity into a small baby black figurine that was standing on a chest.

What is Ogun the god of?

The baby doll starting moving and crawling towards me, which startled me but at the same fascinated me so much that this was even happening.

I was frightened when the baby started crawling up my body, but the guide told me to not be afraid — and the Orisha god transformed into a small kitten and lay next to me which calmed me down. Later on I was afraid as the guide said Orisha might not be happy because he was called upon just to see if something would happen, but later my friend found out that the Orisha god had something in common with us.

Which was that he had left home + family when he was young. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks so much for reading this lengthy post!! If you try to dwell on it too much, you will lose the message that is trying to be sent to you. Just write down the key points of your dream that stood out to you and the date. And just pay attention to everything that is happening to you for awhile. The answer will reveal itself.

And as far as you being Asian, that has nothing to do with The Divine trying to make contact with you. From Oshun, to Isis, to Eve, to Freya, etc. Then there are Christians who calls it witchcraft like my church, to be honest I always get asked are you Christian, baptise, what is your religion? I need help on my spiritual journey, any suggestions?

O shun has been with me since I was about 10 years old. I would always call her mama. I would like to share a picture that was revealed to me from Oshun. Thank you for this message. The deeper connection to where I truly come from and everything they embodied and never got a chance to learn and experience.

Where could I start on finding a real guide so I get the right guidance and proper information. I want to truly understand not go on this journey just because. I guess in a sense I want to avoid offending any of them while trying to connect. I hope I am making sense. Any information for a beginner on her journey would help. I know as far back1400 or 1500. The Spaniards took slaves, and therefore we became immensely multiracial.

The puertricans call her Yemaya, because they say its a translation of Spanish. Some tarot cards are wrongly identified if you say its only one way. After reading about her, her colors are some of my favorite colors, especially yellow! I am just starting to delve into our indigenous spirituality but my love and embrace for my West African roots was a result of my meditation practice after the death What is Ogun the god of?

my biological father in 2014. I started asking the question of who am I meaning all the way back to my roots in Africa. Anyhoot, I started immersing myself in Nigerian culture, 1st with the Nollywood movies and the AfroBeats music and eventually with some of the food. I see more that i s imperative to What is Ogun the god of?

calling. I have been plagued with many battles spiritually from money issues to lack of employment, business not doing well, sickness, blocked paths to business ventures, money not staying in my hands etc.

Can you guide me as to how to proceed. I will gather all that was listed above to use. I just need a bit of guidance. I started gaining an interest in the Orishas kind of out of nowhere. One day at work, I broke down. I ran outside and started calling the feminine Orishas I learned about in this book by Lillth Dorsey, Orishas Goddesses and Voodoo Queens. I called out to them as I could name them. I felt like water had come over me and I was breathing under the water.

That was my first experience. I prayed for cleansing and repair. After that, it appears that Oya became my patron because I could only focus on her. I recently lost that job as this was only a month ago. Yesterday I learned Oya likes chocolate. I went to whole foods and got her a good bar of organic chocolate. I presented it along with incense for her. I later put in a resume for a job fair Friday. The company was so impressed at my score results that they called What is Ogun the god of?

What is Ogun the god of?

Origin Of Ogun

offered employment! I looked at my daughter and laughed. I said all this from a chocolate bar? How and where do I dispose of it?

New to the 7 african powers. I remember my mom honoring them, but were too young to remember how to work with them. Ty for your helpful guidance. I have three of the seven powers already in my home: Ellegua, Ogun, and Obatala. Along with Ochosi and Osun, the rooster sentinel, not the Orisha of Love, Oshun, I mean, as well as a shrine to my Dad.

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