Question: Is making online friends bad?


Is having online friends bad? Having online friends isnt bad as long as you go about it safely. ... Before you make online friends real friends, make sure to video chat and talk on the phone. Be sure to always bring someone with you when you meet people that youve only had digital communication with so far in person.

Here in this article we are going to discuss about the benefits of making friends online over internet. We tend to fall in a long lasting and an exaggerating sphere of questions. Those questions are generally about the authenticity, the quality and what now. In an era where recently online shopping took by storm and have made people realize, that it is not something vague to try on online products, be it clothes, grocery or home appliances.

We all know that human is a social being. And online friendship, is an innovate way, the millennials have developed to socialize. Online friendships are quite different than real world friendships. Cause in these types of friendships, one does not possess any sort of knowledge about anyone. Online friendship is the talk of the town nowadays.

Is making online friends bad?

Some of the benefits of making friends online are discussed below: 1. As people from different walks of life come together. The wider the social circle, the better it is for the mental health of a human being. An enhanced and a diversified social circle also educates us, voluntarily or in involuntarily. This leads towards our positive development. Best platform for introverts Introverts! They tend to be busy in their own life, and love spending their in seclusion.

Actually, introverts are no different Is making online friends bad? extroverts when compared, keeping the emotional tangent in mind. Introverts are human beings too. Even they feel, perceive emotions, but largely fail to reciprocate their emotions and desires.

They fear facing people, probably contemplating about how and on what basis will they be judged. The reason is yet to be known. They just need a friend who would accept and understand them. Fortunately, this is not the end for them, online friendship comes to their rescue. Online friendship is a welcoming platform, which accepts people from all walks of life, regardless of their nature. It helps introverts find their perfect peer or in some cases a perfect peer group.

In this way, online friendship proves to be a boon for introverts and are thus better than real life friendships, which blindly judges people. Talking out what we have cluttered in our mind is one of the most relieving task. There are things which we hesitate to share with our friends in real life, because of the fear of being judged.

In such cases having an online friend helps. A Consolidated Bond There are many people who claim that online friendships are bogus, or a waste of time for that sort. There are many people who find a perfect friend, a friend in whom they can count on, a true friend who will support their friend through all the thick and thins. Such friendships are quite rare to find in the real world, where people flip very easily about their commitments regarding friendships.

Online friendships have proven to be more stable and long lasting than real world friendships are. Emotions are legitimately strong enough to build people in a consolidated bond. Value of each others space Online friendships are quite different than real world friendships. Some time for their privacy or some for their own personal space. In real world friendships, these topics turn into conflicts very easily. Perhaps, this is not how online friendships turn out to be. In online friendships there are no commitments or expectations as such.

This is because people do not actually know each other, so they take their own time to assess and evaluate a person. Quite often they can reply according to their Is making online friends bad? and comfort. There are no restrictions or obligations to follow, when one has to maintain online friendships, which is quite infuriating in cases involving real world friendships.

We have hard this phrase many times whenever we talk to our friends. Is making online friends bad? are many socially awkward people who find, having a face to face conversations, a challenge. Another reason for the tinge of awkwardness while having a direct conversation is that, now a days, youngsters are always involved in their cell phones.

21 reasons your online friends are better than your real ones

Thus youngsters are more comfortable having a conversation via online messaging apps, as they find it to be a part of their comfort zone. Online friendship is happily accepted and practiced by such people. This is because while chatting online, people converse virtually, which is not much of a daunting task as conversing in a real world friendship is. It is proven that people Is making online friends bad? have similar ideologies about life or possess a common ambition for instance, gel along with each other quite naturally.

Is making online friends bad?

Sometimes this is what a real life friendship lacks, there have been various disputes amongst friends or a group of friends where the issue was difference of opinion or in some Is making online friends bad?, the friends parted their ways due to an uncommon interest or a goal. This is exactly what happens in a real world friendship. These judgements eventually turn out to be a major reason for friends getting separated.

Whereas in online friendship, since the individuals are new for each other, they help each other, whenever either of them is facing a problem. In difficult times, they help each other by providing a rational and a sane method for coming out of the trouble. This is observed in a real world friendship. In case of online friendship, there are no mutual friends, so there is absolutely no fear of revealing secrets, the conversation is between the desired person and not a huge number of people.

Online friends are safer to reveal secrets or to confess about anything, be it their past feelings, present life or future ambitions. Changing times In real world friendship, after a passage of Is making online friends bad?, the friends seem to be boring to us. We try to invent excuses for ditching a Saturday night hangout, a movie or any other hangout plans.

This is because we start searching for certain change in our friend circle. That similar routine no longer excites us.

Is making online friends bad?

This is not what happens in an online friendship. In online friendship, people try out new things which the either one of the friends likes.

There is an exchange of likes and dislikes. Its adventurous to go down the lane bike riding, just because some online friend suggested so, and also because one has never done such a activity with their previous peer group.

Change is the essence of life. Thus introspecting these points, I feel that online friendship is not just a millennial fadinstead it is an evolving reality, which one might accept according to his or her will.

Online friendships are not at all hazardous, but it is a method of socializing just the way we would do in any family gathering, corporate parties or any social function. A human being must do what makes it happy, without bothering about others perspective or vice about the same. Happiness is a birth right and one must be entitled to it. If making online friends makes u happy, then carry on.

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