Question: Is Hotmail still a thing?

Hotmail and Microsoft closed that service years ago, and all Hotmail users are using its current service at ... You are, of course, still using a Hotmail address. However, if you switched to using a new address, you would still be using exactly the same email service.

Can you still create a Hotmail?

Outlook, Microsofts successor to Hotmail, remains the worlds second most popular email platform thanks to its power and performance. While it is no longer possible to create new Hotmail accounts, those nostalgic enough can set-up a Microsoft Outlook account with a Hotmail domain name.

What is Hotmail now called?

Since 2011, Hotmail, in terms of being Microsofts free webmail platform, has been replaced with is a personal information manager web app from Microsoft consisting of webmail, calendaring, contacts, and tasks services.

You are to send a confirmation email immediately to claimsdept67676 hotmail. Can you still get a hotmail account?

Is Hotmail still a thing?

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Is Hotmail still a thing?

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Can I still use Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail?

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Is Hotmail still a thing?

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