Question: How did Lara Crofts father died?

How Lara Crofts Father Is Different in the Games. In the 2013 reboot, Richard Croft was dead before the events of the game. In fact, he was murdered (though his death was staged by Trinity to look like a suicide), with his body being discovered by his young daughter, Lara.

Does Lara Croft find her dad?

Lara Croft discovers her long lost father Richard had been doing research into a legendary sorceress named Himiko, whose body is buried on the island of Yamatai. ... Lara escapes the villains and finds Richard having been hiding there the last few years.

How did Laras mother die?

An upset Lara tells herself that Amelia had died long ago, and that the figure in front of her was not her mother. As the thrall attacks her, Lara shoots her several times, knocking her over the ledge and into a pool of Eitr.

Who is Richard Croft?

Richard Croft is an American opera singer who is often characterized as a lyric tenor or Mozart tenor. ... He also portrayed the role of Loge in the Metropolitan Operas 2012 production of Wagners Das Rheingold directed by Robert Lepage, along with his brother Dwayne in the role of Donner.

Who killed Laras father?

Ana, who was secretly a Trinity spy, was given the order to kill Croft, however she couldnt bring herself to kill him. Another agent was selected, and killed Croft, staging his death to look like a suicide. His body was found by a young Lara.

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Is tomb raiding legal?

Both archaeology and grave robbing can involve the act of uncovering a grave or tomb with the intent of removing the artifacts, corpses, or personal effects inside them, but only one of them is considered illegal in the United States.

What is grave robbing called?

Body snatching is the secret removal of corpses from burial sites. ... Those who practised body snatching were often called resurrectionists or resurrection-men.

This work is part of a series of guest-written How did Lara Crofts father died? exploring the myths and mysteries surrounding the Tomb Raider universe. Introduction: Lara Croft is a discoverer of myths, mysteries and treasures but when the world first saw the adventurer, Lara herself was a mystery that fans wanted to discover. Eidos Interactive heard this and they began to fill in the blanks that was her backstory, but also, so did fans when details were sparse.

We first became interested in this aspect of Tomb Raider in around 2015, when we were digging through old fansites for research for our project, the Tomb Raider Encyclopedia. This led on to further investigation of various details. In this article, we hope to delve into the many versions of Lara's biography and talk of the details that stuck and of the details which were dropped, using official sources, fansites, gaming websites and gaming magazines, but note that most information of Lara's biographies comes from material other than what is seen in the video games.

Generally speaking, knowing of her biography does not impact the games and the players' enjoyment of them. Also note, this article isn't for us to add in our own personal thoughts, merely talk of the evolution of the biographies. Let's Start at the Beginning.

Lara Croft first came into the world in 1996 with the most basic of backstory seen in the manual of the game; she is the daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, part of an aristocratic family. She attended a finishing school, however at the age of 21, she was the sole survivor of a plane crash whilst returning from a skiing trip in the Himalayas.

Her survival here encouraged a new way of life for her and she realised that upper-class British society was too stuffy for her, that she only felt truly alive when she was alone.

In the 8 following years, she learnt of various ancient civilisations but this 'unruliness' caused her family to disown her. She then turned to writing travel books and detailed journals of her exploits to financially support herself, which gave her the chance to discover several ancient sites and uncover unbelievable myths.

However, without seeing it for ourselves on the official website, it is a fact that fans can decide for themselves whether it is real or not. We do know that the developers liked to include Easter eggs and that the Ark of the Covenant was a nod to Indiana Jones.

We know now that this isn't the commonly accepted year so maybe this was also fan speculation, made up by using the dates mentioned in the Tomb Raider 1 game manual. Lara's birth year however doesn't become a solid, official fact until later. Other details that also change later are Lara's weight and height. In August 1996's 'Mean Machines Sega 46', the article author included a snippet of history from the Tomb Raider design document, version 1.

She has a degree in needle work, and loves to travel. A few of these details do How did Lara Crofts father died? in a future version of the biography, such as aiding Brian Blessed with Everest, however it is altered a little. If you remember he kept failing to do it himself. It was understandable How did Lara Crofts father died? they removed that final point but you can clearly see that Lara's expansive personal life and history was just starting to take shape, but nothing is added in the games or the games manual.

You could take this as an early draft of a biography since the fact about the Swiss finishing school is one of the details that later makes it into the first full-statistic biography. This is the first and last time that Hyper World updated for anything Tomb Raider. February 1997 is important here; on the 14th, Lara's birthday though not the year was officially recognised for the first time.

These calendar pages also appeared on the official Tomb Raider 1 website. It was in this year that a fan called Richard J.

Pugh wrote two fan fictions about Tomb Raider. His first story, titled 'The Duchess of St. Bridget' was initially released October 10th 1997, and to accompany it, he wrote his own Tomb Raider biography, adding in details such as Lara's Duchess of St. Strangely, these facts were adopted by some fans of different nationalities and reproduced on fansites, and eventually believed to be official.

The October 1999 book 'Lara Croft Les Carnets Secrets', an official book for French fans, printed the mother's name, written as 'Engeline Lodge-Croft', as if it was a fact.

Lara Croft from the reboot (2013 onwards games); is she a Mary Sue? : TombRaider

This was never included in official sources on the Eidos, Tomb Raider or Lara Croft websites. Other interviews with Lara provided different facts about her life that were later added to an official biography.

I would happily spend a day piggy-backing him up there in return for a chat. We do see these in a later biography, and we can also assume that it was Vicky Arnold who answered these questions as Lara as she had worked on the scripts for the games. It is not until the following year that we get an updated official biography from Core Design.

It include the backstory of Lara as seen in the Tomb Raider 1 manual, so no vital statistics, and at the end, it lists Lara's discoveries, dating the ark to 1994.

This is one of the last known publications of this detail. Titles of Lara's travel books are named, which were nods to Tomb Raider 1: 'Slaying Bigfoot' and 'A Tyrannosaurus is Jawing at My Head'. There are a few questionable stats such as Lara's date of birth, written down as 1965 but otherwise, you could say that this 'Style Sheet' is the very first official full stats biography of Lara Croft.

Some different facts included by Douglas are favourite cities Atlantis, Venice, London and favourite weapons Uzis - one for each hand, M-16 Fully Automatic Assault Rifle. These two facts are later dropped. Issue 7 of 'Gamer's Republic Magazine', dated to December 1998, features an interview with Lara.

She says that she inherited the mansion and the family heirlooms from an aunt, and that Winston came with the house. This appears to be the first time this fact is mentioned but it is seen in the classic biography mentioned below. This is what most fans will know as the Classic Lara Croft biography before the integration of the 'Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation' story; the staple Core Design biography for Lara that future entries will be built on.

Here, the facts became more fleshed out, so fans could learn more about Lara's family, her interest How did Lara Crofts father died? sports and her various achievements. Lara's birth year is finally solidified as 1968 too. What is interesting about this version is that it only seems to reference the first two Tomb Raider games.

Lara's discoveries were the Atlantean pyramid, the Dagger of Xian and Bigfoot. New information included Lara's revoked Guinness World Record of driving down the Alaskan Highway from Tierra del Fuego in South America in record time.

The biggest update to Lara's history and biography comes when her first expedition is explored in 'Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation'.

How did Lara Crofts father died?

It is solely based on the youth of Lara and included new details about Lara's family and the activities she enjoyed during the summer of 1984. We learnt that her school term reports from Wimbledon High School for Girls recognised Lara's impulsive nature, that she enjoyed horse riding, swimming, building treehouses and How did Lara Crofts father died?

the full extent of the Croft estate and beyond, and that her mother would worry about her when she only returned home at nightfall. This young Lara biography goes into more detail about how Lara chose to travel with Von Croy than the upcoming, updated biography, and in some way, it added more substance behind her parents disowning her at a later date; they had struggled to control Lara's restless nature whilst she was young and then when she chose to turn her back on the aristocracy when she was 21, they had gotten fed up with convincing her to live life their way.

At some point, a more complete biography was unveiled, which mixed together the previous full version with details of how young Lara joined Professor Werner Von Croy on the expedition in Cambodia. However it doesn't seem to appear on the official website. It can be seen however in the 'Lara Croft Style Guide'. There is another odd fact that seems to appear in this year: the family dog, a Yorkshire, How did Lara Crofts father died? would inherit the Croft family fortune.

How did Lara Crofts father died? believe that this weird fact may have originated from an early version of the biography on the fansite 'Captain-Alban'. As much as certain facts are certain and official such as her date of birthothers remain uncertain: vagueness and contradiction on the part of Eidos-Core, inventions of How did Lara Crofts father died?

or fans, etc. More recently, her official site offers her biographybut the facts seem to be copied from personal sites! Les Carnet Secrets credit Eidos France in the back, as well as Core Design, but despite the crediting, the French official Lara Croft website doesn't include this fact.

It does a great job of summarising Lara's history, in fact it is very much shorter, and it also makes a point of removing Lara's birth year, perhaps suggesting that Lara is ageless, but nonetheless, Lara has scribbled it out and tells the reader to never ask a lady of her age.

To tie the biography into the game, there is a new section added: 'And Now. Interestingly, the North African tribes would have linked to Putai, who would have guided Lara in the game, although this content was cut. Interestingly, Crystal Dynamics made Lara more posh, added more aristocracy to her background and even exaggerated her position in aristocracy, possibly to explain where Lara's wealth had come from and how she was able to live the life that she does.

At a first glance, fans could see that there are no vital statistics, no measurements, no favourites or fears. These details may have been left out so that there wasn't the emphasis on Lara's physical attributes nor does it suit the Lara Croft that they were trying to create. This new biography seems to alter the character of Lara to the point that she is further out of reach of the ordinary people, and more super human How did Lara Crofts father died?

the previous iteration. There are very few similarities to the old biography - one of them is the event of the plane crash, however it doesn't seem to have the same impact on Lara as it did previously. Previously it changed Lara's view on life and the world she lived in but for Legend Lara, it only appears to have only made her closer to her father. This may How did Lara Crofts father died?

been added to draw a line under the older games and to start anew, but one does have to question what the purpose of this truly was.

Perhaps it is due to marketing, to try and cut ties from Core Design and 'Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness', and give this era a fresh start with a clean background and no past in-game history. This era of the biography seems to be the most consistent, never really changing or adding conflicting information. It is How did Lara Crofts father died? to note that a biography of 'who Lara is' in terms of personal facts appears to become less important now, and that future descriptions of her are less of the tiny details such as favourite things and vital stats and more about how Lara got to where she is at the point of the game.

Maybe this reflects the changing demographics in video games but that is a topic bigger than this article. It can also be seen in the 2013 'Tomb Raider: The Art of Survival' art book. Almost everything about the previous versions of Lara and her biographies are changed but very little of it features in game. There are some loose similarities to the past biographies that refer to previous versions of Lara, such as: how Lara had a privileged upbringing, how she enjoys rock climbing and archery and how she went travelling with her parents on archaeological expeditions.

Her 2013 biography starts with how Lara had lost her parents and how it shaped her future. The next paragraph How did Lara Crofts father died? of the premise of the first game of the reboot, 'Tomb Raider' and the company that Lara will be travelling with. Once again, Lara is officially classed as an archaeologist, both in game and in biography, however in the graphic novel 'Tomb Raider: The Beginning', it is stated that she studied Asian archaeology, which suits 'Tomb Raider' 2013 but wouldn't suit the history of non-Asian countries for future adventures.

It seems that, for fans who want to know the finer details about this version of Lara, you can learn more from the games than what the biography tells you.

In 'Rise of the Tomb Raider', you learn that her mother died when she was young and that her father remarried but was killed when she was also young. It is worth noting that there are two disputable stats about Lara that fans want to know but are yet to get solid dates for.

When Tomb Raider How did Lara Crofts father died? came out, Lara was given the age of 21, however in the next two games, her exact age has not been mentioned again; art books vaguely say that she is in her early or mid 20s.

It is also difficult to age Lara by using the games as we are also not given a solid date as to when these games take place, but developers during interviews are still asked about How did Lara Crofts father died?

old Lara really is. Brian Horton once said that Rise of the Tomb Raider takes place a year after Tomb Raider, which would then make Lara 22 in Rise, but this has never been made official.

How did Lara Crofts father died?

It seems that as fans, we still want an age for Lara. Lara's height is also a point of dispute; in game, Lara is clearly shorter than nearly every male character for the reason that the enemies will underestimate her but officially, there is no solid stat. By not giving her a height or an age, perhaps Lara is more relatable than ever; she could be whatever fans wanted her to be.

What this means at this current stage is anybody's guess but we'll soon find out. There may be a new biography given out to set out the order of events in Lara's life, but perhaps, with the modern Tomb Raider games being more story driven, a biography might not be needed anymore.

For further reading and to see the biographies that we have referred to, see Sources: - tombraider.

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