Question: What ruined Ja Rules career?


His Career Went Downhill After His Labels Legal Troubles And A Rap Beef. ... Jas career suffered; Murder Inc.s parent label, Def Jam, blocked the release of some of Jas old music, thus preventing him from making money on it. Murder Inc., its founders Chris and Irv Gotti, and Ja also got slammed in the press.

With Dirty Dancing being a hit, she finally had the money to get herself a rhinoplasty.

What ruined Ja Rules career?

Unfortunately, Hollywood disagreed and felt she ; she was deemed too plain for the big screen and couldn't build off her success. She continued working but didn't get to have a career as a leading lady.


But by the late '70s, her on-set behavior became the stuff of legend. She got branded with the cursed 'difficult' label.

What ruined Ja Rules career?

Then Bette Davis came out against her, and that was pretty much it for her in leading roles in film. She had to start doing television, and many bit parts and guest appearances. A true fall from her former glory. Glad he got to do The Wrestler, though, so he had something later in his career that people could hold up and say, 'Here's the guy who did The Pope of Greenwich Village.

Look how brilliant he still is.

What ruined Ja Rules career?

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