Question: Can you be slightly dyslexic?

Its more common than you might think, but even as adults, many people dont know they have it. Theres no link between dyslexia and how smart you are. Its just that your brain works a little differently, so its hard for you to make the connections between letters, words, and sounds.

How do you know if youre mildly dyslexic?

confusing the order of letters in words. reading slowly or making errors when reading aloud. visual disturbances when reading (for example, a child may describe letters and words as seeming to move around or appear blurred) answering questions well orally, but having difficulty writing the answer down.

Is it possible to be mildly dyslexic?

The severity of dyslexia can vary from mild to severe. The sooner dyslexia is treated, the more favorable the outcome. However, it is never too late for people with dyslexia to learn to improve their language skills. Dyslexia can go undetected in the early grades of schooling.

Is everyone slightly dyslexic?

Dyslexia is different for everyone. Some people have a mild form that they eventually learn how to manage. Others have a little more trouble overcoming it.

What is it like to be mildly dyslexic?

Some common dyslexia signs and symptoms in teens and adults include: Difficulty reading, including reading aloud. Slow and labor-intensive reading and writing. Problems spelling.

I have to check linked in, email, texts, messenger, whatsapp, signal, telegram, slack etc Everyone seems to have their preference I have loads of friends who only use messenger, some who only use signal. As a dyslexic I find it super hard to keep up and end up missing and forgetting loads of things as a result.

Does everyone just deal with it? Or is there a way to centralise my communication without hiring a pa? Ah, history is mostly repeating itself minus the need for government intervention ~20 years ago.

Apps like existed to let you check everything within 1 app because all of these apps spoke the same protocol or close enough that things mostly worked. This is a bit different though. It's one thing to allow independent applications to use the Can you be slightly dyslexic?

and service, like Pidgin and others. And also many services did not like this and repeatedly changed their proprietary custom protocol to make this difficult. It's another thing to be interoperable between services. Then you could continue to use only one service but still be able to talk to people on other services.

Yeah that's true, in the Pidgin case you were still signing up for each service independently. Pidgin let you communicate through its app instead of the service provider's app. None of the service providers had data about the others. I'm not sure how they plan to make things fully interoperable. Wouldn't that mean every chat app would need a complete chat history for every user multiplied Can you be slightly dyslexic? every chat app out there? Time to bust out Can you be slightly dyslexic?

tin foil hats! On the contrary, genuine end-to-end encryption is only possible this way. First-party end-to-end encryption is broken by design. I don't quite understand what issue you're pointing to. I'm not sure if you're unsure of how e2e encryption works or something else. Can you ask your question again with more specificity? Bank transfers are already interoperable, why can't a send money feature be? The process works something like this: 1.

Everyone has the same basic functionality, you can switch between browsers and mostly everything works the same way, renders the same way and so on 2. Obviously, it's not exactly like this, but the process is more or less like this.

It's not hard to imagine the same for messaging services. The base-layer is that everyone can send text messages to everyone. Can you be slightly dyslexic? we can all agree on, so a standard would be for that first. Then if some messaging service wants to add a new feature, they start working on that and deploying it for their service. If a second messaging service deploys the same feature, standard bodies should work on getting a interoperable model of that feature, that then all messaging services can use and hence work across all of them.

Fundamentally though chat is different - where would the messages be stored for example? Who will guarantee deliver ability?

Email is federated and has all of these things but sucks and so everyone made their own thing. Is that because Safari doesn't implement everything decided by the standards bodies or because Chrome deploys their own features?

Probably a mix of both, Can you be slightly dyslexic? eventually there is a convergence. Things work surprisingly well in modern times. Fundamentally though chat is different - where would the messages be stored for example? Who will guarantee deliver ability? It might seem fundamentally different on the surface, but I think not. Just like the browsers doesn't handle where the resources it loads are coming from, messaging services can be the same way. As long as there is a user-agent where services look consistent, the situation would be drastically improved.

Imagine you would need a gmail account to send emails to gmail users, yahoo account to send emails to yahoo users.

Living With Phytic Acid

My point is that email basically hasn't evolved meaningfully from the 80s and other than the main feature of sending text all of the functionality is locked between specific providers. Nothing other than the baseline functionality is standardized.

Certain apps will have certain functionality. Unless you're willing to constrain the functionality it's not really possible. Right now everyone could already use email which supports encryption. Saying wouldn't it be nice without proposing how such a scheme would work without picking winners and losers is naive. The devil is in the details as they say. Ubitiquious cross platform apps, sure! Just 3x your development team size - will your app still make sense to make with those costs?

Oh don't worry - just replatform to a cross platform toolkit and stop working on new features for 6-12months and retrain the entire team. I just don't see why it's worth bringing the blunt hammer of government intervention here - let alone a reasonable path for regulation implementation. In my particular social situation, this tends to work. I'm just listening to a talk by Scott Hanselman about things like this: His solution: Schedule it. Reserve time in your calendar to check each of the sites based on urgency.

And if you don't want to be contacted by some method, don't reply using it. The best way to get more email is to send more email. Things that have helped at least mitigate this problem include: - For things which don't spam you e. If you don't want a lot of noise, set them to show you Can you be slightly dyslexic?

messages as badges and put them on the front page of your phone - For things which are used infrequently or do spam you, set up email alerts when possible e. The tip is always the same: as any of us you feel the need of classic desktop model and we all miss it, but something we can still do to have some kind of substitutes :- This is what I do too. Sadly, there's no good call support which prevents me from uninstalling the relevant apps entirely, Can you be slightly dyslexic? all messengers pipe through Matrix now.

I'd much rather see people move to Matrix or Signal, I suppose than to keep having to use WhatsApp but that's a pointless fight I will never win. I struggled with this a couple of years ago and then decided I will reduce the channels. This has been very helpful for me and I no longer have the fear of missing out. If it is important enough, people know how Can you be slightly dyslexic? to reach me. I faced a similar problem, a whole bunch of sites that all have their own unread items, notifications and so-forth.

I started writing a desktop app, Wavebox about 6 years ago to help me deal with this. Might be something that's helpful? In my case I just end up not stressing about responding to things in a timely manner. Outside of my work apps outlook,slack,teamsI am the most responsive on email and Instagram chats but that's mainly because I open and use that app on a daily basis.

In Whatsapp, I mute any group chat that is too active because I don't need distracting notifications every hours or less. Disable notifications on apps you barely interact with or mute very active individual chats that aren't important Why do you have to check anything manually? Just install their apps and receive push notifications for them. You can also make the notifications silent to reduce distractions. Or if your phone supports notification badges on icons, just place their icons on home screen and you'll notice what app has updates by just checking the badge counts.

No matter how many categories I mute I seem to get a new spam notification every couple of weeks. Unfortunately there are 2-3 useful notification categories so I haven't completely shut it down now.

Can you be slightly dyslexic?

Google Maps also used to be pretty Can you be slightly dyslexic? for this but I don't seem to recall any new categories Can you be slightly dyslexic? many months now. This is a good suggestion. At some points in our lives, we all will have to decide who to stay in touch with and who we can detach from and not worry about daily or weekly updates. Either you stop using them or just deal with it. How many people on here regularly use 7+ different messaging apps for their friends?

In my experience people usually use one for work, and maybe 2-3 tops for personal life. For personal needs, I settled on a single email account Google Workspace that pulls emails from all my other accounts acts as an email client plus Signal which also handles texts.

For professional needs, I'm also at a loss. Some have followed and some haven't. Those who havent migrated, well, not a huge loss and sone have switched over to email. Discussions also gained a bit more depth with the move to long-form writing. It really comes down to this - do you want to have fewer apps? Do you want to talk to everyone on their preferred platforms - continue as is. There are some apps that help mitigate this I believe element can through addons but I wanted to cut down not add complexity.

I've actually increased the amount of inboxes especially email. It keeps my main inbox clean and easy to go through. Alert type emails calendar invites, password resets etc. I keep my work and tech inboxes open throughout the day. I check every few days. Others I check whenever they're relevant taxes, cooking, entertainment etc. It took a lot of work to set up but it works well for me. For message apps I just rely on the notifications. I have Blackberry Hub on my phone. I found it only marginally useful at first but it does integrate with all big services if you have the apps installed and centralizes the viewing of it.

I am not a powers or use it very much but it available maybe you can check that out. Pretty sure there are Can you be slightly dyslexic? 3rd parties that do this little trick. You know the advice that if a friend is only a friend because you are connected on Facebook, maybe you aren't really friends?

Can you be slightly dyslexic?

That same logic holds true if your relationships are dependent on any specific app. Decide what you are comfortable keeping up with, and tell your tribe to use those methods to contact you. Proprietary apps are only installed for exploratory purposes and may or may not be checked quarterly. If you want to be my friend, use open standards. If you want to reach me, use email. No, you can't reach me on Facebook or WhatsApp. I am sure this works for you, but I think one must realize and be alright with the idea that making it hard to be someone's friend is a good way to make the average person not your friend.

Do I wish I could convince all my friends and family to use Matrix over Slack or the like? But ultimately I prefer the people over the technology, and Can you be slightly dyslexic? rather be where they are than be alone in my tower of principles.

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