Question: Why did Tinder kick me out?


If youve been banned from Tinder, youll see a message letting you know when you try to log in. We ban accounts when we detect account activity that violates our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines. User safety is always at top of mind, and we dont take violations of our policies lightly.

Hi All, I wonder if anyone could help me with an enquiry about Tinder. I have been chatting to someone who I met through Tinder for a a couple of weeks. When we first met, the distance between us was 5km. Then he went away for a few days. I looked at his profile again, and it still said 5km, even though he said he was away.

Last night, I looked at his profile again, and it had changed to 30km away. Now it is back to 5km. Can someone tell me when Tinder updates distance? Is it just when the user is logged in? Or is it a bit inaccurate — once I had someone come up as being 2km away when they were actually in Australia?!

Of course he is — fine by me — just wanted to know how it works really Thanks, Lucy There are levels: A. Getting rid of account Because tinder does not have a last active indicator, you have no idea which one it is.

Tinder kick

If he is your boyfriend, I would want c. There really is no way to know, but if the distance is still on, he has not done c. Since the new update of tinder on ios distance can be shown tricky! I clicked on my app to see if he had changed his pictures or anything kinda to see if I could tell any activity.

The Why did Tinder kick me out? said 3 miles. Every time I had clicked the app to check, it said 3 miles. Now, suddenly today, it says 44 miles. Do just one of us or both of us Why did Tinder kick me out? to get on for it to update? As for the distance thing, it can be wildly inaccurate even if you have the app on your phone, so lord only knows what it does when the profile is still alive but the user has deleted the app.

I got on tinder for fun, but I end up meeting someone and for god sake now I like her… Damn it! The thing is, I stopped using tinder but sometimes I go there to check if she updated the profile and the tricky thing is always the location… Does anyone know how Tinder updates your location? My first date with her she was in front of me and still showed 3km. But this past weekend she was far away on a trip and distance was still 3km.

Today she returned home for weekend and the distance is 65km, so does it means that she logged on the app? We met about 2 months ago and I could see that even if she goes to the app she is not much active, firstly because I remember how was with me and secondly because the location rarely updates maybe once a week and I have other matches that constantly update so it means that app updates faster when you are active user.

Why did Tinder kick me out?

Nik I would completely disregard that. Does the distance update follow your move when you do not open the app, or does the app have to be open and being active for it to change? Use it at your peril because this way madness lies. It has a desktop equivalent called Flamite. Search for it in google chrome.

Add it to the chrome…theres instructions how to do this. Go to to your matches and click on the matches profile.

Why did Tinder kick me out?

Just wondering how the mile radius works. Someone has had the same distance Why did Tinder kick me out? over a month every time I check. If he was logged out of Tinder would anything show up under his name?! I go to messages and click his profile and always says the same distance no matter when or where I check.

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