Question: What is meta coolers power level?

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the Meta-Cooler is implied to have a Power Level of 10 Billion by the title for the story mission, Revived! A Power Level of 10 Billion where the Future Warrior is forced to deal with the Meta-Cooler Corps.

Whos stronger Frieza or Cooler?

29 Weaker: Cooler Frieza managed to put up a much better fight against Super Saiyan Goku. He actually managed to get a few hits in. It was his lack of stamina that let him down ultimately. However, at his 100% strength, Frieza is stronger than Cooler.

What is Frieza highest power level?

5,300,000,000 The overall highest power level officially stated was 5,300,000,000 for Friezas power level in Dragon Ball Z: The Real 4-D.

How strong is Cooler DBZ?

Despite all that being said, Gokus base increase of 16,000,000 should have been no match Coolers apparent power of 140,000,000 (as Cooler is stated to have had a power level that was higher than Friezas full power form by 20,000,000).

What is Cui power level?

His power level is indeed 18,000 in the RPG game Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyan; but in the Famicom game Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza, his power level is 19,000 and in Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekit┼Źden, it is 19,080.

Whats Vegetas power level?

18,000 Dragon Ball ZCharacterPower levelSourceVegeta18,000Vol. 21, #249Goku10,000Movie 6 PamphletPiccolo8,000Movie 6 PamphletGohan6,000Movie 6 Pamphlet92 more rows

Is Cui stronger than Vegeta?

Zarbon and Cui himself both reference Cui as having been stronger than Vegeta was last they saw him, leading to their shared belief that Cui can defeat him. Cui states that Vegetas power level should be equal to his own power; since Vegeta is stated to be 18,000 by Dodoria, Cuis power level should be 18,000.

These Meta-Coolers come in the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, as they are mass-produced by the Big Gete Star.

What is meta coolers power level?

All of them together form what is known as the Meta-Cooler Corps. After Cooler was seemingly killed by Son Goku and incinerated in the sun, parts of his body and mind survived and continue to float through the cosmos. Cooler, now known as the Meta-Cooler Core, planted the Big Gete Star on the New Planet Namek, and began to sap life from it as he regrew his body.

What is meta coolers power level?

While all this was going on, Cooler and the Big Gete Star began creating biomechanical Cooler clones, which would be the Meta-Coolers. Each one contained the same exact power-set, which was far beyond that of even the original Cooler.

SP Metal Cooler (Red)

They were each also overseen by the Big Gete Star, which would immediately patch up any injury they sustained, and fix them so that the same injury could What is meta coolers power level? be sustained twice. However, after the rest of the Meta-Cooler army appeared, Goku and Vegeta stood absolutely no chance, and were taken to the Meta-Cooler Core to be sapped of his power.

As Goku and Vegeta faced off against the Meta-Cooler Core, the Meta-Coolers continued to be created and surveyed the planet.

Meta Brings New Data Center, More Renewable Energy to Treasure Valley

However, once the Meta-Cooler Core and Big Gete Star were destroyed, each Meta-Cooler was deactivated and destroyed as a result. Statistics : 4-B Name: Meta-Cooler Origin: Sex: Male Age: Unknown Classification: Metal Cooler, Cooler Clone, Meta-Cooler Corps.

What is meta coolers power level?

Both Frieza and Cooler use this attack, primarily used for destroying large areas of landmass, like entire planets. This attitude is what leads to his supposed death. Even when assimilated into the Big Gete Star, Cooler remains this same weakness, along with him now having circuits that are susceptible to energy overload.

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