Question: What is difference between PCF and AWS?

I am little confused how PCF and AWS are differ. I know that PCF gives solution using which host (client) can make their own cloud on-premises. AWS do not provide anything like that. And has lot of other services for elasticity, agility and scalability.

What is PCF called now?

As part of the acquisition process and to continue to build upon key attributes of Pivotal products, the names of all Pivotal products have been changed. Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is now VMware Tanzu Application Service.

Is PCF a cloud provider?

PCF is a cloud native platform for deploying next-generation apps. Based on open source technology, PCF enables enterprises to rapidly deliver new experiences to their customers. PCF can be deployed on-premises and on many cloud providers to give enterprises a hybrid and multi-cloud platform.

Does AWS support Cloud Foundry?

Using the AWS Tanzu Application Quick Start and the AWS Service Broker, you can accelerate your deployment of Cloud Foundry into your AWS accounts, and build scalable, agile, elastic applications consuming native cloud services – more quickly, with less effort.

Why do we need PCF?

The main purpose of PCF is to provide the underlying infrastructure and environments that organizations need to facilitate continuous delivery of software updates, manage the application life cycle and streamline the development, deployment, and scaling of web-based applications.

How much does Cloud Foundry cost?

Pricing plansPlanPricingDefault$0.07 USD/GB-Hour1 more row

What are three 3 key aspects of cloud computing?

Cloud computing can be broken up into three main services: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

What are the 2 types of cloud computing?

Types of cloud services Platform as a service (PaaS) Software as a service (SaaS)

Is WhatsApp a SaaS?

Messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc are SaaS? And how? No. “SaaS” has, like “Cloud”, become a term that no longer really reflects its current meaning.

Is Gmail a SaaS?

A simple example of SaaS is an online email service, like Gmail. If you use Gmail, you are not hosting your own email server. Google is hosting it, and you are simply accessing it through your browser-as-client. ... The provider figures out the servers, the virtual machines, the network equipment, everything.

Is PCF dev free?

PCF Dev - PCF Dev is a slimmed down version of PCF that you can run on your local machine in a VM. It has features targeted towards developers that want to work locally or possibly offline. It does not have all of the features of PCF. It is free as in beer, but there are commercial components mixed in.

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Cloud platform like platform as a service PaaS gaining lots of importance in today's world, and many reputed companies has a growing its usage day over day. At TechGeekNext, Pivotal Cloud Foundry is one of our key focus area of our site, we provide number of technology article around Cloud Foundry. Q: What is the Cloud Foundry? It is a platform PaaS for cloud native application, it helps developer to just focus on code rather worrying about platform they use and their configurations.

Advantages are Efficient Resources Management, Reduced Costs etc. Q: What are types of cloud computing? Below is high level cloud foundry architecture and it's major components. Cloud Foundry uses this router to map incoming request to the right application. At one end is the user. For Example, Mail Server, Messaging etc.

You can use cf log command to see the logs.

What is difference between PCF and AWS?

It is non persistent, temporary log storage. It accumulates logs from multiple sources and aggregates by application. Operators can use this information to monitor a Cloud Foundry deployment. Ans: By Restarting application, it stop your application and restarts application with the existing available compiled droplet. By Restaging application, it stop your application and restages application by compiling new droplet and start the application. So if you have made any changes in code, in that case use restage to re-compile your code else use restart to restart the application.

Q: What is stagging in Cloud Foundry? Ans: An archive within Cloud Foundry which contains the application-ready to run on Diego. A droplet is What is difference between PCF and AWS? result of the application staging process. Q: What is droplet in Cloud Foundry? Ans: Droplet is the execution unit of the Cloud Foundry. The result is a droplet once an application has been pushed to Cloud Foundry using a buildpack.

Therefore, a droplet on top of the request is nothing but an abstraction that contains information such as metadata. Q: What is Cloud Foundry log aggregator and it's architecture? Ans: Cloud Foundry log aggregator collects logging output from application instances, cloud foundry components.

And aggregates into consolidated log. Logging Server : Process is called Doppler. We can view environment variables by using cf env app -name command. Ans: -A deployment blueprint for an application -Repeatable :redeploy using same manifest Example: --- applications: - name : teckgeeknextPrj memory : 64M instances : 3 domain :cfapps.

Ans: Organization : Designed for use by any organization, typically a company, department, or a large project name All organization will have default domain as cfapps. Default space is development; users can What is difference between PCF and AWS? their own spaces like Testing, Production etc.

Can Create New Space as given below Created Production Space. Ans: It is called cf. To use the cli, install cli from cloud foundry as given below.

Difference between Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Ans: Version : cf -- version Help : cf help Q: In how many ways we can use Pivotal Cloud Foundry? Ans: There are various ways to connect to Cloud Foundry. Ans: -512 is default memory would get allocate. Ans: Yes, Cloud Foundry provides provision to use third party managers like Splunk, Logstash, Logenteries, Papertrail etc. Q: What is a Buildpack? Ans: Allow cloud foundry to support multiple language and deployment environments.

Ans: Cloud Foundry is PaaS. Cloud Foundry is open source platform build by Pivotal. Ans: A container is a standard software unit that packages code and all its dependencies, so that the program runs from one software environment What is difference between PCF and AWS? another quickly and reliably. Cloud Foundry supports both the developer-built container and the platform-built container. Cloud Foundry allows companies to reap container benefits, support cloud architectures, and continue building a DevOps culture.

Q: Is Cloud Foundry a container? Ans: Kubernetes is a Container Runtime, where as Cloud Foundry is an Application Runtime.

What is difference between PCF and AWS?

Q: Is Heroku based on Cloud Foundry? Ans: To manage application settings and scaling, each use their own ruby gems vmc and heroku, respectively. Both Cloud Foundry and Heroku are controlled mainly from the command line. Heroku has integrated git into its deployment process, though Cloud Foundry is does not.

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