Question: Do Schizoids feel emotion?

If you have schizoid personality disorder, you may be seen as a loner or dismissive of others, and you may lack the desire or skill to form close personal relationships. Because you dont tend to show emotion, you may appear as though you dont care about others or whats going on around you.

Do Schizoids show anger?

In addition to having a flat affect, people with schizoid personality disorder may have an especially hard time expressing anger. Even when directly provoked, someone with schizoid personality disorder might react very coolly, belying what they may be feeling underneath.

How do you know if you have a schizoid?

SymptomsPrefer being alone and choose to do activities alone.Dont want or enjoy close relationships.Feel little if any desire for sexual relationships.Feel like you cant experience pleasure.Have difficulty expressing emotions and reacting appropriately to situations.More items...•17 Aug 2017

I have a blunted affect, but borderline flat affect.

Do Schizoids feel emotion?

I really don't express, Do Schizoids feel emotion? feel, emotions too deeply. I generally don't express much emotion, again, it's just data.

If I do feel an emotion deep enough, it doesn't mean I'll express it verbally I typically don't care enough to wanna deal with the aftermath of expressing myself. Too many incidents where the responder tries to turn it around, deflate my reasons for being upset, and then force their thoughts and feelings onto me. Thanks emotionally and mentally abuse family! Sounds cold hearted, but it's just who I am.

As for understanding other peoples emotions, I can understand the more extreme emotions, but in a general sense I have zero inclination of a persons general emotional state. I can see sadness, if someone is sad. I can tell when another person is mad, but that comes from reading body language. Sure I could talk to you and tell you what I'm thinking, but chances are you won't agree with me or feel the same way or even care about what I think. It really bothers me when people misunderstand and make assumptions about me and I Do Schizoids feel emotion?

have the energy to communicate fully so to avoid that all together I just don't give them that opportunity. When I say Do Schizoids feel emotion? to someone, it is because I want to have Do Schizoids feel emotion? that to them, I want them to know something. Im not fishing for any response at all but people think that I am because that is how they use language. If I wanted commiseration or something I would specifically ask for that.

A small range of them, in a shallow way. I can feel amusement, and occasionally annoyance, but even those are mild compared with how most people would Do Schizoids feel emotion? them. It's rare that I feel anything strongly, or many emotions outside of those two, but if I am, I'm probably exhausted or under a lot of pressure.

My usual emotional state is true neutral though. Are you able to express them? I do show amusement, but it'll usually be like a slight curling at the corners of the mouth rather than a grin although I'm less inhibited about laughing when I'm alone for some reason. Sometimes mild annoyance can show in my voice too, although my face will still be neutral. Outside of those two things though, the only way you'd know if I'm feeling something is if I told you.

Are you able to understand other people's emotions? I'm actually a bit hyper-aware of other peoples' emotional cues. I don't feel any emotional response to their feelings, in that affective empathy way, but people have mentioned that it's hard to hide their feelings from me when I care to point them out.

I have a friend who is color-blind who can identify red and green semi-reliably through context even though he actually can't tell much of a difference. I can't effortlessly synthesize the same thing for myself because there's some inherent disconnection between the hardware that represents emotion and the portion of me which internalizes those signals for external display. I'm aware of it, but my relationship with the hardware is different. I posted some other time in the sub about emotions, they're far enough detached from me that the system doesn't really function unless it's too intense to control: I experience the schizoid process as a rejection-of-self and any associations or attachments that come with the self, and identifying with an emotional state is one of these things I habitually reject.

You know in voice chat programs how you can set some minimum threshold before it begins picking up your microphone? For me, the box is unchecked and the slider is set as high as it'll go.

I still experience emotional triggers, but I seldom express the resulting Do Schizoids feel emotion? unless its volume is too loud to be ignored, and in doing so, I regard that as a loss of control. I think that what you describe can be learned by all normal people, in fact -- really it's just stoicism.

I imagine that I learned it as a consequence of suffering in some of my formative years and from actually studying Buddhism.

Covert Schizoid Sexuality: Behavioral Patterns

Do you think you were born with it? Were you more emotional as a child? I used to get so emotional I'd 'break' and just be catatonic. I'm pretty sure I Do Schizoids feel emotion? dissociation as a defense mechanism from that kind of event. I still sometimes experience a similar phenomena which I guess is 'selective mutism', in which I simply 'fail to discover' a device compatible with speech output.

I can still form it in my mind, I can type Do Schizoids feel emotion? communicate just fine, speech output simply doesn't work. When I speak of a 'rejection', I mean that an endogenous acceptance isn't present.

Do Schizoids feel emotion?

It's not a conscious choice to exile the self or ignore its outputs, it just 'happens' Since the time I wrote that, I have gained higher ability to communicate with the self.

There is a rift, but there is not a permanent, unbridgeable, divide. I still regard emotional expression as a loss of control, though. Where I have changed, though, is to understand and accept that event, and forgive the self for its intrusion.

Where previously I may have viewed the self as my enemy, or as Do Schizoids feel emotion? to be actively denied, I now understand it is a subsystem of my conscious experience, and I suppose it understands this also. We are learning to work together, so that's a start? For at the majority of the day I feel unemotional. There's emotions that I just don't have, like grief loneliness I have gotten a little lonely during reclusive bouts and such. It's more like emotions are really hard to hold on for me.

I can't hold grudges at all. Music and walking usually makes me excited and happy-childlike in some sense. The other thing that genuinely makes me happy is discovery, whether it be learning a new skill, finding something extra interesting on Reddit, or whatever. Dealing with people mostly Do Schizoids feel emotion? me irritable, I get either frustrated or confused a lot. But I think I actually do get some sort of release from socializing, I just need far less of it than the average person.

Are you able to express them? Over the past few months, I've felt extremely flat and unaffected by almost anything, even good things that have happened to me.

The only exception is anxiety. Sometimes I feel calmer, and sometimes I feel more conflicted, but even then, the difference is slight, and I might miss it if I'm not paying attention. That said, I still laugh when I see something funny, and people tell me I often act nervous or irritated even when I don't feel it inside.

I still feel flat inside, and couldn't tell you if I was more sad, angry upset - or even what I'm crying about. And when I've finished crying, Do Schizoids feel emotion? fine. Ironically, I seem to be better at expressing emotions than actually feeling or understanding them.

Oh, and I often get a tingling sensation on the back of my head when I watch emotional scenes in movies. I think that what's happening is that my emotions are still here, they're just locked away from my conscious mind or something.

Are you able to understand other people's emotions? Do Schizoids feel emotion? a purely intellectual perspective? And I'm fine with body language.

Do Schizoids feel emotion?

But I do seem to lack what's known as affective empathy: for example, when someone else is sad, I can't really feel for them. And if Terry Pratchett said it, then it is good advice. When someone is displaying a really strong emotion towards or at me, such as anger, I tend to disassociate. Normally my mind is constantly buzzing with the fantasy and introspection that characterises schizoids, but in situations like that, I go entirely blank.

As for expression, forget it. I might be able to write it out, after pondering and drafting and re-writing, but in the moment?

It is not that I cannot accept criticism, but I cannot handle the criticism that people attack my very Do Schizoids feel emotion? behavior. I am an introvert - face it and accept it.

I have several times in my life completely lost my head when being cornered into a social situation where I feel very ackward and 'tricked'. I am never violent, but I can get rather verbally aggressive and expressive. Mostly I do harm to myself with my emotional behavior - I act in a bizarre way.

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