Question: Are Tammy Slaton and Jerry still together?


Jerry Sykes is a married man Sykes was married to Kia Russell-Sykes when he started dating Tammy Slaton on the TLC reality show. Kia only discovered Jerrys cheating when the show hit television. As a result, the two are separated, but they arent yet divorced.

Tammy Slaton's love life on has largely been an unfortunate one, and Jerry Sykes' ex-wife Kia Russell-Rucker Sykes has also had her share of romantic woes.

Are Tammy and Jerry still together? All we know about their relationship

Fans criticize Tammy's taste in men, but the worst boyfriend she ever had on the reality show was Jerry Sykes. He didn't keep her motivated on her weight loss journey, and he was married while dating her. From her relationship with to her personal Are Tammy Slaton and Jerry still together?, there is plenty to learn about Jerry's ex-wife, Kia.

Tammy's siblings Amy Slaton and Chris Combs were very skeptical of the 1000-lb Sisters star's relationship with Jerry. On the show, Jerry was frequently snacking while around Tammy, a habit that viewers didn't think would help Tammy. She had the ambitious goal of losing enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery.

Chris even spoke with Jerry during season 2, in order to convey just how important it is for Tammy to lose weight and get her health back on track. Related: Initially, fans believed that Tammy and Jerry split after the reality star came out as pansexual.

Viewers quickly discovered that the breakup wasn't the result of Jerry being small-minded. In actuality, he was too open-minded. This past February, broke the news that Jerry was married to Kia while he was dating Tammy on 1000-lb Sisters. However, can be found on Facebook, where she's shared that she's a stay-at-home parent.

Currently, Kia lives with her children in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Most importantly, Kia's social media cements that she is divorced, clarifying that Tammy's ex-boyfriend Jerry wasn't welcomed back to his marriage after his romance with.

Why Did Tammy Slaton and Jerry Sykes Break up on '1000

We have seven kids together. They are upset with him.

Are Tammy Slaton and Jerry still together?

No one enjoyed Tammy and Jerry's chaotic relationship on 1000-lb Sisters, but Kia undoubtedly suffered the most. From discovering that her husband cheated while appearing on reality television to having to explain her husband's infidelity to their seven children, Kia is the real victim of Tammy and Jerry's tragic romance. Fortunately, 1000-lb Sistersrevealed what kind of husband Jerry is, to Kia and the world. Since his graduation from Emerson College with a degree in visual and media arts back in 2019, Christopher has pursued the ever-evolving field of entertainment journalism.

Are Tammy Slaton and Jerry still together?

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