Question: What is julmust in English?


Julmust (Swedish: jul yule and must English: must not-yet-fermented juice of fruit or berries, though there is no such juice in julmust) is a soft drink that is mainly consumed in Sweden around Christmas.

These waffles became popular some time ago and I understand why, so simple and so good. Much more satisfying and filling than the ordinary wheat flour ones, and if I may say, better for your body without the flour. If you want a sweet waffle, you can use mozzarella cheese that have a mild taste. Maybe add some sweetener if you are into that, some cinnamon and cardamom if like and then serve with whipped crème and berries or jam.

Maybe some sour crème, chopped red onion and fish roe, yum. But with the ordinary one you can eat them like tortillas and roll in the good stuff. If you need some more inspiration just search the internet, as always there is a lot of suggestions and ideas out there! Tova Ingredients: 1Liter 4Liter Organic raw canesugar 100g. Often you start with a smaller amount of starter culture, so you have to expand it by making a small batch first and put away as much starter culture you need for the jar you chose.

This will make more sense as you read on. Since Kombucha is a living culture, we urge you to not poison it, or yourself, by not using organic ingredients. Strain and add the rest of the water cold so that the whole tea mixture What is julmust in English?

not so hot -When the tea is kind of finger-warm too hot kills the cultureadd the scoby and the starter culture, use glass, ceramic or plastic bowl.

What is julmust in English?

The brew must have access to air. Set aside in a place with an even room temperature. Is it still too swet? It can be there for several weeks. Cover with cloth and let stand at room temperature for 2 days. I usually relive some pressure from every bottle once before I put them down in the cellar, if the first one I open seems very reactive.

What is julmust in English? not, I'll just put them directly in the cellar. It can be dangerous to store the kombucha in just any regular glass bottle.

What is julmust in English?

Has been tested My guess is that with a little searching you can find something similar to order closer to where you live. Stir butter, sugar and syrup smooth 2. Add water, spices and bicarbonate, stir it 3. Work in about 1,2 liters flour 4. Put the dough on the table and work it a bit, see if you need a bit more flour. Let it rest in a cool space, therefore its good to make it a day before you bake it.

Cut the dough into four pieces so its easier to work with. Roll out the dough pretty thin, use the gingerbread mold and put on paper on a oven plate, put it in the oven for 5-6 minutes at 200-225 degrees celsius. In this recipe we use the metric system. In Sweden we have different kinds of What is julmust in English? beings and tales, one of the beings that we have What is julmust in English? the Gårdstomte. Every christmas and every Thursday the farmers had to give the Tomte a plate of porridge or rice pudding on Christmas to make sure he was kept happy, if they forgot to put butter in the porridge, or forget the porridge entirely, the Tomte would be so angry and make mischief or leave the farm for good, putting the famer and his family in a tight spot without any extra helping hands.

What does julmust mean?

If you want to read more about the Tomte you can read here: So now you know who fetched the rice pudding Ivar and Mathias put out in our latest Christmas video! A swedish writer called Viktor Rydberg once wrote a classical poem about the Tomten that we listen to every Christmas, here you can read the poem: We also attached some traditional pictures of the Tomte painted by Jenny Nyström.

Jenny Nyström is one of Swedens most popular painter for Christmas pictures and cards. Food is always such a wonderful and interesting subject!

It can of course differ between different parts, areas and families. Cold Christmas ham — Julskinka Ham, boiled and then glazed with some mustard mix and in some cases breadcrumbs Pickled herring — Sill Salted herring that are then pickled in vinegar, water, spices and sugar. Cured salmon - Gravad lax Raw salmon that are cured with sugar, salt, black pepper and dill Smoked Salmon - Rökt lax Smoked lamb - Rökt lamm Homemade salami — Törkörv A kind of simple What is julmust in English?, very much like a salami.

But maybe a bit drier and harder, Törkörv is dialectal and means dry sausage. Sides Boiled eggs - Kokta ägg With shell taken off, split into halves and eaten with Kaviar, which is a bread spread with fish roe in it. Swedish flatbread — Tunnbröd Spiced with anise and fennel Cheeses, both for dessert and the dinner - Ost Charcuteries — Charkprodukter Curdled cheese - Grynost This one is a specialty for some areas in the middle of Sweden and Norway, you heat the What is julmust in English?, put in the rennet and let it stagnate, What is julmust in English?

get the cheese mass. Then you boil it for hours until its golden and tastes wonderful, also you add cinnamon rolls to it while it boils. Liver pâté - Leverpastej Fish Roe sauce — Romsås Swedish Mustard and dill sauce — Hovmästarsås Eaten with the Cured Salmon Butter — Smör Whey butter — Messmör Another specialty, you boil the whey after making cheese for hours and hours until its brown and like a butter, tastes a bit like fudge. Mustard — Senap Salad — Sallad A salad inspired by Christmas, often with oranges in it Warm Meatballs — Köttbullar Swedish meatballs at its best, we also add allspice in the Christmas version Prince sausage — Prinskorv A small variant of the Vienna sausage Rice pudding — Risgrynsgröt This one is for breakfast mostly!

Some pour milk on top it all and some have it in a glass on the side. Christmas butterscotch — Knäck The name Knäck means Crack, so watch your teeth!

A sweet and malty taste. Water — Vatten Christmas beer — Julöl Usually, a bit darker kind of beer Wine — Vin Christmas goodie - Julmumma A drink made from Julmust and beer If you want to know more about the different foods its easy to search for it on the internet and read more. We will try to add some pictures later on. We have had a lot of question of what we wear when the weather grows cold, so this is me trying to write it out for you, hope you understand what I mean! In short, we wear a lot of wool!

I often wear a woolen bra or sports bra. Cotton socks and thicker woolen socks. A thin merino wool base layer, pants and sweater 4. Jacket in wool or cotton. A woolen tank top or t-shirt. A thin merino base layer, pants and sweater. Thin wool socks, a thin pair of cotton socks and then thicker woollen socks.

Another layer of What is julmust in English? pants and sweater, a bit thicker than the base layer 4. Woolen sweatpants and a knitted wool sweater.

The outer clothes consist either of a woolen overall or my old set of thicker padded cotton jacket and pant.

What is julmust in English?

A thin wool glove underneath knitted woolen gloves. When Ivar sleeps during the day he sleeps in his carrier outside, there he most often wear number 1-3 plus a knitted sweater, thin gloves and the balaclava. He sleeps in a kind of sleeping bag made with wool in the bottom and feather in the top, also a sheep skin in the carrier at the bottom.

In the sleeping bag he has a thin alpaca blanket. As you can see we really enjoy the benefits from wool! Recently I have bought things both to me and Ivar from Dilling and they seem good, but time will tell how the quality turns out to be.

In episode 89 we showed some of the conversation. Here is the longer version where we talk more about the cycle, hormones and menstruation. Such an interesting discussion and so much to learn about ourselves.

Here are four interesting podcasts where Mary Ruddick and Brian Sanders talk about their experience visiting several different tribes in Africa. They are very worth listening to!


Some herbs you can use the whole plant and the roots, some just flowers and leaves, some only the flowers. Also, if you pick in the morning let the morning dew dry away a bit before picking or else it will be harder to dry them because they contain more water. Roots are best collected in spring or fall; they contain more of the active substances then and Leaves are best to pick What is julmust in English?

the plant are blooming. The guidelines are just for making the most out of every herb. Be sure to pick the right ones! There are a lot of herbs that look alike, some are harmless but some are not. You can absolutely use the herbs for several years but as time goes, they lose some of their good properties, best is to pick new ones every year, but to have the herbs for a couple of years is ok.

You can also make an herbal oil with fresh herbs but then you will need more flowers than if they are dried and the oil will have water in it which makes the oil less shelf stable. Fill the jar with herbs and cover everything with oil, see that the oil gets above the herbs. Not as important if you used completely dried herbs. But it is still nice to have a clean oil without plant parts in it. Most other oils on the market rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil… are highly processed industrial products that is not good for anyone.

If you What is julmust in English? interested to hear more about this you can listen to why and. The standard metod What is julmust in English? doing these herbal infused oil is to expose the jar to sunlight, it is said that the properties from the herbs are then transfering over to the oil.

From what we understand it is the slight heat from the sun one needs. At the same time it is said that every herb or food should be kept in dark bottles away from sunligt in order for the properties to stay intact. This is a dilemma and it needs more research.

I may have gotten something wrong and its always best to form ones own opinion by reading and researching. We have lost a lot of knowledge about the plant world and its thoughts during these years of disconnection to nature, hopefully we will someday regain it.

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