Question: What do Care Bears say?

In the original animated specials and the DiC TV series, the Care Bear Stare is initiated by the phrase Care Bears... prepare to stare! while in the Nelvana series and later versions it is initiated by the phrase Care Bears Countdown!

What Care Bears stare?

The Care Bears ultimate weapon is the Care Bear Stare, in which the collected Bears stand together and radiate light from their respective tummy symbols. These combine to form a ray of love and good cheer which could bring care and joy into the targets heart.

Do Care Bears Talk?

The Care Bear Sing-a-Long Stuffed Bear, Grumpy includes three songs and is super plush. The bears in this series recognize each other and sing and talk together. This stuffed animal toy features sparkle belly artwork and it comes in a bright blue and white color.

What would the Care Bears defend themselves with?

While every Care-Bear possesses an insignia of their own on their stomachs that projects various lights, particles and effects, usually employed to either defend themselves, others or just for use as basic needs like lighting a room, the Care-Bear Stare itself is used only when the Care-Bares encounter some being or ...

What is a bears natural enemy?

Bears are large and can be quite intimidating so they dont have many enemies. Their biggest enemies are humans and each other. ... Mother bears can be very protective of their cubs and will attack if it becomes necessary. The main predator that all species of bears have to worry about is humans.

What are the rare Care Bears?

One of the most valuable Care Bear is the super rare Nobleheart Horse Care Bears Cousin - a highly-coveted vintage piece which can fetch around the $800 mark. Also in demand is the Proudheart Cat Care Bear Cousin, which is worth more than $500.

Vintage Care Bears are now prized items for serious toy collectors, and they can fetch hundreds — or even possibly thousands — of dollars.

Care Bears: Adventures in Care

Similarly one may ask, which Care Bear is worth the most? Subsequently, question is, are pound puppies worth anything? Besides, how much did Care Bears cost in the 1980s?

What do Care Bears say?

How much is the 25th Anniversary Care Bear worth? A History of the Care Bears.

Bear Definition & Meaning

Following the success of their first big franchise Strawberry Shortcake back in 1979, American Greetings introduced the Care Bear characters in late 1981 through a line of greeting cards.

Children's book illustrator Elena Kucharik did the original artwork for the cards.

What do Care Bears say?

The Care Bears were created by the U. S greeting card company American Greetings in 1981. The artwork was done by Elena Kucharik and in 1982 the franchise launched with ten original Care Bears and in 1984 several more characters were introduced they are known as the Care Bear Cousins.

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