Question: How much is HBO Max per month?

HBO Max premium add-on $14.99/month after 7-day free trial ends unless cancelled. Cancel anytime. Free trial offer valid for new subscribers only.

How much is HBO Max a month on Amazon Prime?

The new limited-time promotion lets eligible customers get HBO Max for $7.49/month for six months; after that, the rate goes up to the regular $14.99/month.

Is HBO Max still free with HBO?

Yes - You likely have access to HBO Max at no extra charge!

Which streaming has HBO Max?

Through Google, HBO Max has an app for Android phones and tablets in the Google Play store, and youll be able to sign up inside the app with an in-app purchase. Youll also be able to stream HBO Max on Android TV, Chromebook and Google Chromecast.

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We tried HBO Max ad

Nearly two year after it was first announced, — the streaming service from and WarnerMedia — is running at full steam these days, with hit shows like White Lotus and Mare of Easttown, and first-run films from Warner Bros. Call up your cable provider for more information on how to sign up.

Friends, Sex and the City, Game Of Thrones All streaming services work the same way: pick what you want to watch, and start streaming.

How much is HBO Max per month?

The media company also owns the rights to several blockbuster films, like 2001: A Space Oddysey, Friday The 13th, A Hard Days Night, Casablanca, The Lord of the Rings, Citizen Kane, North By Northwest, Gone With The Wind, and Braveheart. This marks the first time these films have been available to stream on any platform.

How much is HBO Max per month?

The number of episodes per season will vary based on the show. The movies will be available to stream for 31 days, so you can enjoy blockbusters in your own home at your own pace. This is never going to be a service that allows you to see every single thing in the WarnerMedia vault, at least not for now.

How much is HBO Max per month?

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