Question: Is Kansas City worth visiting?

Kansas City has it all, from history, music, and architecture to amazing things to do, cool places to stay, and even awesome ways to get around town. Here are 10 reasons to visit the city besides the barbecue.

Is Kansas City safe for tourists?

How Safe Is Kansas City Really? Kansas City is rather dangerous, even when compared to other cities in America. Much like most major cities, the tourist and business areas are considered generally safe during the day, but it is always best to be aware of your surroundings, especially during the night.

Why do people visit Kansas City?

Kansas City is surprisingly affordable - with tons of big city attractions and entertainment, but much easier price tags than many major cities. From luxury hotels, to gourmet dinners, craft cocktails, and world-class shopping - youll find tons of big-city thrills that will match any budget in Kansas City.

Is there a lot to do in Kansas City?

From interesting districts like Westport and the Power & Light to history museums like the National World War I and Steamboat Arabia, Kansas City offers its visitors a variety of things to do. Plus, there are all the stores you could want at the Country Club Plaza, an open-air, Spanish-design shopping district.

Is Kansas City a good place?

Ranked in the top 50 Best Places to Live in the U.S., this fast-growing Midwest metro is an excellent place to live for job opportunities, affordable housing, top-rated colleges, pro sports events, incredible arts and culture, and—of course—some of the best barbecue in America.

Is Kansas City MO red or blue?

Kansas City is heavily Democratic in the south and east, but tends to be more Republican-leaning in the north.

Why is Kansas so cheap?

Housing Costs in Kansas City is Very Affordable The main reason Kansas City is so affordable is attributable to one thing; housing prices. The median home cost is just over $146,000, which is incredibly low compared to the rest of the United States. ... Compared to most cities, our housing prices are dirt cheap!

Is Kansas City safer than St Louis?

Louis was ranked No. 4 in the U.S. News & World Reports “Most Dangerous Places in the U.S.” Kansas City, Missouri ranked No. ... The citys overall score is 6.3.

What City has the highest murders rate?

St. Louis St. Louis, Missouri has the highest murder rate of any US city of 69.4 murders per 100,000 people. In 2017, 205 people were murdered in St. Louis....Murder Rate.Rank1CitySt. LouisStateMissouriMurder Rate69.40Population294,89019 more columns

Can you vote if you have a felony in Missouri?

Yes. Upon completion of your sentence and probation or parole, you are eligible to vote in elections. Individuals who have been convicted of an election offense, whether a felony or misdemeanor, are not allowed to vote.

What is Kansas famous food?

barbecue Kansas is renowned for its barbecue, and when it comes to iconic spots, no place beats Joes Kansas City (formerly Oklahoma Joes) and its world-famous Z-Man sandwich.

What is the most interesting thing about Kansas?

Kansas was named after the Kansa Native Americans. It means People of the South Wind. Kansas has so many tornadoes, it has the nickname Tornado Alley. Kansas is the home of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Written by Nov 17, 2020 Kansas City, Kansas is a 127-mile metropolitan area that caters to sports enthusiasts, vacationers, and those looking for a little urban adventure. The third largest city in the Sunflower State' of Kansas appeals to all age ranges and activity levels.

In a visit to Kansas City, you can satisfy your inner historical buff and your need for speed, as well as enjoy some retail therapy. Tucked away beyond the city lights are less obvious attractions that have gained popularity among tourists.

Find wildflowers and hiking trails along the riverfront, with a full view of the city skyline, or search for Native American ancestors in the archives of history that live just beyond the roar of the speedway.

Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed due to recent global health Is Kansas City worth visiting? safety issues. For an insider's experience of the action, you can rent scanners to listen to the drivers and pit crews during the race. If you purchase a FanWalk pass, you can access the garage and infield, where you can watch car inspections, see driver introductions, and enjoy a prime view of the pre-race concert.

If you are a first-timer, be sure to read the venue regulations on what you can bring with you. A small bag and small soft-sided cooler are permitted, but there are other restrictions that you will want to know before you get on-site. The venue is comfortable and has a 145,000 square-foot canopy roof covering all sections. With Kansas City being home to one of the founding clubs of Major League Is Kansas City worth visiting?, almost every game is a sellout.

The fanfare areas come alive in the stadium. You will want to prep yourself on popular fan chants before hitting a game to take full advantage of the experience. Address: One Sporting Way, Kansas City, Kansas Official site: You'll find lots of things to do in Kansas City, but a shop-'til-you-drop trip to the Legends Outlets Kansas City is in order if you visit.

Is Kansas City worth visiting?

Pack a little extra cash and comfortable shoes as you experience the more than 100 stores and outdoor shopping located here. Along with shopping for big name brands like Nike, Skechers, Gucci, and Fossil, you can also enjoy a meal or snack at any one Is Kansas City worth visiting? the many restaurants on-site.

Be sure to also stop by the Legends office for a free coupon book filled with shopping and dining discounts, as well as a handy Legends Outlet map to help you find your way about it's big! You can even learn about legendary Kansans that are featured throughout the venue with a free audio tour or scavenger hunt.

Address: 1843 Village West Parkway, Kansas City, Kansas Official site: You can enjoy a great American night out at the ballpark watching professional baseball with the Kansas City T-Bones. Games are played at the recently renovated CommunityAmerica Ballpark with inexpensive game tickets and free parking.

All seats are close to the field, which makes for a great fan experience since you can hear and see every play. Also popular are the activities and entertainment between innings, with nightly promotions and giveaways.

Is Kansas City worth visiting? kids' play area is also in full view of the ballfield, so you won't miss a home run if you need to find extra entertainment for the little ones.

Add to this the fact it's a budget-friendly and memorable night out for families, you'll definitely want to add a game to your list of things to do in Kansas City. All games start with Is Kansas City worth visiting? and end with fireworks. If you go, stop by the promotions table before the game to sign up for contests and a chance to win prizes between innings. Also, check the team's website for news of other events, including special theme nights.

This sprawling 143-acre adventure park offers zipline tours ranging from beginner to advanced skill levels. Traditional zipline tours include a hike and zip tour. For a unique date night, try the Sunset Zip Line Tour and to up the adrenaline factor, book a glow-in-the-dark Night Flight Tour. Tours are most comfortable when you can avoid the blistering heat of the day, so book in the early morning or later in the afternoon. Extend your stay by joining one of the attraction's guided hiking tours, which include the chance to tackle fun obstacle courses.

If you do, you'll enjoy the thrill of a lifetime as you ride shotgun or take the driver's seat in a stock car zooming up to 155 miles per hour around the Kansas Speedway. You get to see first-hand what professional drivers experience as they compete for a position on the racetrack.

Several types of driving experiences are available as well as packages for Junior Rides in the stock cars. Adding the video or photo option to your package is well worth it, so you can relive your once-in-a-lifetime experience at home. Also, be sure to check into the availability of the special 'Race Day Experiences'.

These packages feature additional excitement including the chance to hit the track when the pros are there. Address: 400 Speedway Boulevard, Kansas City, Kansas Official site: History buffs will enjoy tracing Is Kansas City worth visiting? steps of the Lewis and Clark Expedition at Kaw Point Park.

Set in the urban center of Kansas City, this site at the convergence of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers is a historical and educational tribute to the duo's historic 1804 expedition. Kaw Point has several wooded trails, including the Lewis and Clark Heritage Trail, biking trails, and a boat ramp for kayaks, canoes, and motorized boats. If you plan a visit during a scheduled performing arts or reenactment event, you can enjoy the outdoor encampment theater on the site where Lewis and Clark camped for three days.

Unique features of the theater are its 500 limestone seats. The park also offers great views of downtown Kansas City, an especially popular sight at night. Address: 1 River City Drive, Kansas City, Kansas First opened in 1955, the half-mile dirt track at Lakeside Speedway is where you'll find fans of dirt modified car racing.

Get into the fan action in the grandstands as drivers race to win the purse. For an added fan experience, you can take advantage of the campground next to the facility that is specifically designed for racing fans.

Races generally run weekly from April to September check their official site below for the race schedule. Address: 5615 Wolcott Drive, Kansas City, Kansas Official site: You can experience one of the finest collections of archeological Native American artifacts at the Wyandotte County Historical Museum.

Weston Bend State Park Near Kansas City Worth A Visit

Designed as a research and educational center, the collections of more than 75,000 artifacts offer a rich history of the Kansas City region, some dating back more than 3,000 years. The museum also hosts temporary exhibits, too, so be sure to check their official website below for details of these and other special upcoming events. If you have Native American ancestry, visit the center's research archives. You'll find indexed historical photographs, obituaries, and marriage licenses, along with troves of personal artifacts, like yearbooks and newspapers from the people of Wyandotte County.

The museum also boasts an auditorium and hosts occasional lectures and learning program.

Is Kansas City worth visiting?

Guided tours Is Kansas City worth visiting? available, and for kids, can include a number of fun hands-on activities. Admission to the museum is free.

Is Kansas City worth visiting?

Formerly known as 'Original Juan Specialty Foods', the 60,000 square-foot facility is really a hot sauce factory, but it has become a popular tourist stop just for the novelty. Spicin Foods creates some of the spiciest concoctions available on the market, including 'The Source', which is the world's hottest sauce that ranks at 7. In addition to hot sauces with artistic labels, the factory produces locally made sauces, marinades, dips, and other specialty food Is Kansas City worth visiting?.

This is a great spot to find souvenirs that are specific to the area. Be sure to taste the samples and stop by the clearance rack for deals on products. Address: 111 Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City, Kansas Official site:.

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