Question: Which areas of Hertfordshire are in Tier 3?


Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the House of Commons that parts of the county, along with London and parts of Essex, would enter tier three. The decision affects Broxbourne, Hertsmere, Watford and Three Rivers.

It comes after an in these areas, causing the Government to move ahead of the planned tier review on Wednesday. The parts of Essex going into tier three are: Basildon, Brentwood, Harlow, Epping Forest, Castle Point, Rochford, Maldon, Braintree and Chelmsford, as well as Thurrock and Southend-on-Sea borough councils.

They will join London, and Broxbourne, Hertsmere, Watford and Three Rivers in Hertfordshire in the top tier. Show all In south Essex, case rates are greater than 200 per 100,000 in 10 out of 14 local authorities. In Basildon the figure is 563 — one if the highest rates in the country.

Hertfordshire Tier 3: All the Tier 3 areas that border towns and villages in Tier 2

How long will the restrictions last? These areas will move up to tier three from 12. The situation will be reviewed on 23 December, and then again every week.

Which areas of Hertfordshire are in Tier 3?

London and the affected parts of Essex and Hertfordshire will be eligible for the ongoing rollout of community testing for those living under tier three restrictions.

Further details will be set out shortly, the Government said.

Which areas of Hertfordshire are in Tier 3?

Group exercise activities and sport indoors should not take place, unless with household or bubble.

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