Question: Where is Joey from cheaters now?


In 2020, Joey works as a fitness trainer and real estate agent. Actors are not obligated to continue acting once theyre out of a gig and some choose to pursue other careers.

And it is natural for fans to search for his details in 2020.

Joey Greco from CHEATERS???

Age, Birthday, Zodiac Joey Greco was born on 29 February 1972. He turned 48 years while celebrating his birthday in February of 2020.

Parents, Family, Siblings Joey Greco was born to and raised by his anonymous parents in Long Island, New York, the United States. Following his graduation from high school, he attended Evangel University, a private liberal arts college in Springfield, Missouri.

Following graduation, he went on to join Louisiana Tech University. However, the career path changed when he left the job to become a fitness trainer in Dallas, Texas. He also had a few gigs as a bartender at a seafood restaurant.

A rolling stone by nature, he further went on to become a real estate manager before he found himself pursuing a career in television.

Talking about his television gig, Joey landed a job as a fitness trainer. Creator of a show titled Cheaters approached him with a proposal to host the show.

Where is Joey from cheaters now?

After taking over the responsibility, he replaced Tommy Habeeb as a host. Besides that, he also starred on Finding North 1998Serum 2006The Janky Promoters 2009The Locker 2011and Ghostbreakers 2011-2016 among several others. Moreover, Joey also hosted Netflix Cheaterz in 2017. He accused the man of cheating his wife to which the man responded by forcing them to leave the boat. All of a sudden, Joey found himself in a fight with the man. And shockingly, the man stabbed Joey Greco and the crew held the man after the alleged incident.

Joey refused to see the reporter and answer the questions of the investigative reporter of Inside Edition. In the Inside Edition program, a member of the Rowlett Where is Joey from cheaters now? Department appeared where he stated that there were no arrests at the time. Or, he diligently hid his possible relationships away from the media attention.

Additionally, as he shied away from getting into details on dating front, there is no way to unearth details on his potential wife. According to several news outlets, Joey Greco was once married to a woman named Eanna.

Where is Joey from cheaters now?

Unfortunately, he kept the identity of his former wife and their divorce away from the prying eyes. Where Is Joey Greco Now? However, he stuck on to what he knows in the first place. His happy customers had nothing but one or two good things to say about his service. On 21 March 2020, Joey updated his fans with a post related to his time during the Coronavirus pandemic. He wrote, You call it self-isolation… I call it a typical Friday night. The post suggested his routine of staying in home secluded, rather than going out partying.

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