Question: Is Shuichi in love with Kaede?

I would like to point out Shuichi and Kaede were never in love in the main story. But in that short time they had, they had a strong emotional attachment toward each other. Whether if they were attracted to each other is debatable, but the important thing is how much they truly care for each other.

Does Shuichi have crush on Kaede?

In chapter 3 Maki Harukawa asks Shuichi if he liked Kaede. Shuichi doesnt reply, but he has flashbacks of Kaede. During the love hotel fantasy event, Shuichi had the role of Kaedes boyfriend and they celebrated their first anniversary.

Is Shuichi in love with Kokichi?

This is the only fantasy sequence in which Shuichi has his true role as the detective, which might hint that Kokichi is indeed attracted to him. During the bonus mode, Shuichi realizes that he cannot change Kokichis lying which is a significant part of him and instead should try to understand him and his lies.

Is Miu in love with Shuichi?

At one point Miu confesses her attraction to Shuichi, one that isnt shown in the canon story. ... During the Love Suite event, Miu and Shuichi are childhood friends.

Who is Shuichi Saiharas crush?

Kaito Momota Shuichi Saihara who has a crush on Kaito Momota...

Is Shuichi taller than Kaede?

because if you look at the character bios, kaede is, in fact, one inch taller than shuichi and not like 6 inches shorter as she is shown here.

Who is Kokichi love interest?

Kokichi is completely in love and is enamored by Shuichi it hurts. His love for Shuichi is valid, so freaking valid, 100% valid, more valid than my existence. 98. I love the bonus interactions between them hidden throughout the chapters, like the one where Kokichi tells Shuichi that everything he does is for everyone.

Is Shuichi a boy or girl?

Shūichi, Shuichi or Shuuichi is a masculine Japanese given name....Shūichi.GenderMaleOriginWord/nameJapaneseMeaningDifferent meanings depending on the kanji used

Is Shuichi tall?

AboutNameShuichi SaiharaHeight57 / 171cmWeight58 kg / 128lbsBlood typeABLikesNovels9 more rows

Why did Kaede get executed?

Kaedes determination - her will to end the killing game - gave her a killing intent. She wanted to kill someone, and even if she didnt kill the person she was aiming for, she did it.

What was Futabas puberty syndrome?

When Sakuta and Kunimi, two of her very few friends, each began dating their girlfriends, she was hit by a sense of alienation that instigated her self-sabotaging use of social media. This resulted in her puberty syndrome where a clone of her with an opposite personality appeared.

Who killed Kokichi?

Kaito Momota He claims to be the mastermind of the Killing Game although its later revealed he was trying to deceive everyone to end the Killing Game. He is killed by Kaito Momota as of Chapter 5.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the second Scrum Debate! For those unfamiliar with this series, the tl;dr is that it's a weekly discussion event where users post write-ups arguing for one side of the week's debate, earning points for their side in turn. For those tuning back in, I've made a few small rule changes, so please be sure to reread them.

To participate in this contest, please comment below with a short analytical write-up arguing in favor of either Kaede Akamatsu or Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? Saihara. For an example of what kind of writeups we're looking for, and if you need any inspiration, I highly implore you to check out the we hosted a few years ago.

Please try to make your writeup comparative, explaining your choice in the debate relative to the other. Also, posts that only argue against one side will not earn any points. Afterwards, a post commemorating the winner's victory will be pinned for a day before beginning a new debate thread. Past Scrum Debate Winners: - Makoto Naegi, defeating Hajime Hinata. I love Kaede and Shuichi but for her unique, likeable personality, her negative development into a killer, and how Kodaka was able to show off so much of her personality despite living only one chapter Kaede takes my vote.

Makoto stays in the background, believing himself to be too plain compared to the others. Hajime is perfectly content letting Togami being the leader. But from the get-go Kaede is a positive, encouraging leader, rallying the cast into not giving up and trying the Death Road of Despair.

Shuichi is likeable, but less unique. His detective talent is overshadowed by Kyoko. Kaede does go through a character development arc and grows — she just becomes the worst version of herself instead of the best. Her development is just very unique in that she becomes the worst version of herself instead of bettering as a person. Rather than being a leader, she gives into her faults by taking matters into her own hands, deceiving her friends, and trying to murder someone which kickstarts the killing game — the very thing she was trying to avoid.

Overcome with guilt, Kaede Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? a super courageous thing by risking an execution to rectify her mistake and find the mastermind during the trial. Her strong spirit and her dying wish, for everyone to be friends and end the killing game, lives on and is remembered by the surviving cast.

Not just by Shuichi but also Kaito, Keebo, and the others. Admittedly, her being the first female protagonist in the main games also gives her an edge over Shuichi. Even so, Kaede is more interesting and unique as a character. And this problem applies to many other characters as well. There development can be more subtle and not as drastic but fans just say that they had no character growth at all and its really upsetting sometimes!

A Fanfic know as I'd Trade My Life For Yours is a great example of how Kaede would work as a protagonist. And still have a compelling development that would not have her lean towards hope. See if Kaede had an arc where she grows more pragmatic and cynical could you honestly say she would still leans toward hope?

She tried to kill someone. If she could do something like that what other changes could happen to her? But rather than relying on fanfiction and fanfic writers interpretation of the characters and possibilities, for this debate I Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? want to look at the concrete evidence within the game itself. And there is simply too little to even claim to accurately spectate what she would do.

Because if the whole point of the story is too claim Hope is bad, what better way to represent that than to have a protagonist that's start off all omptistic and trustful to becoming the exact opposite. There's also the fact that both Kaedes I mean pre and post killing games}, also have major trust issues. I think incorporating that could have been an unexplored aspect. Active, encouraging, a confident leader. I felt that she clearly had a personality from the get-go, Is Shuichi in love with Kaede?

Makoto especially and Hajime to an extent were much more blank player inserts. Now, Shuichi is also a fully-fleshed-out character, but Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? character returns to the same shy, confused, somewhat insecure traits that Makoto embodied.

Shuichi has a huge upper hand in terms of development and content. But Kaede is so strong and instantly makes an impression on the player. A vote for Kaede for what could have been, considering that she made such a big impression in just one trial. The fact that this is even a resaonable debate shows Kaede should win. Kaede is around for 1 chapter and Shuichu is around for 6. He gets 6 times the screen time as her and theyre still about equally as memorable and important!

If that doesn't speak to Kaede's staying power I dont know what does! Kaede Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? adorable and Shuichi while still really good doesn't compare. I absolutely adore the patterned skirt and how they worked a music scale into it along with the hair clips. Her color scheme is really cute and she has some great portraits especially her embarrassed one.

Is Shuichi in love with Kaede?

Shuichi looks pretty sick in his own right but still a hit basic. Please don't kill me but also I prefer him with the hat and he only has it for a single chapter. I love the character development he gets when taking it off and its a great moment but I simply prefer his outfit with the hat. Plot importance: I think both work very well as a protagonist but Kaede edges out Shuichi Is Shuichi in love with Kaede?

a number of notable reasons. Kaede is simply more memorable. Kaede's death is arguably the most impactful and surprising in the whole series and given this is Danganronpa thats saying something! Despite where everyone's preferences are regarding their favorite characters which will obviously play a part in how much a character death matters for you Kaede is the most important. It is a complete shift in perspective literally and redefines the whole killing game.

Throughout the rest of the game you play as Shuichi. He Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? Kaede's will to escape with everyone. Most deaths aren't relevant past the chapter they occur in and maybe the one after.

But Kaede's name is invoked by Shuichi in every chapter following her death atleast 2 or 3 times. There's a reason even in chapter 4 and 5 Kokichi can get a rise out of Shuichi by mocking Kaede's goals and makes Kirumi's final defense so much more intense. She with full knowledge that she killed Ryoma invokes Kaede's name in an attempt to plea innocent.

Heck her case is the linchpin in the final trial! In a lesser story that could be really generic and kinda bland. But Danganronpa V3 is far from a generic game. Kaede's generic qualities manifest in a very interesting way in chapter 1. Wanting to do good in most narratives is seen as completely positive.

But her wanting so badly to help everyone leads to her downfall.

Why is Kaede hated?

It messes everyone up after the numerous escape attempts and even gets Rantaro killed under the guise of helping everyone Sure it was actually Tsumugi but for all intensive purposes she had the drives and means to kill. It could have very easily killed Rantaro. Its like me firing a gun at your face but it jams when I pull the trigger.

This also makes the tragedy of her death all the more intense. She just wanted to help people and died for it. I really tear up at the end seeing Shuichi not wanting to prosecute her despite him knowing the truth. And seeing Gonta, Kaito and Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? trying to keep monokuma from taking her to execution before she tells them to back down. More than in any other video game I've played and trust me thats a big number I cried after that trial.

I felt active pain more than any game character has made me feel before exentuated by Shuichi! Kaede is a girl and I think thats really cool. Despite many more in recent times there's still an unfortunate lack of female protagonists in video games. Generic white dude with short hair and unassuming features.

It becomes really tiring and bland as Im sure you're all aware of. Even alot of female protagonists have issues in that while yes they are the main perspective its only really in a shallow way. As in theyre only there for fan service and Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? still play second fiddle to random hero dude. Kaede actually gets to be a girl and a real character who fits as the protagonist. Alot of female protagonists dont get to be girly or talk about their own problems as it Is Shuichi in love with Kaede?

alienate the male fans. I was really surprised by the first special event scene in V3. Its just Tsumugi and Rantaro doing Kaede's nails. Nothing out of the ordinary but it shocked me. In my 20 years of life I've never seen characters actually do that in an anime or game. Characters with nail polish, yeah sure whatever but never them doing their nails.

Thats an openly girly event that they just allowed to be in the game. It makes her feel very real. As a girl shock and awe A girl on the reddit!?! I'm always making comprises in playing male characters and its nice to be able to someone who fits me better.

In the same way I assume its nice for say someone of a non-caucasian ethnicity to see a character representing them on screen.

Is Shuichi in love with Kaede?

But I cant speak to that for certain as I am a basic white girl so I apologize if thats untrue or offensive in some way. She was a hero to me as a middle school girl cause she was the first strong female character I really experienced. I was so used to the man doing everything but Asuna felt like a true equal to him and that really inspired me.

Lets not talk about the unfortunate fairy story line that I hate with all my heart with it making her a damsel in distress. They rectify that by giving her an amazing solo arc in both seasons 2 where she goes on her own solo quest in a heartfelt 6 episode story of standing up to her parents and 3 where with Kirito decommissioned for about 18 episodes Asuna has to stand against an invading virtual army all by herself. But yeah long side rant aside Kaede has agency and feels like a true Main character and its really nice to see.

Protagonist: Kaede is by far the most unique protagonist in the series. Ontop of being a girl as ranted about above she feels like a proper character. While I love Hajime and Makoto they do kinda fall a bit into the generic protagonist zone.

Shuichi has this problem less so but still falls into it a bit. Kaede feels more fully defined and realized than any the other protagonists. Unlike the other characters she's actually proactive. Unlike any of the other protagonists that kinda just deal with whatever Nagito or Kokichi or whoever throw at them and figure it out.

Kaede actually takes steps herself in the plot. Yes by killing someone but also by forming an escape plan even if it goes poorly. Not to mention the protagonist switch bit is an insane moment that makes both her and Shuichi very memorable.

End: Okay holy cow that was a lot. Thanks if you read any let alone all of this. Kaede is my favorite character in Danganronpa and I'm definitely championing her here. I love Shuichi and their ship but gonna have to go with Kaede here. I'd love to discuss about them in the comments if Is Shuichi in love with Kaede?

want. Kaede definitely takes has edge in aesthetic design. Her sprites were a lot more memorable to me too. Shuichi gets a lot more emotionally evolved in the situation, and whilst it makes him less effective as a detective, it made him a character I could respect much easier.

It makes him more human. But, seeming for that very reason, they ended up doing very little with this talent. With Kaede being a pianist …it was just about people smiling when she played piano. She played piano since she was a kid, she kept practicing, sometimes so much so that she got sick, and her talents were recognised so much she got to perform for royalty. Their difference in screen time makes it difficult to give an entirely fair comparison, but I loved Is Shuichi in love with Kaede?

both of them provided. Flawed characters are generally better written characters, and both of these characters have their flaws, but the determining factor for me is what the story does with those flaws. This means his flaws are constantly being addressed, challenged and eventually overcome.

Kaede also has her flaws, but I felt like they were a lot more sporadic in nature. But the decision to make her the leader in the first place was really hastily done; the group got to see her give one good speech in the gym, and then judged by that alone that she would be Is Shuichi in love with Kaede?

for the job. I understand that some argue this demonstrates how her character relies on validation from others to determine her confidence, but again she seemed plenty confident when she got to know everyone in the prologue, and nobody was giving her validation at the time.

Okay, while I do admittably have to agree a little bit that he could have done more as a detective than the standard Daily Life Routine Like, I get why he became so passive, but there's still missed potentialit's this right here that make me love him so much. Kyoko, as a detective, is far better. She's proactive, her emotions don't beat her, she's able to disregard even ethics to find the truth, and she's always one step ahead.

But I enjoy Shuichi more as a character. In essense, Kyoko is the better detective character, but Shuichi, to me, is the better character who so happens to be a detective. Not disregarding Kyoko, though, hell no, she's the reason why I'm even a fan of this series. Honestly just being her would have been refreshing on it's own as is. She has a very proactive personality, she takes leadership, she wasn't just a passive and reactive like the previous protags or her replacement she would actually take action.

Hell, at one point she even threaten to lift Tsumugi Skirt which is something none of the protagonist would ever do.

She had compelling flaws such as her bull headedness and stubbornness. Her difficulty to lead the group. And than her massive moments of twist, the fact that she actually attempted to murder someone.

Something no other protagonist has done before as well. Her Class Trial is one of the most emotional in the series, hell even Chiaki's didn't get me that bad. This is a protagonist that has so much potential and Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? have really made this Danganronpa experience really something unique and different. But here comes my controversial statements, I felt Kodoka completely screws her over and really did her dirty.

This is one massive issues I have with V3 is that the game will very often tease the ideal of doing something new and different only to not follow through with that and instead follow standard conventions that the series had already done before.

Kaede dies in the first chapter, and Shuichi Saihara, who fits all the tropes linked to the previous protagonists, becomes the main character in her place. While the idea of a Decoy Protagonist and killing the player character was, admittedly, not a bad one, it could have been way more original if Shuichi had been the decoy and Kaede were the true protagonist.

Since he is already so similar to previous protagonists, everyone would believe he is there to stay and when his demise in chapter one happened, it would be much more surprising than Kaede's and having to play the rest of the game as her would be even more surprising.

It's made even worse when V3 reveals that Kaede didn't even kill Rantaro which means she died for nothing and I felt that said twist would have worked Is Shuichi in love with Kaede?

if Kaede had been alive to witness this. She was hardly anything like Makoto, Hajime, or Komaru, being somewhat more like Sayaka or Chiaki, meaning the usual Danganronpa formula would have been stirred just by her being the main character alone, there also the bonus of how she could have been first female main character in the main series.

Because Kodaka just didn't want to break his own formula she dies and we get yet again another story about a passive generic guy who's insecure about his talent instead of doing something different. I purely feel Kaede should have been the protagonist there was so much potential that could have been done with her, I tend to hear very half assed reasons as to why Kaede wouldn't work as protagonist. She was shown to be flawed before and she outright attempted to kill someone.

In fact i'm going to recommend you guys a story that very much does that and excel beyond expectation while doing so. And that Story is fanfic called I'd Trade My Life for Yours. She goes through such a compelling arc in that fanfic, the dynamic of the cast is so compelling and the characters develop differently because of Kaede's presence and action from the first class trial yet still done in a way that in-character for them.

The fanfic nails the Danganronpa atmosphere perfectly, and it even captures the kinetic energy of the class trials. The plot points remain the same, but how it plays out is incredibly different. You get different murders, different mystery, different victim and different survivors, The Story is a real labor of love there was so much thought put into the story and it all really comes together so well. I'll even say I liked it better than V3 itself.

The story is so good, in fact you want to know how good? Seriously, if you browse through the Dangan Ronpa - All Media Types tag and sort it by kudos you'll find it right at the flipping top as number one. It's is that great as well as an impressive achievement considering how vast the series is with it's characters and story.

Either way, Kaede may not be the true protagonist of V3 but she'll always be the true protagonist in our hearts. Not even with optimism or a resurgence, they just shot Tsumugi down with the power of the middle finger and the death glare. It's a real emotional rollercoaster and it nails the cast pretty well imo. Just because she doesn't die like she does in canon, it for sure as hell doesn't mean Kaede has it easy like any typical fix fic.

Kaede really struggles in that story with her shortcomings. All the dialogue is so believable, and the class trial arguments too. And I spent several hours binge-reading it until I finished it this morning. It was absolutely incredible and, honestly, better than V3 for me. Thank you so much for recommending it and spurring me Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? read this masterpiece! Case 3 was Is Shuichi in love with Kaede?

biggest improvement, and Case 4 was incredibly tragic as well. Case 5 was even more unpredictable than V3-5, and daily life 5 was even better too. It felt like a love letter to V3, and I wish I could erase my memory and read it again even though I just read it. And I spent several hours binge-reading it until I finished it this morning. That's really something considering how long the story is.

I'm glad you enjoy it. Honestly it not just a story I would recommend if you were just a Kaede fan. It's honestly a very good Danganronpa story in general. But it definitely helps being a Kaede fan as well.

If there was one moment in the story that Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? got me, was Kaito and Maki's death in story.

Like how they went off was so sad. But was a really fitting end to their characters, I didn't fell much for Kaito in the actual game but his and Maki death scene in the story really got me good. I started to check out An Encore From My Crying Heart, and will probably read it when I have time, but the writing just feels kinda clumsy.

Kaede seemed like a lot more of a foil to Kaito, whereas Kokichi and Kaito were foils in the original. Kaede was sometimes too jaded, and Kaito too trusting.

And his plans were just so interesting. The Himiko alliance was really interesting too. I distrusted Kaito throughout the entirety of V3, for a really stupid reason. It made me doubt Kaito for the whole game because I thought he could be the killer for every case. Oh yeah, I also thought he would kill Keebo because Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? result came up when I searched robots. Even when I started to develop a soft spot for Kaito, his character was a bit 1D in that he was always the happy-go-lucky, optimistic, trusting guy.

Lmao this ended up long. Yes, I would hope everyone would like it! For me, Kokichi is my favorite, with Maki a very close second, and then Shuichi and Kaede and then Himiko and Miu. But I have a soft spot for Kaede because of how much potential she had in-game that was wasted. I started to check out An Encore From My Crying Heart, and will probably read it when I have time, but the writing just feels kinda clumsy.

I personally felt she made a great rivalry with Kaede and it was a more unqiue spin on the rival archetype that we normally have. I liked the contributions that she made due to having that relationship with Kaede, and their arguments about the other person being a dangerous killer. I would have liked to see them get past their differences, but I had no issues with the portrayal.

Now that I think about it, I have said before that I wish that the smart rival character Byakuya, Nagito, Kokichi could be a girl. V3 is a bit different in that respect. I want to see a female protagonist, female rival, and sidekick of either gender lol but male to shake things up. So in that respect, I appreciate that Maki was a rival. Well, I guess there was Angie. But you know what I mean.

Note: I'm not gonna bother marking up spoilers since this thread is already tagged as spoilers. They do bring up some valid points. Because Kaede was only around for a single chapter, we don't get to see as much development from her.

Meanwhile, we spend the rest of the game with Shuichi, and get to see him evolve as a character. Kaede also doesn't sit well with a lot of people - many people who are introverted, self-hating and unconfident in themselves find that they connect less with the outgoing and determined Kaede, and moreso with the comparatively-wimpy Shuichi.

I remember seeing the end of Chapter 1, and really connecting with Shuichi's Is Shuichi in love with Kaede?. I could feel his struggle with having to expose his only friend in this horrible place, and the grief he felt when he lost her. And I sympathized with his drive to do Kaede justice and be stronger. I just felt Kaede more than him.

I will concede Shuichi isn't just a static character - he does slowly get stronger throughout the story, such as being able to force his emotions aside to reveal Gonta as the killer of Chapter 4, to reveal that Kaito was the killer of Chapter 5, and to have the drive to keep going in the face of despair in Chapter 6. But he's just such a doormat. Unlike Kaede, he doesn't try to keep everyone working together - Kaito and infamously Angie do.

He just lets things happen. And while from a rational standpoint it makes some degree of sense - the only realistic way out is death - it just doesn't sit right with me. I don't like giving up, and I put my all into doing everything I can to overcome situations. Whereas Shuichi just lets his friends die, without trying to solve anything. Meanwhile, Kaede did everything she could to keep her friends safe.

She worked tirelessly to overcome the Death Road of Despair. She worked to keep everyone motivated, and when the crunch time set in she wasted no time to try and end the Killing Game before it began.

In fact, I think I almost like it better that she does have some flaws. Hajime was just an all-around bland protagonist who really had nothing going for him and took a backseat for most events of the story until either the investigation or the end of the game.

Makoto had low confidence and self-esteem, believing himself to be unimportant. But that isn't really a flaw, because it isn't bad to have low self-esteem. It's just a character trait. Other than that, he was pretty much a messianic archetype. However, Kaede had drive, to the point of almost recklessness. She was the kind of person who could meet someone she'd never even known before, and yet still be dedicated to being their best friend and keeping them safe.

She's the person from that meme about meeting someone one day ago, and then if that person died, they'd kill everyone in the area and then themself. Perhaps not that extreme, but still. At the same time, the lengths she'll go to in order to protect those friends can be seen as extreme at best and idiotic at worst. Many people accuse Kaede of being a terrible leader or stupid, but this isn't true. It isn't that she's bad at leading others or keeping people together.

It's that her highly-optimistic and wholesome personality can be hard for others to keep up with. For example, in Kaede'sshe gives a mini-speech to Maki about how the children can see the good beneath Maki, and in response Maki simply up and left.

The reason she does this is because she believes that Kaede is too naïve in believing in the good of everyone, especially considering Maki's hidden Talent and her ruthless ability to kill in cold blood. And perhaps Kaede is too naïve. Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? puts a ton of faith in her fellow students, and they don't always give back.

We even Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? in Chapter 1 how it's difficult for her to accept that the Mastermind is one of them, and it pains her to have to accept that reality. That is another flaw of hers, other than her extreme drive. Why are you so sure that your idea of common sense is the right one?

Is your common sense really so similar to everyone else's common sense? Is what you believe to be right based on your common sense also right for everyone else? But y'know I'm only saying this cuz I actually care about you, right Kaede? You can keep thinking like that, but don't come crying back to me when things don't go your way.

This ties into her naïvety and her ruthless determination - she is extremist in her ideals. This can turn people off of her character, because they see a character who is so stubbornly trenched in the belief that she knows what is best for the others as a stupid bitch who isn't worth their time.

Honestly, this comes down to a matter of personal opinion. If you dislike protagonists who are more passive but get a slow growth towards being stronger, you're going to like Kaede more.

If you dislike protagonists who are overzealous in wanting to keep everyone together and being a general extrovert, you're going to like Shuichi more. I, for one, like Kaede more, simply because her drive, optimism and emotional strength resonate more with me and make me like her much more than Shuichi.

Plus, in a franchise where the previous protagonists were all passive doormats who slowly grew into stronger and more confident characters Makoto, Hajime and KomaruKaede was like a breath of fresh air, something new. She felt more real to me, because she wasn't just some audience surrogate for us to project into - I always found stuff like that to be dumb, why make a character who's just representative of the audience?

She was a proactive member of the group who Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? did things. She tried taking down the Mastermind of the Killing Game, for God's sake!

No, but at least she tried. You couldn't say the same for either of the other protagonists, at least not until Chapter 6 where they all collectively grew Is Shuichi in love with Kaede? pair of balls and decided to put things to an end. And as a final note, I'm not trying to say you have to dislike Shuichi or like Kaede. Like I said, it can honestly come down to a matter of opinion.

But in the end, my vote is with Kaede. Here's to hoping my side wins.

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