Question: Is Kia Rio reliable?

Kia Rio reliability he latest Kia Rio should prove reliable and it came in a very respectable 23rd place out of 75 cars tested in our 2020 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey. Kia also came second out of 30 manufacturers. Kia owners told us they liked their cars interiors, comfort, visibility and practicality.

What is the lifespan of a Kia Rio?

With proper care and maintenance, a Kia Rio can last for 200,000 miles or more. If you drive an average of 15,000 miles per year, you can expect the Rio to serve you for about 13 years or thereabouts.

I'll start by stating that I live in Los Angeles County.

Is Kia Rio reliable?

The quality of roads around this massive metropolitan area ranges from very good to pretty poor meaning pothole-ridden and full of large cracks. If you live in an area with constantly terrible roads, you may find the suspension tuning to not be soft enough for the constant beating, but I suspect that 90% of buyers will be plenty content with the suspension.

2022 Kia Rio Review, Pricing, and Specs

If pavement conditions are fair to good, Is Kia Rio reliable? find this vehicle to be quite comfortable for both city trips and long journeys. Fuel economy is where this vehicle really shines; it is fantastic for a non-hybrid.

Is Kia Rio reliable?

My driving style is generally leisurely but I will punch it a bit, here Is Kia Rio reliable? there. While you won't be beating anyone in a 0-60 race, you'll certainly have more than enough power to keep up with both city and freeway traffic without having to floor the accelerator.

Front seat room is quite generous for a subcompact and comparable to that of a large compact. Front seats are on the slightly firmer side but are still pretty supportive and comfortable for most.

Thanks to an outward-shaped design of the interior door panels, Kia was able to crank out a few centimeters of space to make the cabin feel just a bit more spacious. Rear-seat leg, shoulder and head room is ample for 2 adults sitting behind 6 foot adults, but 3 adults in the rear Is Kia Rio reliable? a very tight squeeze. Despite the narrow wheelbase, the car feels surprisingly composed at highway speeds, with fairly precise on-center steering accuracy and none of the constant overcorrecting that has plagued many subcompacts on longer road-trips on the freeway.

Steering feel is a bit numb, but the accuracy is certainly there; you know exactly what your wheels are doing and is what you want in a city commuter or long-distance cruiser.

Ergonomics are excellent; the controls are well-placed, easy to use and quite Is Kia Rio reliable? with old-school knobs, switches and buttons. Gauges are easy to read and attractive.

2022 Kia Rio5: Review, Trims, Specs, Price, New Interior Features, Exterior Design, and Specifications

The 8 inch infotainment touchscreen with wireless Android Auto and Apple Car Play works great, and the 6 speaker sound quality is quite good for what is supposed to be a budget system. The rear camera quality is quite clear on the infotainment display.

The trunk will fit 2 large suitcases and another carry-on with enough room to spare for extras. Driving stability is significantly better and even better gas mileage at 36-41 mpg.

Is Kia Rio reliable?

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