Question: Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

If the DVR / NVR is rebooting repeatedly, the issue may be caused by insufficient power or a hard disk drive (HDD) error. Check that the correct power adapter is in use and that the DVR / NVR is receiving sufficient power.

How do I reset my DVR on my camera?

Go to your NVR or DVR physically by being in front of it, and using the USB mouse attached to it log into the recorder using the admin account. Right-click on the screen and select Main Menu. Select System from the Main Menu under Setting. Select Default on the left hand column.

How do I reset my Lorex DVR?

To restore an LHV / LNR Series DVR / NVR to default settings:Right-click on the Live View to access the Quick Menu.Click Main Menu and then click the Setting icon ( ).Click Setting > Default.Check the menus to be restored to default settings.Click Apply to save the settings, and then click OK to exit.May 17, 2018

Why did my Lorex cameras stop working?

Loss of power is the most common reason why security cameras go black. It happens when power adapter is disconnected and cable that connect the camera to the recorder and monitor becomes loose and faulty. To fix the issue, we recommend that you check any point of contact on your camera, recorder, and monitor.

How do I reset my Floureon DVR?

How do I reset my password on my Floureon DVR? For 5 seconds, press and hold the “PTZ” button on the left. The device could then be reset to factory defaults, with the username “admin” and password “4321.” And let me know how that goes for you.

How do I reset my Lorex DVR without password?

At Lorex, we take your security seriously. As such, we do not give our customers the option to reset the recorder on their own. If you forget the password of your recorder, you will have to call our Technical Support and request for a temporary password, so you can reset your password.

What causes security cameras to stop working?

Why Does Camera Video Loss Happen Most of the time, the issue of video loss on CCTV security cameras, DVR or NVR, is caused by several factors: network issues, bad power supply, cabling problems, defective hardware, bugs on the cameras software, IP address conflicts, bad configurations, etc.

How do I get my Lorex cameras back online?

Reconnect your device to the Lorex Home app. To reconnect to the Lorex Home app, launch the Lorex Home app > tap Settings > Wireless Network > then follow your devices on-screen connection guide.

How do I know if my DVR is recording?

Answer: The red recording light on the front of your DVR will light up.

Why does my CCTV says no signal?

One of the most common problems when a camera is not displaying video is a bad cable or BNC connection. ... If you do not get a video signal, disconnect the power cable from your camera. If you have a test monitor that can supply power to your camera, connect the power output of the monitor to your camera.

How do I reset my Swann Security system?

Disconnect the camera from the NVR (or from a PoE switch or a power adapter) to turn it off completely. Press and hold the reset button. While holding down the reset button, plug the camera back to the NVR (or to the PoE switch or a power adapter) and continue holding down the reset for 30 seconds, then release.

How do I reset the password on my DVR?

Reset Password of DVR/NVR by Scanning QR CodeTap More > Reset Device Password to enter the Reset Device Password page.Scan the QR code on the local GUI of the DVR or NVR. ... Go to the devices local GUI.Enter the received verification code on the Verify by Reserved Email window and then click OK to continue.More items...

How do I reset my Lorex DVR admin password?

In the User Settings, click Modify....Then, configure the following settings:User: admin (default)Modify Password: Check the box.Old Password: Enter the temporary password provided to you by the Technical Support.New Password: Enter your new password.Confirm Password: Re-enter your new password.Jul 22, 2020

Please keep this in mind. See it as the digital counter part of as was used with analog video way back in the day. The video sources asks for the secret code from the destination device, before it sends content, so the receiving party is authorized and can decrypt.

I cannot emphasize this enough! This article was not written with illegal copying, ripping or to promote piracy. This conversion to an analog signal will result in a degraded picture quality, but the result might not be too bad. The example below illustrates a 1×2 splitter. Even the ones listed below might or might not do the trick. Another commonality seems to be that they appear cheap China products. I highly recommend, definitely at Amazon, to read the most recent customer comments carefully!

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Thanks for posting Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? findings here!! Also does not matter whether second device attached or which output port is used. I have 2 splitters that work bought from Amazon. I have posted in an earlier post here. Well I decided to buy another and does not work. I opened a Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

one and a non working one the newer one had another on board chip and both were advertised as 1. When opened the pc board on new said 1. I have like a said an earlier post with the models. Its the newer one and I sent back. Both have same model and Look the same but If you open up the pc boards will have the version of the splitter. Someone has to of bought one recently and has worked.

Hope they will report it here. Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? have a Cable box dvr that can record 5 channels at same time. But have to record to the Aver Media 310 in real time to have my own recording. I have given up looking for a splitter as I have 2 and 1 that I got refunded and was told to keep the splitter.

It also resulted in significant hair loss. Joey Hi, has anyone any experience with getting a Panasonic hard drive recorder such as model hwt130 working through a splitter?. It seems to switch off its hdmi output as soon as any form of splitter is connected, yet a similar except for blue ray drive Panasonic model pwt420 works via a splitter. Wonder if Panasonic have blocked it on the slightly newer hwt130 if so can it be over ridden?

Running it out of output 2, I get what appears to be downmixed stereo that includes the dialogue. When it is, the monitor appears to get the same either stereo or incomplete 5. Paul Wilson I figured it out. The device is working correctly. I was partially wrong in stating that, if I plugged in only one cable, I continued to get either stereo or incomplete 5. My monitor is the oddball, giving me static through on side and stereo through the other. That I can work around. The output to the Ultrastudio Recorder 3G that connects to my Mac delivers 5.

Paul Wilson Considering that these splitters tend to change over time, there is no guarantee. The problem is when i connect the videowall with a playstation or a bluray player. When i do that is not showing images in the six monitors its only showing in one.

What do you recommend to see movies in the videowall with a bluray player or a playstation? I assume a video wall controller splits the video feed into sections to the connected monitors. The things they are doing now a days to fight for their intellectual property…. Are you kids getting a well education?? Maybe we need to replace the leather seats or completely redecorate your mansion?? That being said, it looks like 5. The wall wort output says 5v 1amp. I did this in the past with my old Xfinity cable box that had component cable out ports.

Pretty simple setup and works really well and captures in great quality. This way the Elgato can actually read the signal. If that is the fact, then the chip in your splitter would be the wrong one. Probably easier and more feasible to buy one of those cheap ones that do work. I was able to get a test program recorded from my cable box to my computer. Thanks again for your help. JeffG Hey Guys, Does anyone have any experience with any of the 1 x 4 splitters? I have gone thru several different types of the 1 x 2 splitters with limited success.

What are the setups that others are using when a stereo receiver is in the mix? Trev Trevor Hi Trev, I have no experience with 1×4 splitters, but good experience with 1×2 splitters or I just got very lucky.

Not sure if the 2nd device can be connected at startup of the source device, or should be connected after things on the first output are up and running. I have no clue how problematic that could be with 1. Although I cannot imagine that all 1. Thank you for your quick reply. I guess what I need to know, what are guys, that got this to work, doing with multiple devices Cable Box. Do they put a single splitter after every device? Component Converter to Blackmagic H. This works great, except for the slightly misaligned picture.

Swapped the Outputs on the Switcher. So if there is anyone that has had any luck using the 1×4 splitter, I would be greatful to find out which one works and a link to where it can be bought. Then tried the second output. Yes, that seemed to be the case. In all my web searches, this has been the best sight with any kind of helpful information in this issue.

Highest of praise to the moderators!! When I get back I will try putting the splitter directly after the device before going thru the Onkyo and get back with the results. Again, thank you Hans for your valued input! Trevor Hi Trevor, First of all; thanks for the compliments! Could it be that the sub output is actually causing the issue? Downside is that shipping usually takes about 2 weeks. The problem is even the ones that are listed as 1. That site for some reason confuses me.

Do you happen to see any that look promising you could share please? For some reason everything on it looks shady to me for some reason lol.

Probably just not familiar enough with it to know what to look for. Cool, I can wait… I guess. So far, and I have ordered stuff with them plenty of times in the past, I have encountered only one instance where I had to complain with the seller.

Supposed to be here by Saturday so I will let you know how it does. But as soon Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

the device arrives, I will put it to the test and post my findings here. Trev Just checked Amazon and yes, it is coming from China. Please proceed as follows: 1.

There are more step-by-step instructions with both texts and pictures at our website. Please download the software on ClonerAlliance Inc.

So as soon as it arrives, I will put it to the test and report back here. Brian — Thanks again for posting this devices link!

It Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? arrived yesterday but just picked it up today. As soon as I get home from work, I will get it set up and get back with some details. I have 4 different recorders. The instructions are very simple and straightforward. I decided to try the trailers app instead and they seemed to play ok so I tried recording Superman vs Batman.

The other one I have is running version 6. I have tried to keep at least one of them from updating the software since I originally purchased them.

I have 3 versions of this splitter and chose the oldest one of the three to experiment with first. Sorry if some of this sounds repetitive, just trying to make sure my thought process is easy to follow. Two hours and 40 minutes later, I stopped the record, the C-B flashed a few times and stopped.

The file is 1080p and looks great — for Netflix. When I have the time, I will try other splitters I have with this setup, as well as trying the C-P in line after my Onkyo Stereo and various other setups. I will post my findings as soon as possible. This is great if you want a stand alone recorder. It sucks having to tie up a computer using software and a capture device.

I took apart and reset all my devices and cabling. Upon further online reading, this device seems to be picky about the thumb drive attached. Trev Good morning Hans, Yes, here is the link to their software and firmware updates. The last firmware update was from May of 2015 so I pretty much assume the C-B I have has it already, but it does not address the issue of only stereo records. Recording on the box has been going great!

No need for any splitter. Would make it a little more portable, not having to pack an extra power supply. It does get really hot while running and I wish they had some more venting other than the vents on the bottom of the box. Again, I can not recommend this recorder enough!

Picture quality is great and if they come out with a firmware update to change the audio to a 5. Trev Yeah, I can imagine that people would like the 5. Small stuff like that getting very hot makes me nervous as well.

Thank you very much for the review — please let us know when an update appears for the 5. As for cooling; you could try and see Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? you can pop it open …? Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? you try to contact them concerning the firmware? That would eliminate the need for their wall wart.

Yes, I might be able to just pop the top. With the fan on it, I feel better about it. A fan would do the trick! I prefer passive cooling because of the noise, but a fan is always more effective. Me Here — So Foxtel is Australian pay television service.

What are you using to do the record? The splitters works fine without it plugged in to the capture device. However, I try plugging the output on the splitter into the input on the capture device, blank screen, yet detected.

I tried both of them with no luck. Not sure if this is helpful, I hope it does. I am able to record streaming movies from one of the paid subscriber services. You can read in some of the previous posts what I have that has and has not worked.

As soon as I receive these items, get them set up and tested, I will be posting my findings here. Trev I saw that this item is not available anymore. Unless the list it as such or by … well, buying it and testing the splitter. Even models that work today, might not work when you buy the same one tomorrow.

With my blu-ray player, I want to max out at 1080p to get the best quality image from the movie for the screenshot which I play around with in Photoshop later on. I have a MacbookPro, and I theoretically could get an external blu-ray drive to watch movies on my Macbook and take screens from there, but since I already have an Elgato recorder, it may just be cheaper for me to get the Splitter instead of an External Blu-ray Drive.

Jeffrey Happy New Year Jeffrey! Also read the comments here, and with listed splitters, to exclude the ones that have fail for others.

Besides Amazon, seems a good resource as well — again; double check with the seller s. Oh and if Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? found one there; please post the link here so others can use the link as well.

If you decide to get one, please post your experiences here, so I can add it to the list if it does work. Recording a gaming console, recording Bluray, recording streaming media? If any of these, what apps and devices are you using?

The extra info will help in determining just what this splitter will do. Please note though that my purpose for the splitter is not to record movies, but it works! Unusual since eBay sellers generally answer back in a day.

Guess none of these I only really asked sellers located in America sellers are going to say it for fear of getting cracked down on. The Integral does all the way up to 4K splitting. Think this should strip everything. Just need to make sure you flash the firmware with the hacked file and change one setting on one of the buttons and it should work. Had to download the silabs driver v4, connect it to the notebook and flash firmware with an added hack for one of the bin files.

Oh you just add it to the cart and the options come up on the bottom left. You should be able to see it unless maybe you have some script blocker on or something. You just click share for both facebook and twitter and the codes will pop up. Their warranty and return policy seems pretty nice too. Install the drivers, connect the Integral to your computer Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

flash both firmware exes, power cycling after each one and it should work if there was no sound or a static noise before that. They may have added a 3rd discount after you ordered. A free file storing service with download may be appropriate. Thank you for the heads up on its workings. Can anyone post a direct link to the Firmware 0.

K np here are the files you need the Silab driver, the firmware, the hack for the firmware and the manual. Let me know what you guys think of the Integral and how it works. Dang, sorry to hear that. Yw glad if it helps. The powers that be have been trying to shut them down.

Is the older firmware Firmware 0. Not sure why it takes that long to reply to a message … but it tells me a lot about the seller. So Hans you can update your article now to include the.

Jeffrey Thanks for the information Jeffrey. Two questions: Does your unit look like the first picture in the Amazon display which has the blue and white lettering or the one with only the white lettering in the second and other pictures? Also, which vendor did you order from as there are more than a few listed on Amazon?

Here is the link: for the one that I ordered. I had read somewhere that using a splitter might work for this problem and it did. I did power on the splitter first before turning on the television and satellite box. Hope this helps someone with a similar situation. They appear to be removed from Amazon now. Tried contacting them but no word yet. If you are at all thinking about buying one, be careful at this point in time!

Am I saying that right? A future firmware update might address this issue, but that probably has to be addressed with the manufacturer so they would actually release a proper firmware to support 5.

It is a great recorder and I just ordered another one last night. The Cloner Alliance responded to my inquiry about 5. Still, as a stand-alone recording device this one is by far the best that I have used.

How do I know this? First, from viewing the recorded file. Ron Grimm Thanks Ron for the heads up! Trev however see his comments has been playing with one of those — maybe he can comment on this and help you in the right direction? More than likely they will swap it out. Thank you for reporting this …. Of course greed often trumps customer needs.

I have never heard of that. There is always a basic package in any service category. Is there a monopoly where you are? Does the government allow monopolies? I plan to run audio separately using the 3.

Greg Kneeland Hi Greg, now this is exactly one of those applications why I posted this article! It worked as it should. Then I took it back out to the Gateway plasma and it did work, but with a really choppy picture and the sound had constant static on both menu screen and when streaming Netflix. Thanks guys we are up and running!! Greg Thanks again for the help.

The Roku 3 remote has a 3. So in my case the veiwhd works and strips the hdcp Zach Hi Zach! Thanks for posting your findings. In my case it worked right away, but in his case it did not. The packaging was a bit worse-for-wear but the device is ok, no dents, scratches, etc.

Brian Hey Brian — From all that I have read about the Integral, I think you are going to have to instal the hacked firmware 046022, which is a few versions back from the current firmware that it sounds like you have installed.

Someone else posted the files in one of the other replies, so look thru them. Someone else may have a better idea, but I hope this helps. As I write this, I am in the process of recording a BluRay to the C-B. Is a hit and miss at times to see if one of these splitters will work though.

This is actually the same situation I started out with as well. Use the bin file here with firmware version 0. Brian You can update the firmware now. Brian Maybe this is helpful, or not, but I downloaded the bin file and made it available here for download. The link for download from Tweaking4All is: If anyone could provide the full specs ie.

There is a link to it on this website. It is the top entry of the bullet list of possible hdcp strippers. This list is a little ways above the comment section. My Sanoxy hdmi splitter works as a hdcp stipper.

I bought another hdmi splitter off of ebay and I should get it next week. In the title of the listing it says that it is a hdcp stripper. I emailed the seller and asked him if it was a hdcp stripper. He emailed me back and said it can strip hdcp. The page is titled System Info Two.

It works perfectly with the splitter. My Sanoxy hdmi splitter works as a hdcp stripper. Tim Thanks Tim for the clarification — I was a little confused the other day haha. Last week I commented on the. Without the hdmi splitter I get the hdcp error screen. I also commented that I bought another hdmi splitter from an ebay seller. I just hooked it up.

The seller states in the title that it is a hdcp stripper. I emailed him before I bought it and he confirmed the same. It is a much better construction with a steal case and a heavy duty power cord. The hdmi splitter I bought off ebay is a cheap plastic Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? with a cheap power cord. Interestingly, the Sanoxy hdmi splitter pictured on the Amazon website looks like the hdmi splitter I purchased from the ebay seller. The actual Sanoxy hdmi splitter I received in the mail looks totally different and it has a much more solid construction.

I hope this is helpful for someone! I searched for the data sheets for that chip but only found product briefs, no information about programming the chip, it is proprietary information which a non-disclosure agreement is required for. Here is the Amazon Link took 1 day to get here with Free Amazon Prime 2 Day Shipping! I use it for a livestream so if it didnt work I would have had 20,000+ pissed off people sending me digital hate mail and comments. Use it only when you need it then unplug the splitter and put it back into its box until its needed again.

I ran two 3 hour streams with it and it got warm so to have a good long life I recommend shutting it off when not in use because I have no clue if it will last a day or 10 years that is for another post I guess. AliExpress is a potential good resource as well — although I have not tested any of these splitters, I would presume there are only a few factories actually building them pay attention to the description and possibly ask the seller for confirmation.

Hope this helps a little bit … hans Have I got some questions! I am not sure, and need help with this, as to whether the Intensity Pro 4K and other similar capture cards would, if they see a 3840 x 2160 50 signal incoming, drop the signal down to 30hz and work with that lower refresh rate if that is the highest refresh rate they can cope with, or do they simply have no chance of using a signal with a higher refresh rate?

I am unsure as to whether what I think should be happening in 1: and 2: above are correct, so would be very interested to hear from others who might see where the issue is here…. Why are you using the Integral and the other device? Because you need 4K you likely need another Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?.

If you get the right answer please do let us know what you find out that works please. Hope to do the same with 4K in the future. The storage space needed will be insane though. Dominick Very good question, I had not thought about that. I did notice it seemed to be pretty hot. Never experienced that one either, but there a plenty posts online discussing that.

This Article was a life saver for me! My big hangup was video conferencing content share from devices that we own specifically but arent hdcp compliant.

Some of these are hardwares being tested and created. The only solution I have found that consistently has allowed me to conduct my business…. I have tested and tested over last few years now and for me, the only solution I have had faith in is that specific model Kurt I am a little bit concerned. I am not sure that any of the splitters mentioned above would strip 2. Honestly, I did so many things to try and get this thing to work. So many combinations of settings.

The Roku now recognizes the Integra as a 4K device. It solves all the incompatibility issues — if you pick the right splitter. The latter is why we post our findings here with the cheap splitters we find all over the Internet. If you already do have one, then just hook it up Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? see what happens. Ted Hi Ted, I can confirm that my cheap splitter, 1.

However, when looking at AliExpress, I did find some. The result of my search can be found. I have not been able to test any of these, so it remains a gamble. It might be worth a try. If you find a model that works, please let us know, so I can update the list in this article … hans Thank Ted! I understand that this typically should be port 4 or 3. But again; I have not had the chance to play with a 1×4 splitter. So your input would be great, even if that particular model fails.

Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

Ted Ted Hey Ted, Just be aware that the route you are about to take may not work. For whatever reason, I could never get it to work. Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? luck and let us know how it goes! Sharing your findings here is appreciated though, since others might run into a similar scenario. As for 4K splitters: I have no experience with those, since I have no use yet for 4K video. We shall see… Ted Hey, Everyone!

Thanks for the great info. I do not want to lose any content quality when copying for personal use later. Any definitive word on keeping surround sound capability? Michael Your setup will work. I recommend reading the specs which rarely mention surround sound and check the user comments.

It is not often mentioned that the Elgato has the option for analog input as well component, super video and composite — if I recall correctly, for s-video a separate cable needs to be purchased. In the past I have hadwhich used to have a stellar reputation, but long term driver support has been disappointing — not sure what the status is these days. I have ordered both since the directv boxes have component out.

Sure hope I can get this finshed and have my customer of my back. I will up date as soon as I have the problem solved. Heiko Langrehr This thread has been really helpful to me. I wanted to share some info for my specific situation. Based on the great info here I was able to get a setup that works pretty well. I get good 2-channel audio from the Audio Extractor, which is as much as I need. You can probably get 5. Still it looks fantastic generally.

Might work for you, though. Well, when used as follows I got a signal but it had lots of horiz pink lines. I got lucky and got a Samsung that worked.

I was surprised that would make a difference. Anyway I hope this helps anyone in my same situation. Based on my googling for my display, there are others out there. I wondered if you know why your two devices work?

I guess the Portta splitter is the one that does the magic scaling? I was happy that I could get it done even though it took two devices. I am trying to find a way to use my amazon 4K firetv box on this monitor, but even with a couple of the switch boxes listed here cant remember what they are im at work so will look later, the iSolem is one I am unable to get this to work yet.

The descriptions can be pretty bad. If you find one, please post it here! When I received them I verified both work. The 1st thing I did was test with the 2nd and now both fail. Jeff29 Hi Jeff, thank you very much for reporting your succes. Maybe this gives ore info, but as far as I understand, when the license expires, the manufacturer simply must stop using the keys — so I assume that the expired key will still function.

The manufacturer is simply not allowed to use it anymore in newly manufactured equipment. Did you connect everything as you had done before when the splitter did work? Yes, I know the spec covers backwards-compatibility but I have read that coverage can be inadequate. I anticipate it will resovle the issue given everything appears to be working when I remove it from the chain.

I will post my results. Thank you, again, both for your initial post sharing valuable information and for your care in following up and continuing to help! I actually enjoy writing articles and interaction with visitors.

If only I could do this for a daytime job …. Joe This web page has saved me an enormous amount of grief. At the time, everyone said pay extra for a 5 year warranty, which I did. It is still in perfect condition with a great image. Also had an incompatible electrical plug, but easily solved. So this could very well be related to your problem. It could also be that your Sony is to blame. It will take a little experimenting to see what is causing the issue to begin with.

The good news though is that these splitters are really cheap. Ken Hey Ken, What exactly was the way you set up your system? Let us know as much info about how you have everything configured. Any idea if my problem can be related to hdcp? I have pretty old video projector Panasonic pt-ae700e. It works fine Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? ps4. Signal strenght and quality is perferct.

Test and Program guide comes rhtough but as soon as start wathing actual tv Program, black screen!!! I have tried with splitter 2 to 1 as I would need ps4 and wbox to my video projector. You can see some discussion about the topic in this forum but as said, here is the summary about the initial problem and the solution!!!

Yes, I got it working. With that only wbox hd3 is working. Janne Hi Hans, thanks for motivation kick You gave via this forum! I have had the splitter for some weeks but get tired as it did not work. Now I tried it again, and maybe I did something differently. Needs stripper in order to work. So I would need 2 strippers and probably they should be a different brand.

Did I get it right? Well, at least seems, that the switch is helping with Wbox. Probably I will try Etekcity. Reg, Janne Janne Korpela Hi Janne, Unfortunately, I have no experience with switches like that. Maybe you can run a quick test with a much shorter cable? Since one of the users here confirmed to work, which looks identical, you might want to get that one. I liked it enough I bought 2 more Jan 15, but this time via Amazon Warehouse deals, and they did not work.

It appears there are 2 different hardware versions of the Portta. The one that does strip only has 1 chip and no heat sink. So watch out and I would not buy any Warehouse deals for this item. I purchased it to record the Steelers football games and it worked great on the old cable box. What a predicament this is. Also would I need a view splitter and a Elgato to make this work? They will most likely still work. I removed the cable box and screwed the coaxial cable wire onto my Magnavox recorder and it did record some channels but the picture was terrible.

I tried to get my old Comcast box back that had the S-Video on it and they said there not using them anymore. The conversion will of course degrade the image quality. And on that note: recording with Composite or S-Video is rather outdated. I personally do not record any shows or movies, I use it to get screenshots from devices like settings menu etc. I have to admit I am so confused. I found one on the link you provided me called the Happauge 1212. I have also been reading about that app called Kodi.

It looks cool but I guess I would need a different type of media box. Since you showed Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? link I have been reading about these boxes all day long. Anyway, Thanks for the help. Mark Mark Mark, All you have to do is check with the cable company in which you are interested and ask the maximum resolution you wish to view record. That way there is no guessing.

But it goes further than that. Everything is continually changing, and higher resolutions are always coming about, so It is wise to be prepared instead of always having to buy yet another piece of equipment. Sometimes we must have more than one combination of equipment and connectors to cover all the different arrangements of sources and targets. Simply make a list of what you need to do, and see the lowest number of components that will get you what you need to do.

Michael Hi Mark, Yeah, it is a confusing world when it comes to video, and the last few years things change faster than ever before it seems. Most of these recorders do not support 4K yet … For playback you can choose from quite a long list of applications, but Kodi Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? indeed one of the media center applications that I really like. The reason I brought this up was to show you that I have got to cut the cord. Why does Kodi come out with new versions so often?

I must of watched every YouTube video and they all have a different way to install it. Well I am ready to buy a media box now but there are so many. It did get some bad reviews on YouTube though. Let me know what you think and once again I really appreciate it. And then they wonder why customers get pissed with them. I very rarely use it twice so far in the past 8 months. With my cheapest bundle, Internet is still expensive same speed I have here is app.

To keep it simple and very much optimized, is by using or I prefer LibreElec! You follow their installation instructions wipes Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

harddrive and install everything you need to quickly boot into Kodi. Once you get familiar with Kodi, you can start looking for alternatives. Cheap Android boxes, likeare very affordable and work pretty good. Hope this helps hans Hey Mark, You are struggling with the issue that so many of us have. We need three things in this orderInternet, telephone and television.

I solved my television needs by goingwith Dish. Almost every month there are free movies, so one can record a bunch for later use. One must simply find the best deal available. Just see how close you can get in your area. I am in a very rural area and my experience was the local Frontier phone company and their associated satellite Internet at exorbitant cost.

I can plug my analog phones into the back of the router, transfer my number to Verizon and get unlimited data. Still not cheap, but acceptable in comparison, especially as it is now unlimited. However, the local electrical cooperative is stringing fiber on their poles.

Good luck with your search. After I read your article I got my old computer out and tried to wipe it and reinstall Windows 10. I do remember the user pin but for some crazy reason it keeps asking me for my user password.

I e-mailed Microsoft and they said, that was called a digital license for windows 10, that they were giving away for free. Now I might have to buy a key from them. One other question, by using a computer instead of a Android box, do you need to have the computer on all the time? I got a free cell phone for being disabled so all I need is Internet and cable. The bottom line is if Kodi is as good as they say then that is what I want. I will definitely have to look into that tomorrow first thing because that would be awesome.

Mark Mark Mark, Sorry about all your problems. It will not do anything to your computer unless you decide, after trying it, to install it permanently. Play with it for free and read a lot on the Internet. Ask for the Welcome package. You should be able to get what I have. Speak with them as a friend and just lay out the facts of your existence, asking them what they can do for you.

If you have problems with the person you speak with, ask for a supervisor. If you have problems with getting Internet, be sure to get someone to help you.

I also have the SafeLink phone, so I understand. Nothing else needed, and highly optimized for Kodi use. Your computer only needs to be on when watching a show or movie. You will need a way to get a Windows 10 installation disk or install Windows 7 or 8. I need your email address to send you the license key code. That is extremely kind of you on offering me that license. About using that old computer you mentioned does it have to meet any certain requirements to work with Kodi?

And if so where would I connect it? Mark Mark No Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? Mark! Thank you for the nice complement.

Now those are not mainstream yet, but they appear more and more, and making those yourself has become easier as well. Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? computer spec you list will be more than sufficient for running Kodi. As for disk space, you will not need much for Kodi + Embedded Linux.

If you want to store your movies on that computer, then you might want to keep that 2Tb drive in mind for the future.

Hope this helps hans Thanks Hans and Michael for your quick replies, I really appreciate it. When I read your replies I am amazed how much you guys know in the world of computers and everything that goes with it.

But I do want to Thank You guys for all your advice and for being so patient. Mark mojoman Hi Mark Glad to hear that we could help you — and glad to hear that the setup is helpful for you. As far as retaining info goes; well we all have our moments where we dig into a topic that interests us — and yes, we all start with Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

info. I wish you improvements on your medical condition and fun watching your movies. Optional to allow for viewing of menus and output of dvr Great thread. I also purchased a to record some tv series maybe 3-5 episodes per recording.

I read on this forum topic that some have also bought this Splitter and worked for them. I hope it will also work for me. I also have kodi tv with computer and android box but is a pain to keep updating and doing timeless searching for movies. Half the time movies are not supported on the server and you have to keep searching to find one that works.

I did send you an email not sure Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? you replied yet. So far I personally have not had any bad luck with them, but some users report issues see the list on top, and posts in the comments. Naturally, for your scenario, having a standalone seems more suiting. I was never one to record video to my computers as I have about 6 of them in various rooms. I like recording to an external drive then I can burn to dvd if I want.

The external recorder is manual so no timer to do my recordings I will have to be close by to start and stop my recordings. Well I said my piece. It would most certainly work great for your purposes as well. I got the splitter today and am waiting for the dvr recorder.

Should show up tomorrow some time and will get it all setup and give it a try. Gives you almost every cable channel out there from direct, dish and skyvu. So my cable tv is the next best thing to record. Most torrents sites are drying up so gonna give it a go. Kodi tv which I have is low on my list to use. However, one must still have a subscription or an account with the providers, such as Dish. Here is the site if interested this forum has all the info you need. At times it works great and at times it freezes you never know when.

An like I said almost every channel dish, direct and Skyvue offer in this iptv mag 254. Lots of foreign channel stations. Should work world wide with any Internet connection. I did notice that they have a forum, so if you run into buffering problems freezeyou might want to checkout their forum. What exactly does that mean, or should I say is that bad or good for me? So what do you guys think? Stay clear from other processor models unless the Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

Android setup provided is to your liking …. Maybe others have had good experience with other video capture solutions.

When I connect the box directly to the video card or through one of the splitters I have always the same error. None of them work with me. Anyone had the same problem? Thank you all for any solution to this problem. Some have reported that this trick might be needed with some splitters. So it works because of the switch digital-analog format but the final result is not very pleasant.

I lost i lot of definition, the colors are not has much vivid. I did notice that the Dutch cable company Ziggo utilizes these boxes as well. I have a similar but newer model that has two tuners and it records excellently from over the air broadcasts.

I have an outdoor antenna mounted low with an amplifier on it and it works well. Most of the recording I do comes from the internal tuner for over the air stations in my area where all major networks are available as well as diginet channels. I hope this helps in some way. From the outside, they look pretty much the same but some connectors have changed. Jerome Hi, I have been reading the blog and comments, very good. I mean it is random; can happen at any time or not at all.

If this works consistently well with your projector then you should be fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I upgraded to Gen 2, Fire t. The result, no video no audio. Then it hit me to try out an hdmi spitter I had on hand between my pc and Vizio.

Good audio and good video. Not the greatest picture but 3 my yr old granddaughter was happy. Oh by the way, it may take trying out different hdcp compliant splitters or hdmi hubs to determine what will work best on a particular tv. Sometimes you may find, as I did, that you may end up using different manufacturers hdmi splitters or hdmi hubs for different tv sets or monitors.

Bad hdmi cables can throw a monkey wrench into the equation. Sometimes they can be defective from the onset. Just my 2 cents: Have a good day. Could you help me to look for the right one? There are dozens of Amazons in the same form as you posted to me, but they are different.

They deliver to the entire world, are cheap, and most of the time do not charge shipping costs. The listed splitter is indeed no longer available, thanks for reporting this. I did see anew listing that looks very similar at as well — I have not been able to test this model, so it will be a shot in the dark.

If you decide to get this one, and test it, then please let us know if it works … others would be very grateful. But you seem to have tested the resolution part. What can be the cause? David Hi David, sounds like you did most of the important tests. But not all monitors offer these kind of features.

Of course … if your monitor has this option, and you might want to force the video source to a similar resolution ie. I have two Sanyo projectors in my system which have component video connections. However, when I use a Blu Ray player as the source, I get only light grey wavy lines. I suspect this is due to copyright protection.

After reading this article and many of the comments, I bought this from Amazon: Unfortunately, the splitter that shipped is v1. I am returning to this for a refund. I am now going to try another splitter. Anyone want to share some current guidance on splitters that will work?

Blair Hi Blair, it has been a while that I had ordered mine. Seems the are the way to go also super cheap. I believe this one is the same for sale in the.

And step by step for my own sanity, incase I ever lose my piece of paper of how it was all connected and set up 1. Connect splitter to power 2. Test the capture by doing actual gameplay recording. Mines kept flashing red at me but I still managed to record. The max I can get is 720p. Reading around I believe it may be something to do with the native game resolution which prevents upscaling.

It seems to be a bit of trial and error. I was throwing in random games when I tried it before so the only game I can absolutely confirm that must be native 720p is Fallout 3.

Where can I find the hacked Vertex firmware or where should I ask? Maybe similar-looking devices from other sources do that too. I was looking for another one so here goes. Bought first off Amazon v1. January 2018 Well the second did not work so I took the covers off both only 1 screw and the first 1 bought had 2 chips on board. I bought another brand cant open as the plastic box has no screws advertised as 1.

Many thanks for the advice. Depending on the splitter of course. The Panasonic Plasma is just the old 1080p. This will then result in unencrypted data, which the receiving device will then be able to handle. I myself mainly use it to make crispy clear screenshot for my articles here. I dont know if this have already been answered, but I could not locate it. Tried to search, but found nothing in the tread. This works ok, but about 20-30 % of the recordings have dropped frames in the stream and other problems.

It captures everything in a great quality and I have not seen any frames being dropped. No idea what has happened…. I was hoping someone on here could help me out. I have a Sony 1080i television I purchases in 2004 and is still going strong.

It only has component and composite inputs. But recently when I purchased a Nvidia Shield Pro, I only got audio. No big deal, I thought. I just want to make use of a device I bought on the television I like. I thought the Shield had an option to force the resolution to for example 720p.

I personally use it so I can make screenshots for my articles. The fact that audio still comes through is throwing me off a little. However, I will definitely write back to update anyone interested on my findings. I truly thank you for the responses and the forum for discussion. It works like a champ and has been highly reliable. As someone who has bought multiple splitters only to find some worked and most did not, my greatest find was the.

Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? need to record on vcrs. That means digital to analog and hdmi to standard converters. If a cloner box is put into this system what is the sequence of devices? Does the cloner box allow for this?

Would the sequence be cable box, cloner box, then the other two converters into the cable box. Hope you get things to work hans Thank you, Hans! I got unit to work! I do not know how the implementation for backwards compatibility is. Thanks Tess Hi Tess, apologies for misunderstanding. So stripping the signal before it gets to the repeater would be the way to go. Bill Edwards Michael is right! These card, if the equipment you have is suitable for that, will work with your choice of equipment — for example a receiver you purchased from a neighbor or from eBay.

Again; your device needs to be compatible to the provider and the card they provide. We want the service without the equipment costs. Sadly, the equipment must be recognized by the service provider in their way of doing things; by key card, internal code, or whatever.

But it is not like a cell phone where one gets a new sim card. I will assume that you meant to buy a used vendor-supplied unit from somewhere? What if it were old technology that no longer fits? Those would be some of my personal worries. I wish you the best in your search. It has 3 chips inside. I bought another one on amazon same type and will not work. It has 2 chips inside and pc board says 1. I have a 2007 samsung plasma tv without any version of hdcp and yamaha rx-v385 with hdcp 2.

Initially it gave a distorted picture with green and black strips, but after few minutes playing with it, it started to work fine. Any help or suggestions would Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

appriated. With both options; there is no guarantee the Sky Go app supports it. Max Pell I did some more snooping around, now that I was thinking of the same thing for Netflix … I noticed that NetFlix allows this — if you use the correct cable.

The video is simply not fed to the adapter. Suggesting it may be fixable with a stripper. I record in real time. I get all the Sky Channels and can record with Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? problem but you need a hdmi splitter to eliminate the hdcp. No time settings you have to be there to start and stop the recording. If you dont use it will put a logo on screen and not allow you to record.

Although most video devices support high-definition video over component output, analog connections are scheduled to phase out in the future or possibly forced to limited resolutions output.

It is indeed a hit-and-miss with these splitters. The company is marketing its Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

One box that will eventually be the only option. I will stay with standard boxes as long as they are supported by the company. I have the digital to analog and hdmi to standard definition equipment but customers with the Altice report not being able to use converters for their present equipment as the company is blocking encrypting the signal. I will buy at once.

A good source, besides Amazon, is. Still follow this site and thank you for all the help in the past! Trev I very much appreciate the replies. I assume that when you posted hdmi to analog that included the two step process of going not only digital to analog but also high def to standard. The Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

I have now is one converter does one job another one the other. Which cloner box is a good choice, most but not all have remotes? I could not test anything now as although the hdmi signal from the Samsung box is identical to the Altice One it is not encrypted.

From what I have read is that some can become pretty warm, so maybe putting the splitter in a spot where it can vent well may prolong its life. Possible answers are differences in the chips in the splitters in subsequent production modifications, early failure of the equipment frequent and possibly changes in the encryption itself.

I am still unsure about changes in what encryption may be in use in the future. You can see this for example with my own setup. Feeding video through that works, however instead of 4K video it will switch down to 1080p. One that has been reported to work is this one. Someone reported to work as well. Note: I have not tested either of these! Again: not tested by myself. I have one old working splitter myself and one dead one — if the current one ever dies which is quite likely since these are on 24×7 I have no idea how to ever resurrect it.

Anything to make a buck I guess. As for posting; apologies if I forgot about previous posts, but January 2019 has been a while ago. Maybe someone ran into a working model. If anyone has tested anything like this and had a nice result, I think the sharing would be quite appreciated by us all :. Not to mention sellers that bluntly lie, or make up their own reviews. The question remains… To strip, or not to strip… : Yep, definitely, to strip :. It seems you really understood me :. This way we, the consumer, is forced to throw away our investment and to replace it with new equipment.

Naturally, this could introduce other problems. I have a working setup that records well to a game recorder. I swap out the old splitter for the one referenced above. Swap back in the old one. And the most expensive one. And I lost the rarely used — so not a big loss 3D capability. I was keeping my fingers crossed though. Haha, you definitely do not want to upset the wife. Did you try to first connect output-1 and start watching, then connect Output-2 to your game recorder.

Having said that; does your game recorder do 4K? I can only imagine that a 1080p device may confuse things in your case, for the game recorder. So I have not had the need yet for any 4K recordings. Have not had the opportunity to test any of them as my cable company still has old boxes available, ones that do not use an encrypted signal.

Public is not eager to go for new model boxes with built in modem so I should be able to use the old equipment for some time to come. Will have to keep an eye on any news of changeover to a time when only Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? new boxes will be available.

First does anyone here use a splitter that now works? If so whwn was it purchased? A recent post here states his Revesun does not work but not the time of purchase. Amazon revies from early 1019 state it does work. As was mentioned before seems manufacturers may be taking out chip needed for strpping. Going back to the header post seems those splitters were for an earlier level of encryption 1.

I thought that cloner boxers were seen as a good choice for stripping…can they be used for cabe boxes as well or limited to games. Anyone have experiece with them?

I would still be using a set up with an anolog vcr and an analof tv or hi df with the coaxial analog input connection. I would appreciate answers to any of these questions Stephen Stephen Hi Stephen! I am still using them on occasion. Trev Here is a copy of my post earlier on on this subject and found the same looking splitter but 1 was different from the other read and see. I have 2 splitters that work bought from Amazon.

I have posted in an earlier post here. Well I decided to buy Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? and does not work. I opened a working one and a non working one the newer one had another on board chip and both were advertised as 1. When opened the pc board on new said 1.

Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

I have like a said an earlier post with the models. Its the newer one and I sent back. Both have same model and Look the same but If you open up the pc boards will have the version of the splitter. Someone has to of bought one recently and has worked.

Hope they will report it here. Also have a Cable box dvr that can record 5 channels at same time. But have to record to the Aver Media 310 in real time to have my own recording. I have given up looking for a splitter as I have 2 and 1 that I got refunded and was told to keep the splitter. I bought my first one back in 2015 and have 3 altogether. The industry stepped in, Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

the squeeze on the manufactureres and all the good splitters are now gone. Just accept it and move on. Trev About the cloner box : i I need to pass the signal through to a analog vcr. A few questions : do you need to press and hold down record button for it to work?

How many hours does the box record beforeit is full and after it is full is another box needed. I need to know if my application for it is something it can do and I cannot figure it out myself. So yes, as you described your setup with the Cloner Box, should work. Do these cloner boxer fill up with data? Push the button again and it stops recording. From that point on, in my setup, I have not had to go thru this process.

Holding the record button down for about 5 seconds will change whether you are recording 720p or 1080p — but if your input signal is only 720p, recording in 1080p is not an option. I just know that the 3 I have work and I take good care of them. I have to discount earlier reviews as the box may not be the same.

Also one review stated only pro model did the stripping. When did you buy your cloner box. Stephen Stephen I bought my first Cloner Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? in November 2015. The second one in January 2016 and the third one in November 2016.

The other cloner boxes I checked do not look at all promising. Actually the one here that stated the writer had to play with it was the only post that contained any real information about passing through.

And even that is weird. Stephen Two questions : assuming any of my splitters will work. Or is this an educated guess? So they would be no good for 4K to analog video. You may have to do some searching to find a suitable converter. If in the event all of my current tvs are no longer useable do to Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? I would then need to get another tv. I would not be able to remove stored material with my senior computer as it has limited capabilities and their box would fill up.

Can someone more tech savy get on the board and get this information. This is the best way to go at this point. Stephen Stephen Think I got the answer from them in a follow up mail. Seems strange to get a blank screen instead of a message to state programing is protected or a bunch of colors on the screen.

What are the two outputs connected to? If this does not work splitter may be damaged as it is conventionally made to do this. Again this is what it was made to do. Surprising to hear though, since the Dutch guy posted it October 22nd 2019.

This goes along with the findings of most recent models. I found another working splitter by Supersun but it is now unavailable on Amazon. Problem is also that reviews state it breaks in hours or days. Since earlier mention product was no longer available, I tried another model I found.

Note: I do not to contact folks that post here directly based on their email address — only by Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? to their message. But like I said: most folks post with a fake email address, so he may or may not get the notification of your question. A year passed between older and recent posts so he could have bought the new one Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

tried it or maybe he is guesing it would work. Technical information on Ali site for old spliter and manual foe new one have identical Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?. Maybe netherlands does not have restrctions on striping? Old spliter has a name not on new one. Try plugging and unplugging power on splitter several times to try to goose it. Try having all equipment in chain turned off before inserting hdmi cables into splitter then turn on everything but splitter then splitter.

Tho I am clueless as to how the nitty gritty of the electronics work I would think that the process of removal of the encryption would be subtle and might have to be handled in just the right way to nudge the connection to work.

Older spliters that work would be using a different chip that might be hardier than updated ones. Apparently the result with a spliter that does not split is some sort of message or blotchy colors…a blank screen does not seem right. Why would the Dutch poster write it seems Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? work unless there was some feedback from the user.

Everything considered things still seem up in the air. My cable company is trying to market a glitch filled monstrosity that combines cable box, modem and recorder in one machine. Few people have any interest so the old boxes will probably be around for years. Then again; most of us here are not trying to circumvent copyright. The Cam Link looks pretty cool though, so I may get me one of these.

I use these mostly for instructional videos or screenshot captures where I cannot get screenshots eg. I can see this to be very useful in your application and for gamers as well. Really trying to find a solution. Quicksilver Greetings, This thread is loaded with great information. I would like to add my experience. I tried everything including splitters, adapters, cables and settings. After Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? frustration I bought a Amazon FireStick 4K on black Friday.

It properly communicated with the projector right off the bat. The Roku will be returned. ~John John Meggie Hi John, from what I read, this could als be related to the color spectrum being used. But … I just had to read that somewhere else as well … Glad it is resolved though, and I hope other Roku users benefit from your experience! Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting?

see th uses for the last two splitters were for applications other than the ones I would need. In your case the next step would of course be conversion Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? analog. Ordered a few of the Oreis. Now I have about 25 untested slitters by I think 6 manufacturers. I would need two to be in place for the 2 vcrs I have in the set up I use. I only look at reviews from the past year on Amazon.

User reviews frequently say products did not work at all or failed after a short time. Its new product Altice 1 which is a combination of cable box and modem is such a fiasco virtually nobody wants it. May not live long enough to need to use them.

Strphen ordered some of the orei piecethat will give me about 25 untested splitters by 6 different manufacturers. In a worst case scenario could attach hdmi tvs to output 1 and use output 2 for vcrs. Have checked recent Amazon reviews for all the pieces.

You culd look on Amazon under Alitice 1 to se how much companies are putting costs ahead of quality. Stephen Started taping in the first days of betamax. Still have beta tapes and players. Tape is an easier medium than disc for copying. I have Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? 1000,000 hours of material. Mostly animal documentaries and films. Tape is durable as are the machines which can last 10s of thousands of hours of recording and playing.

A lot of space is needed to store tho. Also record off You Tube. I play on small screen tvs so the quality is fine with me. I used to buy tapes at the local Target and Walmart, then had to go to these stores throughout my area. Later I was only able to find them at bulk internet sellers. Tapes are long since gone. But I should have enough for a while. Uk Tv films were also great until about ten years ago. As of today, the configuration no longer works. Are there any solutions that would remedy this?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Possibly an update to the Roku as Hans suggested. Possibly the Roku only required it during content playback at one point? If all you need is 4k30 or less, either of the splitters I posted should work. I ordered one more in the hope of finding a good 4k60 10 bit splitter.

No Amazon reviews say it would work, but 2 or 3 people claim it works on Reddit. This Orei also works, but it is very finicky with 4k60. I am currently using it, but do not recommend it due to the finicky nature. Looking forward to your findings! Unfortunately the first 2 are the only ones that Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? reliably for me. The last one below exhibits the same odd behavior where it will sync and get a pic, but then the screen goes all green in about 10-15 seconds.

Or is it not possible to know? When this 2nd 4k60 splitter did the green screen problem too, I started really wondering if it was something with my capture card.

Although about 90% of my problems have come from trying to do 4k60 10-bit. Been using it solidly for two days which is usually 2-3 resets. No drop in quality or lag. Anyone using an old splitter with a 4K cable box, satellite company? Techoe will only strip 1. Will call cable company but doubt they will know enough to answer question. The manufacturer of the Tehole splitter states the product will not srip above 1.

I was getting set up for a standard 180 1. Tried to find listings on Amazon for digital analog converters and could not find a listing to review customer reviews. I tried to find asuch a component on Amazon but the listings were for audio converters.

If there is such a component on Amazon could someone give me a link? Unless I can clear every problem I will not be able in the future to use Optimum equipment with my vcrs.

Assistance with each of these difficulties would be gratefully accepted. So effectively you will be converting 1080p if your Digital-to-Analog converter can only do 1080p. Unless of course, the source somehow can shift down to 1.

But I have to admit that I may not be the best person to ask this. As with all of these splitters, your mileage may vary — so it may require some testing and possibly the purchase of a splitter that may not work. Came across two that Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? combination confuse me. If the spliter does downscale 4k to 1080 how does it do that?

In the proposed set up you listed for my needs you first have Source set to 1080 p …how would I do that if the Altice One cable box is 4 K? Stephen Hans I read your post again and I see that you would expect the Altice One to automatically convert to 1080 when connected to a splitter.

Seems to have to do with the device that is receiving the signal. Seems particular devices work with it and others will not.

Maybe someone can sort this out. Bought it because finally I found a reviewer who uses a splitter with Altice one. The review is from April 2019. Uses states he bought a Tv to use with Altice one. Unlike the reviews for other splitters the reviews go into great detail about what set ups are used. I do not have the tech knowledge to decipher the information but you guys shouls.

This is the splitter to consideras so many recent reviews say it works. Perhaps one or more oy you can understand what it works with and what it does not work with…there are many, many examples in the various reviews. Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? anyone explain how I might deal with this with the information they have come across.

There is always a way though. Bad news is that they are expensive. And somewhat complicated to use. This would be a last resort. Dave Dave thanks for the post. On what device are you recording? As usual I seem to run into hard to understand information. I would not put much faith in this. Possibly the splitter company does not want anyone to know its product does strip?

Thanks to anyone for any further assistance. Stephen I had contacted the Fury people about this device. A member of this group, might have been Hans posted a link for the needed download that the poster thought might still be working. For me this has ben a process of discovering unknowns and trying to make them knowns.

None of those cards are for good reason. I tried connecting my Roku directly to the card originally just to verify it would not work before staring my splitter buying spree. But feel free to research it if you want. And yes, as I said, my content must be hdcp 2. Some may fall back to 1.

And no, the splitter manufacturers are never going to advertise it. They won the lawsuit thanks to that. If there is not it must strip. Sometimes a piece of electronic equipment will be stops working after a time. Something that truly deserves this description is the Altice one by Optimum. Contraption is a combination of recorder, cable box and modem. It has so many major glitches the few people who try it send it back. Service for Optimum has gone from fair to atrocious sine Altice bought the company.

Few people in the consumer base want anything like the Altice One. Curiousreaders may want to read the Amazon customers reviews for the Altice One. The only person who wrote that it does never mentioned the source material or recording device he based his vien on.

If so how do you now this. What is the source material device? Between my lack of knowledgethe inability of Amazon posters to properly use English and above all the posters not having a set up like mine I cannot sort things out.

Maybe someone can help with detailed example. Would be nice to really have the data to know if the 2. The Altice One Experience is a great example of where America is today. Corporate sham and scam trying to peddle a botched on the cheap experiment to customers who instead of being treated as assets are insulted by a workforce that is there because it will work for not much.

Maybe it was the 4K that the converters could not handle? Stephen Have not been able to find a 4k to composite cable converter. Stephen I think you should just go with a 1080p splitter. Dave If I use thee 1080 splitter with the 4 K box may have to use an extra tv to put in port one will that 1080 splitter downscale the 4K to 1080.

As for the Furythere is a post on this threadmaybe from about 6 months ago that has a link to the site that has the download required to strip, I remember seeing and going to it. I know I saw it.

Company representative states splitter will work with 1080 1. Since splitters are inexpensive no big moss money wise if they do not work. I expected something like this. Anythime something new comes along it brings problems. Could not even follow what they did even when they were doing it. If it is not the Integral 4K 60 model but the replacement which will I assume not strip out of the box how was the unit changed to strip 2.

How have you tested it to strip? Found the eSynic 4K hdmi slpitter. Othe users have confirmed this. I thought it looked familiar. Stephen By way of thanks for all the great information I found here let me add a data point. Thanks for sharing, it is very much appreciated. Since there is no conversion in the splitter, audio and video quality will not be affected by the splitter. You will probably not see the difference — my guess is that most people will not notice the difference in frame rate.

It also depends on what you Avermedia can handle and what the settings are on the Avermedia software. In short: 8 bit means 256 gradations or levels per color red, green, blue10 bit means 1024 gradations per color, and 12 bit means 4096 gradations per color.

Thanks again for reporting — this will be helpful for others. Yes indeed, I took that as more of a suggestion than a warning. It appears in a bunch of places in the user manual and on the box too. You can share the most luxurious video and audio with your friends or families. The Aver Media310 works great for Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? as I have 2 of them problem is the box getting set to my Xfinity box I cant program the 310 to control my cable box for recording to change channels.

And 3am in the morning recording would be nice to not have to be at the 310 to push the record button. If anyone has found a way to program for Xfinity cable boxes with the Avermedia 310 please let me know.

These days it seems used less commonly, and the connector carries a video quality between Component and Composite. I have some beta tapes as well as vhs tapes. I assume these would be similar to the coaxial cable output. I do have one that looks like and it works I use it with an old Commodore 64 … but other models may be better or cheaper. Coming back to your question to convert it composite to component video 5 plugs. Personally I would not invest any money in that.

Converting it will not only not add anything to it, it most likely will even degrade the quality even more every conversion step potentially degrades quality. May be worth a try to look into though. Hans Lively discussion here about this. Others clearly have not been so fortunate. This unit is constructed in a sturdy metal housing.

Will report back on Thursday as to which actually worked. It gives a 100in display on one wall of my living room.

Just to complicate things a little more, the projector is fed over a wireless extender! Probably all China stuff anyway. On that note: 1 I have ran into situations where 2 products looked the same, but in the end were slightly different when they arrived. Hans Two things : If I had an encrypted signal cable box I would sort out all thiswhat has become nonsense, about what works and what does not and what needs to be done to get things working.

I must have 35 splitters from maybe nine different manufacturers. This thread resembles an Abbott and Costello routine. Definitive answers to the possibilities of every splitter entioned in the thread shouls have been clearly defined by now. If memory serves the You Tube poster tested two different splitters recently and both worked.

Naturally, the manufacturer is not going to advertise these changes either. So in the end: it always remains a guess. Like you said: companies can not, or will not, provide this level of information. Why not just wait until you get the new box and then try your 35 splitters and see if one works, before looking for even more hardware.

Is there a current problem, if so, what is it? If the problem is in the future, why do you not expect one of those 35 splitters you already own to work? I for one do not have the time or funding to just buy every single model on the market. Hans Hans, thanks for that. The light is beginning to dawn in my head. Of course that makes a lot of sense. I had forgotten with component changes in the very same model.

So my suggestion to everyone is to listen to the very latest purchase that solved the problem and quickly order from the same place and from the same stock. That would be the most logical way to get a good one. Maybe we should look at the complexity of a splitter and start an Open Source project so we can build them ourselves yikes! Hans Well blow me over! I can now give him this splitter to complete his present.

So I expect at least one of those to work and maybe 2 more. Why does my Q See DVR keep rebooting? it may be that the other two can be made to work if you jump through hoops and connect just the right devices and.

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