Question: How do I get to my Wi-Fi settings?


In Windows 10, you can also go to Settings > Network & Internet > Status > View hardware and connection properties. The next screen displays details for your different network connections. Scan the entry for Ethernet or Wi-Fi and look for the Default Gateway setting to find your routers IP address.

WiFi names with personal information may be readily identifiable, but they make it very easy to execute targeted attacks. You can be sure that many people who enter within reach of your WiFi network will try to connect to it in search of free internet access. There are also long lists of that you can read for inspiration. If you were to use the same name for multiple networks, users would find it very difficult to distinguish them from one another, which could lead to one network being overutilizes and other networks being underutilized.

Characteristics of Good WiFi Passwords The security of your WiFi network rests on the strength of your WiFi password. At the very least, substitute certain characters with letters and throw a few special characters into the mix. When in doubt, use a to guide you.

How to Open Router Settings on Windows

There, look for wireless options and go through them until you find one that lets you change your WiFi network name. Replace the existing WiFi network name with a new one and click Save.

There should be an option to change the current name and password to something else.

How do I get to my Wi-Fi settings?

If your WiFi name has reverted back to what it was when you first installed the router, it How do I get to my Wi-Fi settings? be that the router restarted itself due to a power outage or firmware upgrade. But if the name has changed to something funny or vulgar, then you may be dealing with a hacker, and you should change your router name and password as soon as possible. Many modern routers can be remotely administered using a smartphone app.

Such apps allow users to monitor network usage, create guest networks, and, of course, change their WiFi name and password. Enter both your existing password and your new password and confirm. As you can see, leaning how to change WiFi password is easy. To change the existing WiFi password from your mobile device, install the companion app for your router and launch it.

How do I get to my Wi-Fi settings?

Go to the settings section and look for WiFi security settings. Keep in mind that you will most likely be asked to enter your existing password in addition to the new one.

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