Question: Where in South Africa is Heidelberg?

Heidelberg is a town in the Western Cape, South Africa. It is located near South Africas south coast, on the N2 highway, 274 km east of Cape Town (about halfway between Cape Town and Knysna). Heidelberg is just east of the Overberg region, and some consider it the beginning of the Garden Route.

Which province is Heidelberg in?

Gauteng Heidelberg, GautengHeidelbergCountrySouth AfricaProvinceGautengDistrictSedibengMunicipalityLesedi25 more rows

Where in South Africa is Gauteng located?

Johannesburg Gauteng, province, northeastern South Africa. It consists of the cities of Pretoria, Johannesburg, Germiston, and Vereeniging and their surrounding metropolitan areas in the eastern part of the Witwatersrand region.

A decent hike did the 10 kmbut toilet paper all Where in South Africa is Heidelberg? the place. The reception area has that worn Seventies feel, not much different to when I first came here 40 years ago.

Where are all the animals? We decided to take pot luck and see this place. It is now cash free with no signal for the card machine to operate.

Eventually our details were taken and we were to pay on our way out. No toilet paper in the bathroom. No maintenance has been done in the park for quite some time with wooden barriers falling down and needing replacing.

The views on the scenic drive are spectacular. We stopped at the picnic site, to eat but the place is very run down. The grass was not mowed, the toilets are out of order with only one operational. The tap has been closed off and anything else that was in the bathroom removed.

The picnic sites need maintenance, the garbage needs to be collected and there is rubbish strewn everywhere, Where in South Africa is Heidelberg? by marauding baboons. We reported this on our exit and and the park official knew nothing of the run down picnic site.

If a bit of attention was paid to the Where in South Africa is Heidelberg?, it would be an excellent outing for the day. This is where my anchestors used to live. I am named after the woman Johanna Wilhelmina. It was great to visit with my uncle, whom was the oldest son, and he did heraldics, studying the family history. He was an amazing source of information.


If you love history, this is a great place just a short drive away from the buzz of the city. It is tranquil with an area to have a real good old fashioned picnic. The resort is in serious need of maintenance on the hike and driving along the Tourist Route.

Where in South Africa is Heidelberg?

Most of them are either no longer there or hidden, which is a pity. There is no water on the resort, so make sure you have with you. I'm not sure if this is because of the lack of maintenance or damage to the water supply? The reserve itself was very pretty after the bit of rain.

However once again the roads needs maintenance. The resort actually has a lot of potential, so maintenance is the key factor here. Horse trails would be an added bonus. Even a small restaurant at reception would generate some income?

Where in South Africa is Heidelberg?

We thought of looking if doing an overnight hike, but wouldn't consider it unless the reserve facilities are upgraded. This is a great option for avid hikers living in and around Johannesburg.

Definitely not the best hiking trail but the proximity o home makes it a favourite. I wish this route was advertised a lot better, it seems that not may people are aware that it exists. The 5km Cheetah Route is quite easy and flat, great for a first-timer might even be too easy for your first one.

The 10km route is a good challenge, which takes about 2. Definitely for individuals who are relatively fit. There are picnic facilities where you can relax and cool down after which jungle gyms for the kids. The cheetah route we took was the shorter one and in my opinion a bit too easy. It is quite a flat hike and very open, which is not bad at all just not what I have in mind for a hike.

The reserve does appear to be well kept for the most part although the first mens toilet was out of order and the ones we did go to was not very clean. Some attempt was made to improve but the ceilings were dirty and it smelled a bit damp and moldy.

Where in South Africa is Heidelberg?

What unfortunately ruined our day was a group of young people staying in one of the camps, the were yelling and screaming with their hip hop music blasting so loudly that you could hear them everywhere up and down the hill. I would think there is some rules in the park but if there are its not enforced properly. Unlikely that we will drive out that way for a day trip again. Sorry for the late response only saw your question now. My mom and I have done the 4. Go on Saturday or Sunday when there are more people.

It is very beautiful there.

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