Question: Is Homer Simpson a Boomer?


Homer is 39, and was born in 1978. When the show began, Lisa was born in 1979, and Homer in 1948. ... Under this interpretation, the Homer and Marge of Season 1 were Baby boomers, and those of the current season nearly millennials.

Is Homer Simpson a Boomer?

I would Is Homer Simpson a Boomer? that The Simpsons should have ended when they had to retcon Homer as an Xer. Probably should have ended even before that, but still.

Because the Simpson family never actually ages, Homer will forever be a 38-year-old, but if Homer had aged normally since his established birthdate, he would now be 65 years old. He's rocking Is Homer Simpson a Boomer?

Is Homer Simpson a Boomer?

1976-1980 Queen poster and old enough to buy beer. And the height of bean bag popularity was the 1970s.

Homer Simpson is a Millennial.

So I'd take that 1980 and push it to 1990 for millennials. So X is a 25 year-long generation? This is such a common thing for Millennials born in the 80s to want to do. I'm saying to push the titles back, not elongate one of them. Right, and I assume most people born in the 80s especially early 80s did not have internet-accessed computers in high school.

Is Homer Simpson a Boomer?

So you are kinda making my point anyway. Pew Research Center uses 1981-1996. Pew Research Center uses 1981-1996. Gen X types were those who were in college or early adulthood in the 90s, when I was in middle school or early high school. Late 70s to mid-80s are a transitional group now called x-ennials, last I heard, and I accept that.

Where do the Simpsons actually live?

Basically those who got through high school when internet was sparse and normies rejected online social platforms proto-social media. So we got to live both lives pre and post internet. I don't know what I've ever seen '83 kids referred to as Gen X.

You're definitely a millenial or x-ennial. Late Gen X probably has more in common with the early millenials than they do with the early Gen X.

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