Question: Where is jaree-Ra after the lighthouse?

Head to Broken Oar Grotto next, it will up past the lighthouse (shows up on your map.) Inside the Grotto there are plenty of Blackblood Marauders which you can either kill or sneakpast. At the end of the Grotto you will find Jaree-Ra who speak to you even if your sneaking.

Where is Hagars chest?

the Broken Oar Grotto Hargars Chest is located in the Broken Oar Grotto on a half-sunken ship, deep inside the cave. Its key can be obtained from Hargar, who can be found in the larger camp immediately adjacent to the sunken ship.

Where is the ice runners loot chest?

The quest completes once you kill him. Additional loot can be found in the Icerunner Chest, which is located on the top deck of the shipwreck in the water.

Not all good things in are found on land or underground in deep dark caves and dungeons. Those who happen to be Argonians or who otherwise have enchantments that allow them to dive deep into Skyrim's water will be pleasantly surprised to discover some of its sunken secrets.

Without further ado, let's set sail and take a look at the finest ships and shipwrecks in Skyrim, ranked from not worth looting to absolutely worth visiting. After visiting Solstheim once, however, fast traveling bypasses having to hire this ship's captain to cart you around for 250 per trip. In the cold andyou'll find The Sea Squall docked to its port, and it's a pretty small rudimentary ship with only three crew members. There's not much to see here or loot here, which is why it ranks among the lowest ships.

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For a bit of extra Where is jaree-Ra after the lighthouse? it's as good as any job, but there are better ships to visit.

This is an infamous quest, known for the fact that Jaree-Ra ends up betraying you after promising half of the cargo as a reward. As such, the Icerunner itself doesn't have most of its goodies when the Dragonborn arrives. Only a chest can be found nearby its wreckage, but the real goods need to be taken by force from Jaree-Ra who has gone into hiding in a nearby cave.

This shipwreck is an interesting one, lodged between a bunch of rock formations northeast of Windhelm.

It's overrun by bandits, but the good news is that it promises pretty decent loot, with a few chests lying around. There's also a skill book that will level up lockpicking, and if you need some extra food to heal yourself the cooking station nearby is convenient once the bandits are taken care of. This is another intact vessel, which is located in Solitude's harbor.

Where is jaree-Ra after the lighthouse?

A quest is likely to send the player here, following a contract from Nazir to assassinate Safia. It's a difficult place to infiltrate due to the number of guards around, but the cargo isn't half bad.

It's a dream come true for any blacksmiths who don't mind breaking the law for some good loot. Forget about one shipwreck, how about four different ships sunken at the bottom of the Sea of Ghosts? That's exactly what Pilgrim's Trench is. Located directly west from the College of Winterhold, it's a location worth visiting for some minor loot. The surrounding area is also fairly decent, with a small encampment on an island nearby as well as plenty of salmon to catch when diving for the lost treasures of these vessels.

The loot might not be significant, but it's a cool place to visit nonetheless. Beware of the Reavers who inhabit this area, but worry not, because the loot makes the trek all the way here worth it.

There are a few bags with random loot, a scimitar, a mace, and a strongbox within the ship. It's also the location where you need to retrieve the original copy of the Lusty Argonian Maid for Cindiri Arano. The best type of loot to find is something that's small but precious. Hela's Folly, located northeast of Dawnstar, is the go-to spot for some precious gems.

A submerged shipwreck can be found just next to a lone Argonian's camp.

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From gems to two chests, this is a great spot if you're looking to earn money later. There's also a statue of Dibella in the camp which can be prayed to for a quick boost. Probably one of the most well-known wreckages in Skyrim due to how photogenic it is, the Brinehammer is found in the Sea of Ghosts, between Dawnstar and Solitude. It's a fairly big wreck with sub-locations as well, and a shrine of Kynareth.

There's a skill book of archery and enchantment here, as well as tons of ore and some. Following the shore east from here the player can also find another skill book for Alteration spells. Lake Ilinalta, located down the river that runs through Riverwood, is quite an interesting location.

Not only is it home to a standing stone, but also Ilinalta Deep. And, if you look deep enough in the waters, you might come across the famous wreck of The Silvermoon. There's a single chest here, as well as a bunch of alchemy ingredients that are usually found at the bottom of the sea. An axe can also be found here.

Where is jaree-Ra after the lighthouse?

On the northwestern coast behindthe wreck of the Orphan's Tear is found nearby a simple bandit camp. As you approach the three remaining bandits will most likely attack you on sight, to be prepared to fight for the loot.

Given the size of the wreck, the amount Where is jaree-Ra after the lighthouse? loot is quite impressive. The Dainty Sload is only a few steps away from Solitude's Lighthouse and is completely overrun by corsairs.

Although the amount of loot here isn't as significant as in some other previous areas, this is an important area due to having one of the countless Stones of Barenziah within.

You'll also find a skill book for Speech and some random loot. Almost directly east from the College of Winterhold, located within the Sea of Ghosts, is what remains of this presumably Dunmer vessel. The place is now in control of some bandits and is surrounded by several major ore veins for those equipped with a pickaxe. This includes iron and corundum ore, as well as gold and silver which are on nearby bits of land. The ship itself is relevant to a few side quests Where is jaree-Ra after the lighthouse?

Where is jaree-Ra after the lighthouse?

Winterhold. What also makes this place pretty fantastic are its amenities — a tanning rack and a cooking station are available for any travelers. In terms of utility and ores, which are immensely difficult to find easily, this is easily one of the best places to check out. Finally, the queen of all ships in Skyrim is without a doubt the Katariah, which is a vessel that only appears when the Emperor comes to visit Skyrim during the Dark Brotherhood questline. As such, it's highly guarded and full of dangerous enemies.

The ship is full of great loot, but some highlights include the Emperor's clothes, Gilded Wristguards, and. There's also a two-handed skill book and a flawless ruby, so it's just another great reason to join the Dark Brotherhood.

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