Question: Can a one sided open marriage work?


In short, any relationship model is totally fine if both partners fully consent to it. ... If you want a one-sided open relationship and your partners not comfortable with it, youre best off either compromising on that front or ending the relationship altogether.

Can a one sided open marriage work?

When it comes to navigating the murky waters of a relationship, we like to turn to experts in the field for trusted advice. We tapped Kelly Campbell, Ph. Campbell explains that a one-sided relationship involves one person investing much more time and energy and, in some cases, money into the relationship than their partner. One person can't carry the burden over an extended period.

Questions after my wife brought this up

Both partners need to prioritize each other over anything else for the relationship to be healthy. You frequently make excuses for your partner's behavior Do you find yourself making excuses all the time for your partner's behavior? That's a sign you are compromising and sacrificing too much.

Your partner is controlling A controlling partner is a sign that the power is imbalanced and the relationship needs to change. It's a very dangerous situation and a big sign that things need to change.

Can a one sided open marriage work?

If after making these observations, you feel that things are one-sided, you need to communicate your feelings with your partner who otherwise won't know that a problem exists.

However, initiating change can be the hardest part of navigating a one-sided relationship. It's a very unhealthy and a common pattern in one-sided relationships.

Can a one sided open marriage work?

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