Question: How safe is Yekaterinburg?

How Safe Is Yekaterinburg Really? Yekaterinburg has a low to moderate index of crime. Most crimes concern robberies, carjacking, things stealing, dealing with drugs, vandalism, and high level of corruption. There is minimal risk from crime in Yekaterinburg compared to other major Russian metropolitan areas.

Is Yekaterinburg a good place to live?

If you are looking for new career prospects in Russia, Yekaterinburg, located in the Urals region, is probably the ideal destination for you. As one of the countrys main industrial and cultural hubs, hosting several business centers, the city attracts many expatriates.

Is Yekaterinburg in asia or europe?

Yekaterinburg is situated in the east of Europe, close to the Ural Mountains, 1,667 km (1,036 mi) east of the nations capital Moscow. The city has a total area of 495 km2 (191 sq mi). Yekaterinburg is on the eastern side of the Urals.

How do I get to Ekaterinburg?

How to Get to EkaterinburgPlane. Koltsovo Airport (SVX) is located about 11 miles south of the city, serving both domestic and international flights. ... Train. The Yekaterinburg-Sverdlovsk Railway Station is a major hub on the Trans-Siberian route, with connections throughout the region.Car. ... Bus.

Can you drink the water in Moscow?

Moscow Russia, tap water is safe for drinking. Treatment plants use sodium hypochlorite, which is more reliable than chlorine. ... The water leaves the treatment plant is safe to drink. However, locals tend to boil water before drinking.

Can you travel freely in Russia?

Visitors coming by sea are granted 72 hours visa-free entrance into Russia if they have made arrangements with a travel agent. Its not a lot of freedom to roam around, but at least it will save a bit of effort on the visa front. How safe is Yekaterinburg?

How Much Does It Cost to Live In Yekaterinburg? The city is located right on the border of Europe and Asia in the Ural mountains and for some may be attractive to visit because of this fact.

How safe is Yekaterinburg?

Living here is probably quite similar to many other larger provincial cities of Russia. The amount of money you spend, though, depends only on your preferences and your lifestyle. You can always buy plenty of groceries in supermarkets but you can also find fresh produce and fish in open markets that pop up daily throughout the city.

There are also lots of buses and trolleybuses, and the metro is also very popular because it is quick and inexpensive.

Yekaterinburg Women

Taxis are very cheap if ordered by a phone call. You can always go skating, hiking, jogging, running, or just walking among its gorgeous forests and hiking tracks. It is a market that includes many hundreds of small outdoor stalls.

How safe is Yekaterinburg?

For a more western-like shopping experience, go to the Grinvich mall: it is the biggest mall in Russia outside Moscow. Rent will likely be your biggest expense here. Housing is mostly in the form of apartments and they usually tend How safe is Yekaterinburg? be small. The next huge expense is rent, with a higher percentage than in most cities, probably due to the fact that the standard is somewhat higher in Yekateringburg and the rent is considerably more expensive.

As usual, the smallest amount of money is spent on clothes and accessories.

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