Question: Was bedeutet Ude?


In diesem Verzeichnis finden Sie die am häufigsten verwendeten Abkürzungen an der Universität Duisburg-Essen (UDE). Wenn eine Abkürzung fehlt, veraltet oder überflüssig geworden ist, melden Sie sich bitte.

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As we learned about usingwe discussed ones used for sizing. They are used for screens that are still considered little but are more than 576 pixels in width. In most cases, it will be a cellphone screen. Most of us use our phones to browse every day. Therefore, Bootstrap small responsive classes are vital for any website to gain popularity.

To continue learning and find our more about medium classes for screens wider than 768 pixelsvisit our.

Was bedeutet Ude?

Also, don't forget you can always revisit our guide on for screens that are narrower than 576 pixels. Using Small Grid Bootstrap small grid column classes apply when the screen is wider than 576px and collapses otherwise: Auto Layout By skipping the number for column containers Was bedeutet Ude?

a row container only typing col-smyou can create auto layouts. If you do this, it will automatically be determined how many columns each column element should span. All of them will have the same width and Was bedeutet Ude? occupy the whole available width.

Was bedeutet Ude?

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