Question: How do you date when you are HIV-positive?


If the person youre dating cant deal with the fact that youre HIV-positive, theyre probably not right for you. Keep in mind that having HIV doesnt make you any less desirable or valuable as a partner. You still have every right to a positive and healthy relationship. Dont settle for anything less.

Seen a lot of experiences shared by gay couples living with hiv but I was wondering how has dating for those of you who are heterosexual been?

How do you date when you are HIV-positive?

Any different to before being hiv positive? Any practices you now engage with when dealing with sexual partners? Has it led you to being single for longer or not? Do you struggle to enter into relationships or physical intimacy or are things as before?

Has it impacted on the amount of sex you now have? How do you navigate online dating such as tinder? Do you avoid doing so or if you use it do you provide possible casual partners of your status?

These are all theoretical questions based on aspects seen in experiences previously shared and they are just to help contextualise possible responses which may be shared. These are by no means intended to reinforce existing notions which I hope are proved wrong but I do apologise in advance if anyone is unhappy with my phrasing. Be courteous to others, even those whose comments or questions you do not like.

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How do you date when you are HIV-positive?

Please if you have any questions or concerns. He was diagnosed the same time we met. I guess it boils down to this. Plenty of ppl smoke cigarettes and never think about the what-ifs of getting lung cancer. And that is exactly what is it to be human. We decided to take the test together in a social How do you date when you are HIV-positive?

clinic. It really helped that the volunteers who tested us have gone thru the same experience. They helped us get through the toughest part of our relationship. I am forever thankful for that. Our drugs interrupt How do you date when you are HIV-positive? processes at multiple points along the way. Whatever virus is in his body already would have to magically find a way past all those barriers to replicate just once, then figure out how to convince every other T-cell available to become a virus factory too.

Go learn a book or something. Im from Uruguay south America but pretty open minded countrysometimes it takes some time for guys to process it, but people seem to be more open to do bareback sex after they know my status, it's always good to have the Partner study link ready to be shown, in case you need it to explain what being undetectable means.

As two condescending adults we had sex. Lots of it was oral sex. I was open and honest about my sexual history. And I asked him on a number of occasions if he was clean. He said yes fine and time again. I googled the name and when I confronted him. I have an appointment to get tested tomorrow. And although we used protection there is the oral part of it. And the fact that he lied and never told me about it. We met back in April.

We have had oral sex lots of it. And we shared a toothbrush serval times. I was negative, but going to get another test in September. Out side any sexual stuff he was decent. I asked him serval times before even doing anything with him.

I wanna look pass it but idk if I can. I think with this situation you and him may differ on where boundaries relating to acceptable amounts of disclosure are positioned. Idk exactly if this subreddit acts as a chat room but feel to drop me a pm if you need any more advice on this. How can you have a relationship like that? It took me a year and a half to start dating again after he passed away, but I'm still apprehensive when it comes to sex, since we always had oral sex without protection for almost 4 years, and I just took his word that he didn't have hiv, that's not counting his other health issues he had diabetes and schizophrenia, which was hard to deal with either, i would recommend to get tested and have a serious conversation with your partner with what is bothering you in order for things to get better but he shouldn't have never lie to you when it comes to something as serious as hiv, i wish you the best and hopefully everything works out for you, God bless.

I was spending the weekend at his place. He said I could help myself to any shower products and I found his medication in his cabinet. I asked him and he came clean.

How do HIV positive people treat sex drive rightly

He took away my peace of mind and I think im just gonna keep to myself for a while. I did get tested and it was negative. But like we had oral sex almost every day so I need to get tested again in September.

I have no trust in him and idk if I ever well. Some were actually shamed and called How do you date when you are HIV-positive?

sorts of names!

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