Question: Can you talk in a lucid dream?


In a recent study published in the journal Science Direct, researchers have found that people can communicate in real-time during a lucid dream. ... Lucid dreaming is a rare phenomenon and can seldom be summoned at will, making it difficult for researchers to capture them in the lab in a reliable manner.

Normally, something new will appear in the lucid dream in response, or the entire dreamscape will change. As I have discussed in my books and talks, the responses often seem dedicated to instructing and educating the lucid dreamer. In some instances, the lucid dreamer may ask a question, and the larger awareness respond to say that the question seems based on an errant premise. Or in other cases, the larger awareness may respond to say that the person does not seem in the proper frame of mind to handle the response.

Sometimes, however, people will write to me and tell me about their problems with this process of engaging the awareness behind the dream. They can not ask the question. They feel perplexed and frustrated. Here, the problem seems to occur in the lucid dreamer. Their concern then appears as an inability to speak! In almost all cases, the lucid dreamer has to look at their fear, their beliefs, their question and resolve it first, before proceeding successfully.

Success occurred when he properly worded his request.

Can you talk in a lucid dream?

The point: You have to consider carefully the question. Does it truly express your intent? Does the question have hidden assumptions? All of these points can make a huge difference. Take time to craft the question. Start out with simple questions, before getting into more complex or powerful questions or requests.

Can you talk in a lucid dream?

When they share the question or request, it has two completely divergent intents or goals. It seems difficult to respond, because the question or request does not seem simple, clear or direct; rather it seems divided, unclear and disconnected. I asked this question, and then saw a stoplight with the red light flashing. For this reason, I encourage lucid dreamers to work on techniques to understand their own personal dream symbolism.

She tried one more time; same result. Or it did not fit her hope or expectation. She preferred that she learn something about her boss and his issues, when the dream seemed to suggest that she had the issue. The larger awareness of which you are a part appears to have vast creativity, knowledge and understanding. Properly approached, it can help you grow and learn on numerous fronts. By understanding that, you can better troubleshoot the response.

Exploring the larger dimensions of the self helps us see the potential and possibilities of lucid dreaming. Used wisely, it can act as a path of accelerated growth for thoughtful students of lucid dreaming. Shifting Focus in Lucid Dreams….

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By Robert Waggoner © 2016 All Rights Reserved Can you talk in a lucid dream? and unintentionally throughout the day, you shift the focus of your awareness. Moving from waking to sleeping and back again provides powerful evidence for a significant shift in awareness.

Similarly, transitioning from waking to deep meditating offers an intentional shift in focus and awareness. Even during a boring conversation, you may notice your awareness unintentionally moving away to an inner memory that suddenly seems more captivating.

Profound shifts in focus and Can you talk in a lucid dream? also occur in moving from regular dreaming to lucid dreaming. Essentially, awareness appears infinitely malleable. For this reason, an explorer of consciousness has to be particularly observant and discriminating.

As I read this, I began to think about certain special lucid dreams. Somehow, the lucid dream shifted to one of considerable agility, stability and length, instead of my normal concern about maintaining my awareness and not getting re-entranced by the dream. Taking advantage of this amazing Can you talk in a lucid dream?, I flew out the window with extraordinary ease and agility, through various houses and around the neighborhood.

I even managed, I believe, to frighten one of the neighbors as she lay in bed.

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With that level of past experience, this specific technique seemed simple, quick, direct and most importantly, successful. The alternative is to use the items of a dream to trigger another dream…. She promised me extraordinary results, which she said were not possible to foretell. Aware within a dream, you have an extraordinary platform from which to explore the infinity of awareness, particularly, if you have techniques and the ability to let go of any fears or concerns.

Robert Waggoner wrote the acclaimed book, now in its tenth printingand co-authored with Caroline McCready. A lucid dreamer since 1975, he has logged more than 1,000 lucid dreams. You can subscribe to the free on-line lucid dream magazine, Lucid Dreaming Experience below. We keep your email private and do not share it with others.

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