Question: Is iBUYPOWER good 2021?

iBUYPOWER is definitely a good gaming systems brand and a safe and reliable one too. The company has put a generous amount of oversight between the consumer and the assembly team. Both the pre-built and the custom-built PCs by iBUYPOWER offer great performance without making a dent in your wallet.

Is iBuyPower a good brand 2021?

In terms of the quality of the products and the trustworthiness of the company, we can say that iBUYPOWER is a good brand delivering high quality products. ... They are using the highest quality pieces of technology available for their set budget, ensuring top performance of the product you buy.

Is iBuyPower a good place to buy a PC?

Looking at reviews on, most users seemed happy with their iBuyPower PC purchase. ... Overall, most iBuyPower reviewers expressed satisfaction with their computer.

What is the best prebuilt gaming PC of 2021?

Best Gaming PCs You Can Buy TodayMSI Aegis RS 11th Gen. The Best Mainstream Gaming PC. Specifications. ... Alienware Aurora R11. A Powerhouse PC With an RTX 3090. Specifications. ... Corsair One a200. The Best Small Form Factor Gaming PC. Specifications. ... Maingear Vybe 2020. The Best Splurge Gaming PC. ... Dell G5. The Best Budget PC.Sep 1, 2021

Is it worth building a gaming PC in 2021?

But we also have good news: while you might not be able to build a gaming PC, you can almost certainly buy one. Dont get us wrong. If you have enough time and patience, you can still amass all the parts to build your own custom rig from the ground up. But that could take weeks or even months at this point in 2021.

Why are prebuilt PCS bad?

Poor Build Quality/Power Supply Issues Not only does this make the desktop easier to break and harder to maintain, a manufacturer skipping in important areas like system cooling and the power supply can result in overheating, performance bottlenecks, failure of hardware or even actual real fires.

Why are PC parts so expensive 2021?

PC component shortages. ... The cause for todays PC component shortage is many sided. Perhaps the root cause for it all has been the coronavirus, which has undoubtedly impacted production of todays most in-demand components. Factories halted production early on in 2020 and are largely still playing catch-up today.

How much would it cost to build a gaming PC 2021?

A typical gaming PC will cost you between $800 and $1,200. However, if you want to run high-end games, with a 60+ frame rate on max settings, you may need to pay as much as $2,000....How Much Does it Cost to Build a Good Gaming PC Cost in 2021?PC TierTotal CostFair$701Good$805Very good$855Great$96112 more rows

How long does it take for iBUYPOWER to ship 2021?

Shipping Methods To the Domestic 48 U.S. States: Ground: 5-7 days (ground delivery) FedEx Express Saver: 3 business days (ground/air delivery) FedEx 2-Day: 2 business days (air delivery)

Is iBUYPOWER still banned?

On Jan. 26, 2015, Valve published a post on their official blog titled Integrity and Fair Play. In the post, Valve addressed the allegations of match-fixing and issued bans for the iBuyPower lineup. The members were indefinitely banned from all Valve-sponsored events.

Purchased my first iBuyPower gaming pc right before Christmas and I'm quite happy with it. No problems whatsoever booting for the first time or activating windows.

Is iBUYPOWER good 2021?

Though I normally build computers myself I would definitely buy another iBuyPower product. We do appreciate all positive feedback from our customers, if you have any questions in the future please give us a call at 888 462-3899. Here you can personally speak with an agent from the customer support team to potentially resolve your issue. If it is a more technical matter, you will promptly be directed to the technical support team for more specifics.


SlateMr5 i7 11700k 480ssd geforce rtx3060 16g ram 2sticks. Considering todays options as far as video cards i thought this was a fair deal with the i7. Did a ton of research on many pre-built pc's. Out of Is iBUYPOWER good 2021? this pc fired right up, zero issues!

Is iBUYPOWER good 2021? some benchmarking and the 3060 did not dissapoint. However, the thermals weren't bad but could be better. Upgraded cpu cooler to corsair H150i Elite capellix aio and 32g of corsair vengence pro.

Better thermals which translated into better performance. The case is a mid tower with 3 rgb fans in the front but little means intake area. Fortunately, i haven't had the pleasure of using customer service. I bought a pc from this company a year or 2 ago it was a custom prebuilt.

Right at the start it many problems from the rgb not working to the gpu just black screening. After I without the very hard to reach help of ibuypower support fixed all those problems. After all of this I put in a police report and got my pc back from there after months on months of waiting.

During that time I really thought I got scammed. Having the issue of not receiving your package is out of our control.

Does iBUYPOWER make good Prebuilts?

Once the item leaves our facility, it is all up to the shipping company to handle the package to get to your location. We advise that you continue contacting our customer support as they are hard at work with trying to get everyone's difficulties resolved. Made a great Christmas gift! I love the fact that you can change the lighting on both the fans and keyboard. Unfortunately it looks like there's no way to with the mouse. That would be my only complaint. If you plan on playing multiple games you may want to look into a bigger ssd as Is iBUYPOWER good 2021?

Not a deal breaker by any means! I upgraded the ram to 64gb and run 240fps on Fortnite no problem. My monitor is only currently is capable of 144 though so I haven't been able to see what 240 fps is like. Again, not a deal breaker. Overall a great starter pc for gaming and or work.

Is iBUYPOWER good 2021?

I use it for both and the pc runs flawless, no overheating issues. I bought a pre built gaming pc from Ibuypower with an rtx 3080 and it is going well so far. I am really enjoying the speed and performance with my build as of now. I would recommend Ibuypower to a friend. This computer was simple to set up. Had it up and running in 15 minutes. Computer runs my games really smoothly. And the computer is great for all of my non-gaming needs, as well.

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