Question: How long is a Toyota Corolla Verso?

How long is Toyota Corolla Verso? Length varies between 4240 mm (166.93 in.) and 4440 mm (174.8 in.), depending on the variant.

How long is a Toyota Corolla in inches?

182.3 in 2020 Toyota Corolla Specs & FeaturesDimensionsGround clearance5.1 in.Height56.5 in.Length182.3 in.Overall Width without Mirrors70.1 in.3 more rows

What length is a Toyota Corolla?

4375mm Toyota Corolla Dimensions 2021Toyota Corolla Height1435mmToyota Corolla Width1790mmToyota Corolla Length4375mmToyota Corolla Ground clearance unladen135mmToyota Corolla Wheelbase2640mm4 more rows

What are the dimensions of a Toyota Verso?

Toyota VersoToyota Verso (AR20)Wheelbase2,780 mm (109.4 in)Length4,440 mm (174.8 in)Width1,790 mm (70.5 in)Height1,620 mm (63.8 in)18 more rows

Is Toyota Verso a Corolla?

The Toyota Corolla Verso (known as the Corolla Spacio in Japan) is a compact MPV first released by Toyota in January 1997, until production of the third generation ceased in March 2009 and production of its replacement, the Verso, began. ... In Japan, it was exclusive to Toyota Corolla Store dealerships.

How far can a Toyota Corolla go on a full tank?

The combined range is probably the most relevant, and from that, the Corolla Hybrid can get up to 592.8 miles on a single tank of gas. For comparison, the combined range of the standard Corolla, even with its larger fuel tank, gives it a range of 448.8 miles.

How high off the ground is a Toyota Corolla?

6.7 inches Even though you wouldnt use a Corolla for off-road adventures, you will often benefit when a car has good ground clearance. Everyday obstacles like potholes, puddles, and bumps can cause a car to bottom out and scrape. Corolla gives you a generous amount of ground clearance, 6.7 inches.

What car is similar to Toyota Corolla?

Select from the models below to compare cars similar to the Toyota Corolla in a side by side comparison.Abarth 595.Alfa Romeo Giulietta.Audi A3.BMW 1 series.Citroen C3.Ford Fiesta.Ford Focus.Ford Mondeo.More items...

Is Yaris cross bigger than Corolla?

Corolla is slightly bigger, has a slightly bigger ICE, and a slightly smaller hybrid motor. Yaris Cross goes slightly better, by virtue of its lower mass, mainly - but the differences are slight (as is the difference in price).

Is Toyota Verso an SUV?

The Toyota Verso is the latest MPV to be axed in Europe, as SUVs lure buyers away from the formerly huge segment. ... Hybrids sell in greater numbers than internal combustion-only cars, according to Toyota. The Verso was only offered with a 1.6-litre diesel, a 1.6-litre petrol or a 1.8-litre petrol.

Is Toyota Verso automatic?

Aside from the diesel, you can choose 1.6 and 1.8-litre petrol engines, although the latter is only available with automatic transmission.

Why was Toyota Verso discontinued?

Sales of the Turkish-built MPV have plunged 46% on 2017 and Toyota confirmed that the significant shift from MPVs to C-segment SUVs was the reason behind the decision to pull the plug on the Verso, as Toyota reviewed its European product lineup.

Is Toyota Corolla Verso a good car?

Overall, this is a thoroughly sensible car. Its tall roof and ample width give front-seat occupants plenty of space, and the dashboard layout is simple. Visibility is good, too, but the lack of steering wheel reach adjustment is a disappointment.

How many miles does a 2020 Corolla get?

For example, the maximum range of the Corolla is 699.6 miles, but thats for a very specific trim and driving condition....2020 Toyota Corolla range.TrimsDriving ConditionRangeXSECombined448.8 MilesHybrid LEHighway699.6 MilesCity686.4 MilesCombined686.4 Miles14 more rows•Sep 4, 2019

What is the fuel tank capacity of Toyota Corolla 2016?

13.2-gallon How Far Can the 2016 Corolla Go with One Tank of Fuel? With its 13.2-gallon tank, you can go between 277 and 366 miles before hitting the quarter-tank mark.

Is Toyota Corolla low to the ground?

Sporting a ground clearance of 6.7 inches, the Corolla offers more space underneath than a lot of competitors in the same class. As we mentioned in the open, minimal ground clearance is a problem for many cars on the road. ...

Is Corolla better than Civic?

If its just the driver, the Corolla puts up a good fight. If its everyone in the vehicle, Honda wins going away. The Toyota gets points here for its very comfortable front seats, but thats about the only outright win. The Civics interior is more spacious, has vastly better ergonomics, and looks and feels premium.

Which is better Camry or Corolla?

The Camry configurations have higher starting prices. The Camry comes standard with a stronger engine, as well as a more powerful V6. However, the new Toyota Corolla is even more efficient than it was in 2019. In terms of available cargo space, the Camry interior offers more space than the Corolla.

Which is better Yaris or Corolla?

Both of these vehicles provide efficient performance, but the subcompact Yaris offers the better fuel economy. The base trim Yaris has an EPA rating of 32 mpg city / 40 mpg highway, while the Corolla mpg is rated at 28 mpg city / 36 mpg highway.

Which is better Corolla Cross or Yaris cross?

Yep, the Yaris Cross is Toyotas first light SUV, and its based on the Yaris hatchback, so its a pretty easy idea to wrap your head around. But look a little closer, and its clear a lot effort has been put into making it more than it seems....Toyota Yaris Cross.Safety ratingSeating5 seats3 more rows

Is Toyota Verso a reliable car?

Toyota has an enviable reputation for building reliable cars, but although the Toyota Verso scored a full-five star rating when it was crash-tested in 2010, car safety standards have improved, meaning more modern rivals could prove safer in a collision.

The wheels on your car make a humming noise when you ride and this increases if you step on the accelerator? It is surely the wheel bearings.

Corolla Verso Fuel Tank And Reserve Mileage

This part does not deteriorate quickly, but in the event that you detect signs of How long is a Toyota Corolla Verso?, we advise you not to wait too long before replacing it, as a worn bearing can very quickly to damage le hubs of your wheel How long is a Toyota Corolla Verso?

this will have greater consequences. This is the reason why we will first explain to you how replace a bearing on Toyota Corolla Verso. And then we will also tell you What's its use rolling and when to replace it so that you have all the information you need. How to replace a wheel bearing on Toyota Corolla Verso? Before starting the operation on your car, you should know that this repair is not accessible if you are a novice.

Indeed we advise you to do it if you have certain mechanical knowledge and if you have all the necessary tools available such as jack, candles, shims, the toolbox, the press hydraulic, fat, for an new bearing.

Be aware that for the replacement at a mechanic you must provide between 60 and 150 euros.

How long is a Toyota Corolla Verso?

So if you don't have the tools, it would be better to carry out the repairs in a garage. At first you will have to spot the wheel which makes a noise of vibration. We recommend that you replace in pairs. Therefore even if only the front left wheel hums when you press the accelerator, we recommend that you replace the bearing of the front right wheel at the same time. When you have identified it you will have to raise your car.

How long is a Toyota Corolla Verso?

To do this it is necessary to take all security measures to avoid an How long is a Toyota Corolla Verso?. Therefore, your car will have to be placed on a flat surface. Then put shims on non-raised wheels. Once this is installed, you will need to bring a jack so as to raise the wheel.

How long is a Toyota Corolla Verso?

Then secure the heightening using a chandelle. Finally when this is done you can start with disassemble the wheel of your car. Remove the nuts tire using a wrench provided for this purpose. Remove the tire then you will need to remove brake caliper and the brake disc.

After that remove the rocket. When it is extracted, position the hub to the press to take out the bearing. When done grease the hub and the spindle and put the new bearing. Put all the components back in the same order. What is the wheel bearing for Toyota Corolla Verso used for? The wheel rolling will be necessary to allow transfer engine rotations reached through the transmission to the wheels.

Indeed the bearings are rings, outside and inside provided with balls bathed in oil. In this way the bearing is placed on the axis, that is to say the rocket which is connected to the transmission. The latter will make circular movements and thanks to the bearings rotate the wheels.

When to replace the wheel bearing on Toyota Corolla Verso As a rule, the bearing of a Toyota Corolla Verso does not deteriorate before 100 - 000 kilometers, however if you have taken sidewalks or had snags, it could be possible that the parallelism of the wheels is damaged, and this can restrict the wheels from rolling on the right axis and thus the rolling can suffer.

If this is your case you should hear a whirring, humming noise… Because the wheel is not able to roll properly around the axle. If you do not make the repairs on time you risk damaging internal mechanisms such as the hub and this could go back to the transmission.

But also know that when you wait a long time you will risk lose the wheel of your car or she could to be stuck so it could be dangerous. Finally : A purring bearing is not a signal to be ignored for too long. If you ever want to go a little further in the maintenance of your Toyota Corolla Verso, we invite you to consult our How long is a Toyota Corolla Verso? pages on.

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