Question: Why is Portland Oregon so weird?

Here a landscape heavily changed through extensive quarrying combined with the social and architectural legacy of a long military presence has created a unique environment which has led to the adoption of the Weird tag and Keep Portland Weird bumper stickers are frequently seen on local vehicles.

When did Portland get weird?

Introduced in 2003 as an initiative to support local businesses, “Keep Portland Weird” has fast become Portlands unofficial motto. Anyone whos been to the city or watched cult TV show Portlandia will know that the phrase has been taken to heart, and Portland is proud to be, well, a little bit quirky.

What is so special about Portland?

This City Truly Bares it All As of late, Portland is best known for its hipster and crunchy (ie. extremely liberal and environmentally-friendly) behavior, but historically, the city is a shipping port with a strong affinity for strip clubs — in fact, it has the highest number of strip clubs per capita in the country.

What makes Portland so great?

First of all, theres a reason why people keep moving to Portland: its an amazing city. You can drive an hour west to get to the ocean or an hour east to be in the mountains. Portland is renowned for livability, food and drink, arts and culture, and much more.

Are people from Portland friendly?

Portland is known for being a friendly town where people are nice to strangers. ... Youll find that people with “Type A” personalities in Portland are a little more relaxed than other parts of the country. Undoubtedly, you will see a lot of hipsters.

What are the worst areas in Portland?

The most dangerous areas in Portland is based on data from the local law enforcement agency and when not available, also includes estimates based on demographic data.Sunderland. Population 760. ... Centennial. Population 20,932. ... Powellhurst. Population 25,760. ... Lents. Population 20,514. ... Bridgeton. ... Mill Park. ... Parkrose. ... Hazelwood.More items...

Are you thinking about moving to Portland? The city known for keeping it weird and residents that grow chickens in their backyards. But is Portland really that weird? As you read this, keep in mind that these pros and cons are based on my personal experience, not everyone feels the same way. Check out my personal guide on 13 Pros of Living in Portland, Oregon 1.

4 Weird Facts About Portland, OR

Did you know that Oregon was the to introduce bottle deposits in an effort to reduce litter? Respect for the environment is a big deal in Portland, so much so that grocery stores in Portland Why is Portland Oregon so weird? offer plastic bags. In fact, according to a 2019 released by WalletHub, Portland is the 9th greenest city in America. I love that about Portland. I love that recycling and composting are considered sport and littering is strongly frowned upon. Also, Portland recently passed a that taxes large corporations and uses the revenue to fund energy efficiency initiatives in under-served communities.

The first city in America to pass such an ambitious tax — hard not to like that! Portland is a Millennial City Portland has a decent mix of generations, but through and through, it feels like a millennial city. In fact, Portland often ranks as one of the for millennials in the country. Which means a ton of shops cater to things millennials enjoy — like handmade crafts, vintage clothes and plants ….

I like the easy-going culture here. What better way to explain this than by example? I work in an office and wear jeans 4 days a week — and so does my boss.

Job Opportunities The plethora and diversity of job opportunities in Portland definitely makes it easy to live here. But fret not, engineers are not forgotten, Intel and Daimler have homes here as well.

Portland is a short road trip away from so many cool places — like the Columbia Gorge windsurfing capital of the worldBend the second fastest growing city in the countrythe Oregon Coast, Crater Lake National Park and the Alvord desert. The manageable size of Portland makes it very easy to use alternative modes of transportation to get around.

Neighborhood Vibes One of my favorite things about living in Portland is the charming neighborhood vibes that are as unique as the city itself! You can save hundreds on big purchases. In fact, it was rated the in 2017. This is a big deal for our family because my husband flies about two times per week.

The Summer Weather Summer in Portland is a real dream. Summer temperatures rarely exceed 90 °F and you can count on sunshine from mid-May through mid-September. Believe me, the summer weather definitely makes up for the winter blues. In fact, many of our friends refuse to leave Portland because summer here is better than most other cities. Another big perk of living in Portland?

Well, the was from Portland! The food in Why is Portland Oregon so weird? is dream-worthy and one of the reasons people are moving to Portland in droves. You can live in Portland for 10+ years and still find yourself discovering new restaurants, like I do.

And Portlanders are big on supporting small businesses. Regardless of where you choose to eat, expect to find well-run restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world, in addition to local and seasonal produce. Listen, Portland without beer is like a pirate without a hook — nothing worth talking about.

Why is Portland Oregon so weird?

As a result, breweries are held to a very high standard. Grab a flight from any breweries and find yourself perplexed by the pleasant depth of interesting notes and flavors while discussing whether moving to Portland is right for you.

Hint, by the second glass the answer is usually yes. The Coffee Scene Year after year, Portland is listed as one of the which is a huge perk of living in Portland!

The intense knowledge Portland baristas have regarding sourcing, roasting and preparing beans is mind blowing. I mean, I once had a barista explain everything I needed to know about oat milk for 10 minutes! Of course, most folks find themselves in both camps, but dare you mention the needles you saw on your way home to some of our friends and …. Once, while walking to the grocery store, I saw someone shooting drugs. We use ours every single day, plus it helps our plants grow like crazy, too.

My husband likes to joke that Portland weather has two settings: rain and bliss. Girl, give me a comparison I can relate to! But Portland used to be known as a transition city where you could get back on your feet, but no anymore.

Buying a home is not realistic for most folks, especially millennials. If helpful, the chart below shows the recent uptick in housing values and costs. Oh, and lest I forget to mention the property taxes — mercy! For example, my super social husband moved here three years ago and has found it incredibly challenging to start friendships, and he actively makes an effort.

He reaches out to folks, follows up via text and still finds it hard to get a commitment to meet up in person. In many ways, it seems that most Portlanders are content with the relationships they established long, Why is Portland Oregon so weird? ago maybe in the second grade?? This seems to be one of the hardest hurdles for a lot of folks that move to Portland.

Whether or not you consider this a pro or con is Why is Portland Oregon so weird? up to you. But I understand not everyone will feel the same, so heads up.

The constant traffic is one of the worst parts about living in Portland and it seems like rush hours extends by an hour every week! Just in case a real-life example can put this in perspective, allow me to share that before I moved to into the city center, my 15-mile commute from Vancouver, Washington took one hour each way. Because of the mass influx of folks moving to Portland, the city streets and highways cannot keep up with the unexpected demand.

So traffic has become a complete nightmare. Portland Lacks Diversity Can I be blunt for a second? Portland is a very white cityin fact. Gentrification is rampant, similar to San Francisco. With that said, I do want to share one area where Portland really shines and that is in having a healthy gay community. In fact, Portland is considered the city in the country. Most folks resort to purchasing portable units to make it through summer. And there you have it, my friends.

This is my personal list of the pros and cons of living in Portland, Oregon. Now to you — let me know if you have any questions below! Happy to help if you have any questions. Kanela Hi Mark, We moved from Bay area 5 years ago lived there for 15+ years to Vancouver and lived there for about 3 years before moving to Portland metro area, I can tell you that Vancouver is nice place to live.

Yes, less diversity even compared to some other areas in Portland metro, still better than many other places in the southern states, I guess. From no-income tax to more affordable housing and relatively less costly electricity the electricity run by Why is Portland Oregon so weird?, unlike for-profit company as in Portland area.

Streets are make more sense to drive unlike in Portland, where we see many weird and dangerous intersections, one ways or super narrow. You still need to go to Portland area for exotic groceries and I found out that Vancouver does havr very few have decent asian stores. Hi Antonina, Thank you for the terrific blog. We have eliminated most of the rest of the country due to severe winters there goes the entire N. Cal if we want to eat as well as buy a house.

My wife is accepting the weather with a big sigh every time she mentions it. My bigger concern is reserved locals and lack of diversity. Our friends have always come in every flavor. Different ethnicity and cultures are what makes life interesting, in our opinion. If we look hard enough, are we going to find pockets of other cultures hiding somewhere in Portland?

I think we can give up that idea completely in Vancouver proper — you need to wear sunglasses in that town to cut down the glare. Since we live and travel for food, the food scene sounds like a major plus. That sounds like something we can really count on… Insert reassurance here.

Our current plan is coming up in Sept. Cal until May of next year for the big move. Our daughter thinks we are, but crazy has always worked for us the past.

Oh, Antonina, please tell me are. Mark Hi Mark, Antonina is correct that Portland is a lot less diverse ethnically than many large cities, which is unfortunate. Portlanders are generally very accepting of differences and celebrate diversity, even if there are a lot of white people.

There is a large Jewish community in Portland, as well as many Asian Americans. Hello, I saw your blog about Portland. I am wanting to move there early next year 2021. I would love to know what area to move to that has short-term rentals and is close to everything as I may not have a car right away.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, it is common to be able to bring a dog to work? Hope to hear from you! Pam Hello Pam, First and foremost — welcome to Portland! My husband is from Atlanta as well and enjoys living here. As for your little pup, I know that some workplaces are completely fine with dogs, so I recommend calling around before applying!

I have lived in Portland for 5 years now, having moved here from New York City. All points right on in this article. The one that stands out the most for me after 5 years is not making close friends.

People will talk to you in the puplic sphere left and right, rain or shine, from out of the left field. Yet where is that friend that becomes part of your world and gives you that cozy feeling, etc. I have friends if I think about it. So I read this blog. I love New York City and dream of living there one day as well. Not making close friends is Why is Portland Oregon so weird? real thing around here! He had a hard time adjusting to this as well. But I agree, a part of it could be growing older as well.

New York City is a shadow of its former self and is drenched in homelessness and insane people on the streets. Sadly, covid has vacuumed out all of our culture, while movie theaters and yoga studios await to open so many restaurants, cool shops are shuttered and the spaces are empty. Will broadway will come back, off broadway theater? I would not recommend anyone move here without a brilliant reason like love or money.

Thanks for your helpful feedback. I live in Boise, Idaho, but have family that lives in Portland, and they are very upset about the dire homeless situation and the many negative changes in Portland since they moved there 25 years ago. I wanted to comment about life in New York City as I have several friends who live there, and they are sad about the loss of the theater and many fine restaurants since Covid, and the mass exodus of friends to small towns in New Jersey and upstate New York, also moving to Florida has become very big with New Yorkers.

I have fond memories of what New York City was like before the devastation of Covid. Hi Antonina, discovered your blog while researching the next place I want to live like many people here. I really enjoy your articles, and I enjoy Portland but do not see myself living there. A smaller city that more reflects what I imagine Portland must have been like 20-25 years ago. That said, I think every place has good and bad to it. Well I am returning after being away for the last 6 years.

Cities like Toledo or Akron are really run down and legitimately dangerous. By rate of comparison Portland is almost Disneyland. The 5 years I lived in Portland I noted the migration of the homeless.

With Portland being a sopping point between the two is kinda common to see the tides come in and out. Once you have something where resources are freely available, you draw them in and frankly some stay a while. The only real reason homelessness in my current neck of the woods is not more common is due to the houses are so cheap. And by that Iean Toledo has been on a 3 year project to demolish one house every day.

Anyone who complains about the cons of Portland has no clue how good they really have it. Hi Sasha, Thank you so much for your post. I really enjoyed this article as well and found it so accurate. We also have not made any friends. Of all of the places we have lived, this has been a very unique experience. As you say, people are friendly in public but nothing ever develops.

I have never met so many people in one place who are completely uninterested in learning about others and sharing of themselves. I have so Why is Portland Oregon so weird? one-way conversations that over time I am losing interest in trying. We have two children and it has been especially tough seeing his happen to them as well at times.

We have never had trouble making connections like we do here. It really shadows our life here and I would be happy to move away. Thank you for the tips. I hope your move goes smoothly. Make sure to try Tasty n Alder and Screendoor — both are so good! My son will graduate from college in 2022 and it feels like the right time to do something different with my life.

I can work from anywhere in the country as I work from home. I would not buy a house, would prefer to rent something small and live simply, to be able to use my income to have fun.

So my questions are: 1. What is the health care system like in Portland and across the state line in Vancouver? Does it make sense to consider living in Vancouver instead, and enjoying Portland evenings and weekends?

Hi Mara, Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post! We were just in town for a wedding a few weeks ago and thought it similar to Portland. As far as your questions go: 1. I had healthcare in Portland and Washington from different employers. My Portland employer prioritized great care whereas my Vancouver employer was not as concerned with it. This is a tricky question.

There are obviously wonderful tax benefits of living in Vancouver no state income tax and enjoying Portland on weekends. I think it comes down to what neighborhood you like the best and how much you want to use a car. Antonina I really appreciate this article, I am in x-ray school and my partner and I hope to move out of the south not too long after graduation maybe in a year or so.

We kinda want the opposite of what we have here in a small southern town and we are torn between Portland Why is Portland Oregon so weird? Seattle. I feel like after reading this article I am strongly more into Portland. Hi Rachel, Congrats on X-ray school!! My husband is also from the south Georgia and he loves it out here. I suggest checking out both cities before making the final call.

It sounds strange, but the two cities have such different feels! I would guess Portland has great opportunities for radiography, but Seattle has us beat in aviation Boeing. I hope this helps, thanks so much for your kind words!

Why is Portland Oregon so weird?

I just came back from a road trip to Oregon and I wanted to stay???? Passing through Bend, Sisters, Salem etc. I was like wow portland is similar to Los Angeles yet different… My most favorite was Sisters just breath taking views!

It was like being in those Hallmark movies. I will surely be coming back to oregon, I can only imagine how it looks during the winter days???? Great post and I agreed with pretty much all of it! I moved up there in 2018 and was looking forward to all the same pros you listed.

My first fall was magical. Then the crippling weight of the cons list set in. In fact, it was almost the same as when I was living back in San Diego.

One of the biggest struggles I Haden Oregon was the lack of friendship. To add one more to the cons: Oregon drivers and their love of tailgating. For most of my life, and was hired to teach astronomy by age 50 as an Adjunct professor at a local University because of my experience and knowledge. I designed and built our own home for my first wife and daughter and I, in 1988 when I was only 33, in the beautiful suburban town of Troutdale, 20 miles East from downtown Portland.

There are many other things to consider living in Portland but many of these conditions have just evolved in the past few years which is largely due to the high level of transplants from all over the nation and now from all over the world.

I myself am a bicyclist part-time and I have been since I was a child but I Why is Portland Oregon so weird? writing 10 years ago because I found it becoming too dangerous in the inner city environment. I was wondering about your living situation in Portland, and if it was only renting. For those of us that built modest luxury homes in the outline suburban areas the living conditions were much cleaner and well controlled.

For those that want the convenience of living near large inner city restaurants and other conveniences they are willing to make compromises with the overcrowded situations in the inner cities.

I also noticed that the the blogged article did not mention much about the higher class living on the West Side toward Beaverton which if others are not aware of the entire west side of Portland is like another city. Beaverton and its other constituent suburban towns across the entire west side of Portland looks like Southern California transplanted. This class of people does not worry about renting problems on the east side of Portland.

We my boyfriend and I are in a unique place. Our biggest anxieties, without question, are 1 housing costs and 2 current socio-political unrest. We were very fortunate to have excellent jobs in an inexpensive and conservatively stable city, and we were able to peacefully live well below our means, which was very comfortable.

Secondly, how unstable is the political landscape? Is the instability beginning to Why is Portland Oregon so weird? the day to day functionality of peoples lives across economic conditions, personal safety, and quality of life? As for the political unrest — we get asked this question all the time! Honestly, life is pretty normal here.

I walk over to my favorite cafe every morning, go on lunch walks and ride my bike around in the evening. The news makes it seem like the city is burning when in reality the protests only occur in the late evening within a 2-block radius. I do not want to live here anymore, crimes and homelessness have increased since the start of covid. I feel that there Why is Portland Oregon so weird?

an anarchy Why is Portland Oregon so weird? vibe in the more trendy areas of Portland and downtown. My advice to you is your current city and current income and cost of living sounds non-stressful, I would Why is Portland Oregon so weird? stay where you are for now. Thank you so much for this article! My wife and I are considering moving to Portland with our 7 month old son. We currently live in California and we lived the past 3 years in the Bay Area which we absolutely loved.

However, due to the pandemic my job cut my salary and it was difficult for us to continue affording life in the Bay. My in-laws live in Yakima, Wa which is a driveable distance away. We want to live close to them but still want to live in a city. We are thinking Portland might be the perfect place for our little family.

Do you know if teachers in Portland generally are happy with their quality of life? Hi Mark, The Bay Area is so beautiful! I never miss an opportunity to visit. As for your question — A few of my friends are teachers in Portland all elementary school.

They seem to love their jobs but mentioned to me that the large class room sizes are very challenging to handle. Apart from that, most of them purchased homes 10 years ago when they were affordable and enjoy their quality of life immensely. However, those that have not purchased a home find it hard to afford one now because the housing market has gone through the roof. And wish you luck with the move. But my partner and I are looking to head back in a couple years. And the part about making friends is pretty accurate.

I attribute this to a strong sense of nativism that still exists. A few thoughts: in the pros, add dog friendly. We had a dog during our time there and found the area one of the best places in the country for canines. So many places to go — the mountains, the beach, even the parks closer in — and so many places you can sit outside with your dog while enjoying a coffee or a beer. This is the darker aspect of the Portland Why is Portland Oregon so weird?

and something we definitely had to adjust to. When then President Clinton was in town for the forestry summit, I was quoted in Willamette Week as saying we could solve the crisis if all the native Oregonians would simply pull the old-growth sticks out of their butts.

Or that come with decent healthcare coverage. His former co-workers considered it a downward move, but he likes the work, gets decent benefits, has been able to move up the ranks, and never obsesses about work after he clocks out.

And when the 2009 economic meltdown hit, a lot of those former co-workers got laid off and suddenly realized a steady Why is Portland Oregon so weird? at Costco could be pretty sweet. Communities should be age-diverse as well. Thank you so much for posting this Antonina! My husband and I are planning on moving next year.

This has provided insight that is Why is Portland Oregon so weird? valuable. We have visited a few times and fell in love. Since you mentioned the lack of diversity component, wondering if you have thoughts about thriving as a bi-racial household?

Hi Ingra, Glad to hear you loved Portland!! I can say that Portland is becoming more diverse by the day. Also, Portlanders are accepting of other races, religions, etc. We have lived here for over 50 years. Rent is from 1300 to 1500 at average there is a lot of hiking areas just out of Portland. My husband and I moved to the Portland area five years ago from Chicago. We just left to move to the south. I gave it two years to really provide a fair evaluation but after that, I was counting the days until I could leave.

I made one real friend in the time I was there and husband made one also. Property taxes are also high. The lack of sales tax nowhere near makes up for these! Portland is definitely not for everyone and I am so relieved to be gone and will never look back! I took my home profits with me too????! Lol Brenda, the last sentence made me laugh. I hope you enjoy your time in the south — those mild winters are hard to beat!

Thank you so much for writing this! As a Black Female, from the Midwest, looking to move to the west coast it was very refreshing to see you address the lack of diversity in Portland.

Hi Camille, Thanks for your kind feedback! Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help! Thank you so much for this! I have been reading blog after blog, article after article, and yours truly has been the most helpful. Or if you know of someone else who does? I am very seriously considering moving to Oregon in 2 years. I have friends in Oregon that have been begging me to move there, and I definitely want to.

Or cost of living and meager jobs. My concern is where in Oregon should I go? I love that small town feel, used to live in one. But my friends in Portland say no…. At this point I need a third party to intervene. I plan to visit a few places early next year 2022, to decide on what I love most. But any and all opinions on the matter from locals would help me tremendously to narrow things down.

Another city you may want to research is Bend, Oregon. Let me know if you have any other questions! Hey there, Thank you for this article. Is it worth living in a place with hazardous air quality, even for only a few weeks out of the year, rather than somewhere with significant better air? We had a bad season this year and the last one before that was in 2017 Eagle Creek Fire Why is Portland Oregon so weird?

caused by a kid setting off fireworks in the Gorge. Great question about cities similar to Portland but more affordable — perhaps Bend? But the cities are most definitely different.

And yes — you definitely need to figure out the best spot for you! Let me know if you have any other questions! Antonina Portland is not as nice a place to live as it used to be. I moved here i 1976. At that time you could see Mt. Hood from anywhere in Portland — and I was impressed with how few tall buildings there were for a city as large as Portland was. There was fareless square downtown and symbols like a brown beaver, a snowflake and others for sectors of the city that buses went to so even a young child could easily determine where to get a bus.

A single person could afford to rent a decent apartments without having to get a roomate. If you drove out to Hillsboro, there used to be no traffic at all. Some of the less expensive areas have lot of crime and gunfire guaranteed — I live near some of the worst areas in the city. Yet because of the quirky way that the property taxes work, I pay one of the highest rates in the zip code I live in.

And of course, all the lawlessness of those who continue to smash windows and damage property and the homeless problems just add to the mess. This article hits the nail on the head. Antonina: thanks for your comments. We like the idea of retiring to a single-family home with a decent-sized Why is Portland Oregon so weird? with plenty of nature around, but still within Why is Portland Oregon so weird?

of shops, etc. What about an outlying area of Vancouver so we could have space, nature, and quiet, and still come down to Portland to shop and enjoy the city? My concern is that if we retire to an outlying area that it will be overly conservative, both Why is Portland Oregon so weird? and politically. Hi Bill, Thanks so much for the kind words! I actually grew up in Vancouver partially and can speak to your concerns. Vancouver is growing nearly as fast some say faster than Portland.

Cheers, Antonina This is one of the most balanced pros and cons I have read about Portland, Oregon. But if I met an outsider asking if they should move here?

I am moving from Chicago to Portland next month June 2021. Decided to relocate myself to a place where I can do more actually some hiking. Your comments about the difficulty of making real friendships is concerning.

I am leaving behind a strong social support group. I hear that Portland is a city of transplants. I refuse to make this huge move only to spend my evenings lamenting on the phone to my inner circle. Would love to hear your and others advice.

Does Portland have job opportunities for those in the medical field? We live in Philly now, but are originally from Cali. Would love to move back to Cali, but unfortunately we cannot afford it.

I hear you about loving life in California that sunshine is glorious! I hope your move goes smoothly and big thank you for the important work both you and your husband do! You comment about Portland people being reserved is true. Native Oregonians are not real enthusiastic about out of town people moving here. As a general rule they are seen as much of the problem with increasing housing costs, traffic, etc.

They will be pleasant to you in person, but scorn you privately. This is speaking from a native Oregonian. I have to remind them that when their grandpa moved here in 1910 that Oregonians hated them too.

I find there are more people from the Midwest that have moved here than from California. To complain about Californians is so simple-minded. Life changes — adjust or move to another city. This city and state is incredible but there are so many issues! I love the beer scene out here and all the fresh bakeries and food but yes, Portlanders tend to be reserved and also passive aggressive which can be annoying because its just rude.

If I did something wrong, I would like someone to be up front and honest, not just state out loud to other people about something I did. People here have extreme white guilt that makes me feel more uncomfortable than understood.

And the homeless here do get treated better. It makes it seem that life would be easier if I was on the street instead of being a contributing adult to society. The taxes are crazy on income here! But again, there are a ton of perks to living here too. I think Portland Why is Portland Oregon so weird? slowly starting to diversify and any newcomer would benefit from hearing your experience.

Portland sorely lacks diversity and a lot of Why is Portland Oregon so weird? residents grew up in a pretty white community. But as you mention, there are big perks to living in Portland, too! Growing pains, but hopefully the end result will be worthwhile. Well I am returning after being away for the last 6 years. Cities like Toledo or Akron are really run down and legitimately dangerous. By rate of comparison Portland is almost Disneyland.

The 5 years I lived in Portland Why is Portland Oregon so weird? noted the migration of the homeless. With Portland being a sopping point between the two is kinda common to see the tides come in and out. Once you have something where resources are freely available, you draw them in and frankly some stay a while. If I was in their lack of shoes I would likely do the same thing. The only real reason homelessness in my current neck of the woods is not more common is due to the houses are so cheap.

No joke some places go for less than 8,000… and no that is not a typo. The city has been dead so long that Toledo has been on a 3 year project to demolish one house every day. If rising costs of housing and the dreaded gentrification is the big hot topics for an area.

One guy took pity on me and pulled me aside one day. The bigger problem is this widespread reserved quality results in a kind of parochial mindset. Portland lacks an intellectual dynamic that make big cities exciting. After eight years I finally moved on.

I travel frequently and make friends wherever I go. Great article and comments from all, gives me better understanding of Portland living. This may sound a bit weird…. Thanks so much for the kind words! Regarding career path it was a winding road to say the least. I too feared the desk job route and wanted to avoid that at all costs.

Originally, I went to school University of Georgia for business of all things and dropped out after a year to start my own. Media and content creation had been appealing to me — whether it be websites, graphics, photos, film making, etc. At the start it was just me and my brother creating films on amazing national parks with no idea how we could turn the business into something sustainable we moved in with our parents to cut costs.

Now we do work for all of those sorts of organizations. Feel free to email me will morethanjustparks. Up until last year, I lived with my family. Reading articles about it has offered a small comfort.

I always smile when I see comments about the traffic. It used to take me two hours to go 30 miles, on a weekend, I could do it in about 25min. But, it is a 30 to 60 min drive.

As for weather, you will get sun not a lot, but enjoy it when you dorain, and clouds. This pas July we had temps up to 117F. Homelessness is a problem in Oregon. Salem is trying to address, but there are some large encampments. But, I have to say the homeless are as aggressive as they were in Philadelphia or New York.

I do not know about Portland. Overall I do not regret our move here, will probably retire here. Personally I would have preferred somewhere warmer, but the boss wanted to move to Oregon, so here we are.

Johns neighborhood is all I am familiar with. I wonder if historical zoning is the reason the houses are Why is Portland Oregon so weird? wwithin arms reach of each other.

I am neighborly, but if I wanted to live that close I might consider an apartment instead of a single family house. Also with some exceptions St. There is an area near the University overlooking the industrial valley that has something resembling a view if you consider the tops of huge warehouses to be similar to the waves rolling in from the ocean.

How does one live without and ocean nearby. Thanks for listening and I must say my experience so far is limited to one neighborhood. I think the happy light will def help. The main thing that has me also looking other places is the cost of living but I love the access to the outdoors it offers. Do you know much about the art scene here? I come from the other Portland in Maine, which is known as a top dog friendly city! Love and best, Lina Hi Lina, Portland, Oregon is one of the most dog friendly cities in Why is Portland Oregon so weird?

All my best, Antonina What do I think? The homelessness, the drug, and alcohol problem, and high crime rate. Safety issue is a problem. The homicides have increased, and home brake ins. The Summer fires increased, the drought problems. I have lived near Portland for 4 Why is Portland Oregon so weird?

and completely agree with this. One con I would like to add: the fire season! I moved to Portland 6 years ago and fell in love with the beauty and vibe of the city. I am very friendly, open hearted and minded, and making friends was never an issue in my life.

It makes me very sad to have come to this point as I do love Portland— despite all the recent downfall. Reading this sentiment over and over in botht the article and comments validates this as a reality for me, very helpful… I appreciate your perspective as a portlander. In Chicago, if someone looks lost, someone helps them.

Also, like if your family goes back that far, it might not be something to brag about- white colonial folks did some bad things. Instead, my neighbor posted a picture of me on NextDoor while I was walking my dog and now all my neighbors are speculating about my gender on a public platform.

I live with several chronic conditions that have been so wildly challenging to care for with sub-par medical care. And I just want to offer: someone injecting drugs poses no more of a safety issue than someone injecting insulin. They are our neighbors whether you want to acknowledge them as humans or not.

Perhaps they were using around people because he was hoping someone would be concerned if he overdosed rather than using alone. All things to be celebrated! Substance use is not inherently dangerous to other people- not having affordable housing, limited treatment options, zero regulation on substances other than camnabis, and frankly rude people witnessing another humans low moment and using to craft a blog entry about how they were unsafe is what makes drug use dangerous and often secretive.

The earliest nod we have to drug use is people in Assyria and Africa, it picks up in ancient Greece too. What on earth makes the people of Portland think that they think they can stop drug use by shaming homeless people constantly any chance folks get? We will never, ever, ever stop substance use.

But we can make it kinder, safer, and generally less terrible for everyone involved. We have been here since 2000. It used to rain a lot and hard. We still have the cloudy gray days late Oct — June, but we more early Springs now and Summer starts early in June. And we do have hot summers now.

Sure, they come and go, but it has not been uncommon to have a string of 100+ degree days through the summer. We use quite a bit. And reading that, some people just tuned out my comments. From people commenting on the accent to assuming you are a racist you have to prove Why is Portland Oregon so weird?

you are not and the test to prove is arbitrary. My wife worked in downtown portland and was criticized for doing something that is common in the South — dressing professionally for an office job.

And she was criticized for her accent southern. There are a lot of accents around — just the southern accent is not one of the cool ones to have. I have worked at the same large tech company here since 2000 you left one major company off your list — a large chip manufacturer. Sure — I made office friends, chit chat at Why is Portland Oregon so weird? etc — the office friendliness.

Or in our neighborhood which we have lived in for 20 years. A lot of friendships are formed Why is Portland Oregon so weird? alcohol — drinking. The only way I got in to participate in outings inviting myself was drinking outings. So if you are not a big drinker it can be tough. Helps with the socializing, work golf leage, but still, people stay at arms length. Hard to break into the long formed cliques.

Actually, it is possible to be too friendly which I think confuses people. But people in Portland despite what they think are not all accepting and open. Weather — short and getting hotter summer. A mungy spring some sun, rain. You can tell non natives — they carry umbrellas. Portlanders — you see them out in the rain Why is Portland Oregon so weird?

whatever. Dressing style — anything goes except business suits. Shorts year round in the office. And not all men are meant to wear shorts. T shirts with cool slogans, beer related slogans — great. Funky hats with ears — very cool in a tech environment. I have never been around so many smart and nerdy people in my entire life. Brilliant yet socially dysfunctional people.

But it is possible to carry on a conversation with some people with only four words — cool, crazy, wild, and super. I went to Multnomah Falls — Crazy! We got really drunk — Wild!

Outside of work — doctors offices and such, people are generally rude and like they are having a bad day all the time. I took photography classes here which was actually a good way to see things in the area through field trips.

Oregon is magical from a lighting during the different times of day and year photographic eye point of view. And yes the homeless encampments problems has exploded. It is a social problem and Portland Metro in typical style thinks taxes will solve it — so there is a new homeless tax and the good wage earners.

One might say — why are you still there if you dislike it so much — the pay is good, so the job has held me here this long. I have been here since 2001, having lived all over the country the half century before. I find Oregonians are very stand-offish, they do not go out of their way to really get close. I have met some doozies here. I miss the East Coast sociability I find people very unfriendly here in Portland.

My daughter went to U of O, Eugene. She ended up in a group for depressed students who were unable to make any friends. There were a number of other freshmen students who had the same experiences.

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