Question: What personality type is a genius?


If You Have These 13 Characteristics, You Belong To The Most Genius Personality Type. ... But those with the INTP personality are considered to be the intellectuals of the group — and truthfully, we all know someone who fits this role. INTP stands for Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Perception (P).

Forceful and decisive, they enjoy nothing more than analyzing situations and coming up with plans, whether battle plans or business plans, to solve them. White House chief of staff and mayor of Chicago. Sure, he was passionate about his What personality type is a genius?. But look at his dealings with others, even his family.

What personality type is a genius?

Look at his relentless pursuit of his goals. They show a straight-up lack of empathy and emotional understanding. Many times these feelings boil to the surface, and maybe him being a Pisces emphasized that.

Also, he did try to treat his cancer. He underwent surgery first, and tried holistic medicine when that failed. I also know, because I am one as well.

What personality type is a genius?

We are often called cold, heartless, engineering, maybe even manipulative. We do feel, and we might even feel more intensely because we can easily bottle up our emotions, push them to the side, and approach tasks and people with a lot of detachment. I think the same way as you. To everyone else, i am seen as cold and depressing.

I am a strong negotiator and planner. I find What personality type is a genius? boring and dull. While we understand the feelings of others, we tend to believe facts What personality type is a genius? be superior to emotions, and try to filter the shades of grey to something more objective. Does it matter to me if a killer is 82, 36, or 16? I may feel sorry for someone based on their background, but that will not affect my recommendation for their action.

However, context to me is important, but context of fact, not personal emotion. I just have learnt to use my heart less. Maybe we love some people but we can tell them cause we believe in the emotions are weakness.

But he volunteers to teach basketball to the disabled. To the person that stated their son just discovered his type…. We are fascinated by what drives people and want to help them reach their potential.


We are blunt, to a fault, but seldom self serving. We want to help you reach your own goals simply for the satisfaction of seeing it!

I have lived a life with that thought and cut friendships easily if they do not serve a greater purpose. I love my husband and nuclear family dearly and am very loyal to them, because I deeply value them and what they represent. I refrain from showing emotion in public- at least emotion I view as negative or would make me appear vulnerable. But of course, I have them.

I have no problem with confrontation and I will let you have it below the belt if you bully or demean people in my presence. God help you if you hurt a child or animal. I have a heart and emotions I just keep them private like a normal person should. Sharing every feeling and experience on social media is abnormal. There is such a thing as oversharing, people should be viewing those attention seeking behaviours for what they are: immature and pointless!

Social media is the ashtray and second hand smoke of socialising. I feel the exact same way about social media. Also the smoking references hit me cause I smoke. This list started out ok, but went wrong so quickly. They all have fat heads, no necks and powerful dominating voices. And People ask me most of the time, why am I chasing money, power, authority, big position, and goals? These kinds of answers and then when People ask me hey how was your day and what did you do?

I list the number of things I did in my day, which the listener will take at least 1 month to do whatever I did in one day, so they feel intimidated. Insanely unmotivated, even to their own self interest. Especially people in administrative positions. If I see What personality type is a genius? doing something in a subpar manner, I either try to correct them, or failing that do the job myself.

Yep, i must say I am very popularly known to be bubbly on the bright side of things or aggressive, intimidating and arrogant by my surrounding people.

It is funny to me because most of the times I give occasional snarky, funny comments and get really energetic when I talk about me and my goals. After which, many people remark that I am too aggressive and seem arrogant, which puts me off and sometimes I find it funny. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.

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