Question: Is Match better than Tinder?


If you are younger and looking for casual dating or hookups, go with Tinder or dating apps like Tinder. If you are looking for something between casual and longer-term, then is probably a better fit.

A romantic Scot flew 4,000 miles to meet an American girl he matched with on Tinder after only two months of chatting - after mistakenly believing she lived in Edinburgh. Paddy Campbell, 32, only used the app for the first time when a friend downloaded it for him after he became single in January.

On March 21, he matched with Bridget Kelly, 28, who was using Tinder Passport to search for a Scottish date after becoming bored of going out with Americans.

It's a Match: 4,000 Miles Failed to Stop Scotsman's Tinder Date

Paddy Campbell Is Match better than Tinder? 4,000 miles to meet Bridget Kelly, an American girl he matched with on Tinder, after only two months of chatting.

Is Match better than Tinder?

He mistakenly believed she lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, as the two got to know one another. Campbell made the 4,000 mile trip to meet Kelly in Chicago on May 17 - and they spent a magical few days going out for dinner and breakfast, and walking around the city. Kelly accidentally told him she loved him a few days before he got on the plane in Scotland but Campbell chose not to say anything until he met her in person, and they are now saying it to each other all the time.

They have both kept the app so they can nostalgically look through their messages, which they plan to screengrab and print out. Kelly is planning to visit Scotland for two weeks in July, while Campbell, from Alloa, Clackmannanshire, will visit America again in September.

The couple said that when it works, it works, despite the massive constraints.

Is Match better than Tinder?

Paddy Campbell, 32, matched with Bridget Kelly, 28, on Tinder. The couple snapped selfies together in Chicago with Campbell wearing his Celtics shirt. We always speak our minds.

Is Match better than Tinder?

Kelly even introduced her parents to her new beau.

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