Question: What language does Agbor speak?


Igbanke community speaks “Ika”. Ika is a language spoken by some parts of Delta e.g. Agbor and Igbanke in Edo state.

Agbor is one of the oldest vibrant towns in Nigeria, but may have What language does Agbor speak? disadvantaged and eclipsed over the years by the world famous city of Benin, which is only 40 miles away and Asaba, two What language does Agbor speak? towns in between which it is located, as they served as terminuses for east-bound ferry travellers. So much was not recorded about Agbor. The History of Agbor Kingdom like those of other African ancient kingdoms, empires and peoples, is based largely on oral tradition.

This alteration in pronunciation was not limited to Agbon; other Anioma communities also had a fair share. Notice also that in some cases the name remains the same but the spelling may change as in the case of Onicha Onitsha of Anambra state, another Anioma city. It was later in this state that Ominije emerged as the first Agbor settlement founded by the original inhabitants with Orhue as its Headquarters. Ominije later became known as Agbon and was anglicised and called Agbor by the colonial masters that found their way to the area much What language does Agbor speak?.

Economy The people of Agbor have traditionally relied on farming and fishing What language does Agbor speak? their food and commerce. This may have been occasioned by the fact that Agbor, a littoral community, is naturally endowed with balanced ecosystem: fertile soil, buoyant evergreen vegetation, streams, rivers and higher water bodies, healthy sunshine, maximum rainfall, and gentle coastal winds.

Living in a naturally conditioned agro-aquatic environment, Agbor can boast of surplus food and fish all year round. In their markets, the sights of locally produced food items such as yam, banana, plantain, fruits and vegetables, etc.

However, due to urban drift and nonchalant attitude of the youth and able-bodied men towards agriculture in recent times, one cannot say that the full agricultural potential of the area is being tapped nowadays. Politics Agbor, like most other African settings, is a patriarchal monarchy, and has had series of rulers since inception.

The traditional ruler of Agbor is known as Eze or Obi. The current Obi of Agbor is Benjamin Ikechuku, Keagborekuzi I who goes by Dein, the title of his ruling dynasty, instead of the Obi or Eze. Dein is an Igbo word traditionally used to address older men as a mark of respect. In many areas of Igboland, Umude or Umudei or Umudein means the lineage that produces the King, that is, the descendants of the King.

According to an account, Ogele an immigrant who came and settled in the area was the pioneer patriarch of the earliest native inhabitants of Agbor then Ominije. Tradition has it that his wife being Ika, is the one the conglomerate of clans, including Agbor, owe the current language they speak. With the passing on of the last regent, Ebogie, the regency period came to an end and monarchy returned, but this time with the kingly title of Dein, beginning with Ebonka as the first Dein of Agbor.

Culture The indigenes of Agbor town who are of Ika descent and speak Ika language, with some Bini and little Igbo influence, have a very rich cultural heritage. Festivals which are celebrated by the entire people of Agbor are Igue, Iwagi New Yam Festivaland the Osiezi. Igue and Iwagi are celebrated annually while Osiezi is celebrated every three years. Igue Festival Agbor is a farming community where elaborate preparations are made to mark the beginning of a new farming season.

These preparations culminate in the celebration of one of the most important festivals-the Igue. The event is marked with food and drinks and special cultural display. New Yam Festival Iwa Igi What language does Agbor speak? many other cultures, especially in South-east Nigeria, yam igi is regarded as the king of all crops. New Yam Festival is celebrated at the beginning of the harvest season annually. The purpose is to thank God and the spirits of their ancestors for a good harvest throughout the year.

Osiezi Festival This is a festival instituted by Dein Ebonka the first modern ruler of Agbor Kingdomit marks a period of reunion of the living and the spirits of the dead, a period that offers friends and well-wishers the opportunity to share in the hospitality of the Agbors. The Chief Celebrant of this fest is the Obi. It began as an annual event and later as a biannual event from What language does Agbor speak?. It lasts for a period of two weeks and is usually celebrated during the dry season, beginning from the month of September.

Written by Abah Abah Interesting, but the bit about Dein being an Igbo derivative is deceitful. De, dede or dede nna da is the linguistic equivalent of Egbon in What language does Agbor speak? and diokpa in the area you refer to as Anioma. I think I am beginning to know and enjoy the full account of my origin. I quite agree with Frank Harding in this regard. More lights should be thrown as to where the title was derived rather than linking Agbor land to the Igbos.

Kudos though to Abbah Abbah for this piece. Like Good to know, but Benin is a kingdom not just city and was the first recognized Kingdom by the British before any other Kingdom in Nigeria; that is to say Benin Kingdom existed before the colonial era.

What language does Agbor speak?

You can point that to the mismanagement of resources at the federal or state level, not at the existence of the great Benin Kingdom. Like Abah Abah so when the prince founded Agbor,it was just bush and no soul was living there? Like I agree with What language does Agbor speak?

because if it is true that Agbor people came from Bini as the writer claimed, the Kings title should have at least be Oba of Agbor and not Eze, Obi or Dein which are basically Igbo titles. In the ancient times, people did not give foreign names to their children, but they named their children the names that had meanings in their own dialects or languages, and if this is so, it therefore means that Agbor people are Igbos.

What language does Agbor speak?

Another point is that the Ika language is more than 90% Igbo and less than 5% Bini. How then should one say Ikas are from Bini and not Igbos? Even our culture, names, dressing etc are more Igbo than Bini. I am from Aliagwai in Agbor What language does Agbor speak?

i think we are more Igbo than Bini. Like So Benin kindom founded Agbo, but decided to change their kingship to Igbo kind ,and also abandoned the Benin Language and adopted Ibo Language, also can you tell us where this Ika wife is from, and who founded Ika. In conclusion what is the meaning of culture?

Like A kingship can be initiated by an external body into an existing society without distorting the culture and values of the society.

Pueblo Languages and the Pueblo Indian Tribes

As the years progresses, other influences will give birth to present cultural values such as languages and norms but that is not a denial of the kingship. The Lagos kingship was birthed by the Benin but till date, that is more evident in the What language does Agbor speak?

palace than Lagos as a whole, same applies to Agbor. Like I strongly believe a lot is not well the documentation of we the western igbos. If we were not igbo why do we have eke, orie, afor and nkwo? Of which through these market days, igbos are known.? Why do we call or king Obi or Eze and not Oba? Why do we speak igbo from birth and not Benin? There is serious conflicting interest here.

Benin was a Kingdom and has colonies and I believe largely due to our close proximity to Benin, we were colonised and made to believe we are from there. Just as Christianity came from Jew in Isreal but ruled and made to be called Roman Catholic Church. At a time catholic church was once the only church and till date all popes are anointed and made to reside there at vatican.

But does that What language does Agbor speak? Christianity came from Rome? We should use our heads here and apply common sense. We are Igbos who are neighbours to the benin for that we were assimilated but our true to origin is Nri. I have had the opportunity to read various histories and Nri and Igbo ukwu are very ancient and have always had kings. Read up Nri history and about Igbo Ukwu Bronze before making ur conclusions.

We are of Igbo tribe and not Benin. Like My brother Emeka, you are wrong. Try and study the origin very well. Agbor is not Igbo, remember when Obi of Agbor was to be crown king in 1979, he was taken to the Oba of Benin first before he was crowned king and then left for London. This is just one instance. Ask your elders about the origin. Thank you Like If in the space of 1940 years, i. That certainly was an uncommon longevity that only the faith patriarchs were endowed with; not even the kings of Israel had such blessing.

It is clear therefore from this simple calculation that the times mentioned above are extremely exaggerated What language does Agbor speak? can not be accepted as factual. This sort of exaggeration plays out often in the age that many Ika people declare for their death parents. Yes, we see that often in obituary notices — extending the age by 50 years in some cases! History ought to be a narrative of facts and neither fairy tales nor enthralling legends.

At any rate, a point to note here is the Ogeles of Agbor might have ruled in this same epoch as the Ogisos of Igodomigodo. Like This is the history of Agbor.

Agbor, also known as Ominije, is an Igbo town in Delta state, Nigeria. The indigenes of Agbor town are of Ika descent, an Igbo-speaking group. Agbor, originally called Ominije, was founded by Omini from Aguleri. The people of Agbor have traditionally relied on farming and fishing for their food and commerce. Its history is dominated by the many warriors it has produced. Agbor was once affiliated with the Benin Empire before the British conquered Benin, although the idea of Agbor being a colony of Benin is disputed.

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