Question: How did Every Witch Way end?

In the series finale, Jessie finally gets her powers, and with her help, Emma, Andi and Jax finally defeat Liana, who gets sucked through the portal into Limbo. At the end of the finale.

Does Emma and Daniel end up together?

On the Season 1 finale, The Chosen One, they kiss and officially start dating. In Season 2, Daniel breaks up with Emma when he finds out she has her powers back. ... In The Abyss, Jax and Emma break up while Emma and Daniels kiss then get back together.

Does Emma become the chosen one?

After standing up to the Witches Council, Emma has finally embraced all that comes with being the Chosen One and shes not backing down.

Then again, PeeOnism and Sound Advice are a bad combination. So I have a few questions. Question 1 — How did the Phone Company not know where the Bat Cave was? Especially a red phone direct to police headquarters.

Question 2- How did the Castaways clothes always look brand new?

Every Witch Way TV show canceled, no season 5

Actually, Gilligans Island inspires many questions like Why did the Howells pack so much for a 3 hour tour but we can dismiss that one due to their obvious eccentricity.

No way they stay that new looking How did Every Witch Way end? all that time. Did the Professor invent some kind of miracle detergent?. This is just mind boggling. Question 3- What the Hell really happened to Chuck Cunningham? Chuck Cunningham should have been a segment on Unsolved Mysteries. Considering that the parents, Howard and Marion were pretty much All American model parents you have to wonder why a seemingly well adjusted teenager would just up and leave without leaving a forwarding address.

Maybe they were covering up for jealous middle child Ritchie. Those freckles were just a ruse. Al Bundy was a Shoe Salesman who was by all means terrible at it. Now, it would be tough enough to feed a family of 4 when the other 3 members of the family were lazy leeches if you were a good Shoe Salesman.

Al not only managed to keep his family fed sort of but also held onto a house. A three bedroom house with a basement no less. During their time there, Al managed to blow up the house, which was somehow repaired by the next show. In one episode Al is seen trolling for coins in a Shopping Mall wishing well so it could be our hero was just How did Every Witch Way end?

frugal he managed to scrimp and save to afford the house and fix all the damage done to that house by his bungling.

How did Every Witch Way end?

That argument falls apart when you bring the rest of the family in. His wife Peg would spend whatever meager earnings he made before the ink dried on the paycheck.

The only other explanation could be that he must have had the most forgiving mortgage lender and insurance company in history. Question 5 — How big was the Flintstones house? From the outside it looked like a pretty small place, but there were scenes where Fred Flintsone started running and just kept going, through room and room after room. Maybe back in the stone age house interiors were done in a circular type layout that kind of created the illusion of running in a straight line How did Every Witch Way end?

in fact he was just running around in circles. Question 6 — Who wrote all those rules for Witches? On Bewitched, Samantha the witch married Darrin the mortal. Since his wife was also a witch, no problem. She could just undo whatever the How did Every Witch Way end? was herself. This witch was stronger that that witch but in the end Samantha figured a way out despite the rules.

Now about these rules, was there an official handbook?

How did Every Witch Way end?

Could one submit amendments to this book? Was every Witch and Warlock provided a copy of this book? Seemed to be an age thing. The older you were the more power you had which I guess would make the oldest witch or warlock the most powerful being on the planet.

Question 7 — Did every Marine Sergeant go out on double dates with a Private? They went on double dates. The yelling during the day made sense.

How did Every Witch Way end?

Problem here was Gomer was a Suck Up. Hate to say it but the evidence is overwhelming.

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