Question: What was the first Star Wars Expanded Universe novel?

However, Fosters 1978 novel, Splinter of the Minds Eye, is thought of as the first Expanded Universe work to be released. In addition to filling in the time between the movies, this additional content greatly expanded the Star Wars timeline before and after the film series.

What were the first Star Wars novels?

Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker is the novelization of the 1977 film Star Wars, ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster, but credited to George Lucas. It was first published on November 12, 1976, by Ballantine Books, several months before the release of the film.

Where should I start Star Wars expanded universe?

Ask any Star Wars reader what book to start with, and nine times out of 10, youll get the same answer: Timothy Zahns Thrawn trilogy. Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command kicked off the Expanded Universe, written as the third trilogy decades before The Force Awakens arrived.

What order were the Star Wars books written?

1976 - 1983: Classic Star Wars.1991 - 1999: Rise of the Expanded Universe.2000 - 2005: Out with the Old Order. In with the New Order.2006 - 2013: The Skywalkers legacy.2014 - onwards: A New Dawn - A New Galaxy Far, Far Away.27 Apr 2021

How many books are in the Star Wars Expanded Universe?

Taking place over 19 books, three short stories, and three online novellas, the huge event saw multiple characters from the main Star Wars canon and Expanded Universe teaming up to fight the invaders.

Who created the Star Wars Expanded Universe?

George Lucas When he created Star Wars, George Lucas built a universe that sparked the imagination, and inspired others to create. He opened up that universe to be a creative space for other people to tell their own tales. This became the Expanded Universe, or EU, of comics, novels, videogames, and more.

Do you have to read Star Wars books in order?

Read What You Want If that order is chronological order or publishing order, by all means, do it! There isnt a right or wrong way to read Star Wars books.

What book was Star Wars inspired by?

Joseph Campbells comparative mythology book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, directly influenced Lucas, and is what drove him to create the modern myth of Star Wars. E.E. Doc Smiths writings contain elements central to the Star Wars universe. These elements include: Spherical, moon-sized spaceships.

Are Jedi based on samurai?

When first ideating the structure of the Jedi, George Lucas based them off of the legendary Samurai. ... The religious, military, moral nature of the Samurai, in addition to their memorable garb and swords, bear much resemblance to the code and nature of the Jedi, even to their distinct outfits and lightsabers.

Is Dooku Jedi lost canon?

Dooku: Jedi Lost is a canon audiobook written by Cavan Scott and narrated by a full cast. It follows Asajj Ventress as she delves deep into the past of Count Dooku and discovers why he chose to leave the Jedi Order. The audiobook was published on April 30, 2019 by Random House Audio.

The Star Wars universe is more than just a handful of blockbuster films and animated television shows. The sheer volume of material is a double-edged sword: it provides dedicated fans plenty of new material to immerse themselves in, but it can also deter newcomers who just want to dip their toes in the water. With the new series of films from Disney, Lucasfilm decided give filmmakers a clean slate.

Since that book hit stores, a lot of people have asked about how to start in on the mountain of material that is Star Wars, canon or not. Since The Force Awakens, that question has gotten a little more difficult to answer, because the books are split into two continuities: the non-canon Star Wars Legends otherwise known as the Expanded Universe and a new series of books that fall in the official canon.

But where to get started? Since Disney decided to wipe the slate clean and label these stories Legends, you can think of it as a sort of alternate Star Wars universe. Dozens of authors wrote hundreds of novels that explored the spaces around the films.

What was the first Star Wars Expanded Universe novel?

Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command kicked off the Expanded Universe, written as What was the first Star Wars Expanded Universe novel? third trilogy decades before The Force Awakens arrived. If you only ever read a couple of extra novels, make it these. The entire 10-book series is worth picking up.

Star Wars Books in Order: Canon and Timeline, Explained

We might be getting a standalone Han Solo movie soon, but A. Crispin trilogy is about a teenager named Han Solo who finds work as a transport pilot for a cult. The trilogy recounts how he met Chewbacca, got booted out of the Imperial Academy, and how he ended up losing some cargo owned by Jabba the Hutt. He tracks down a number of Force-sensitive recruits, only to have his most promising student fall to the Dark Side. Of all the Clone Wars novels out there, none are more essential than the Republic Commando series.

Traviss does an amazing job giving depth to the faceless clone troopers well before The Clone Wars animated show did, and she creates some extremely interesting and complicated characters along the way. This one is about Mace Windu during the early days of the Clone Wars, and it punches above its weight, thematically. After starting the Expanded Universe, Zahn took a couple of years off, but when it came time to bring the central conflict the fight between the New Republic and Empire to a definitive close, he wrote the Thrawn duology.

The novels bring back Thrawn in a fashionand help tie off some loose ends, but also leaves the door open for the next chapter of the Star Wars universe. This trilogy is an entertaining one, with some fun action and espionage. This trilogy is set in a remote star cluster as tensions between the New Republic and a local government explode into war. The trilogy is dark and well written, but feels a bit like an ignored story in the larger continuity arc that makes it a good standalone set of adventures.

When Attack of the Clones hit theaters, Del Rey launched an ambitious, multimedia project: novels, video games, comic books and the first animated series all tied in to one another closely. The result is a huge number of novels that cover the Clone Wars: books like Jedi Trial, Cestus Deception, Battle Surgeons, Jedi Healerand others helped fill in the Clone Wars that were first mentioned in A New Hope.

These three novels were some of the last published in the Expanded Universe, and were designed to be a bit more of an entry-level read to the franchise. While The Phantom Menace earned mixed reviews, it did introduce fan-favorite character Darth Maul.

This novel leads up to the What was the first Star Wars Expanded Universe novel?, and helps explain the origins of Maul as he completes a series of trials on Coruscant. An experimental, multimedia series, Shadows of the Empire novel ties in with the game and comics, and follows the main heroes as they work to track down Han Solo.

The book goes into the Star Wars criminal underworld and fills the space Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. They follow the adventures of Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo as they begin What was the first Star Wars Expanded Universe novel? train to become Jedi, getting into a whole bunch of adventures along the way. Some, like Heir to the Force, are quite good, while others are just okay. This book explains the reference, and helps explain the rise of the Sith just before the prequel trilogy.

She is a long-dead Jedi What was the first Star Wars Expanded Universe novel? who was trapped in the computers of an abandoned Imperial cruiser with a deadly mission. This book is notable because it takes place right after Return of the Jedi, and follows a New Republic task force sent to help a planet under attack by strange aliens called the Ssi-ruuk who are stealing the life energy from people to power their ships.

Han Solo drugs and kidnaps Leia Organa when she considers marrying someone else. If you like bounty hunters, this might be a fun series for you: following Boba Fett and a couple of other bounty hunters after the events of Return of the Jedi. While Timothy Zahn capped off the conflict between the New Republic and the Empire, Del Rey had to figure out what to do next. With a group of authors, it plotted out an ambitious, 19-book, multi-author series that sees the entire galaxy invaded by an alien race known as the Yuuzhan Vong.

Made up of three trilogies from three authors Aaron Allston, Karen Traviss, and Troy Denningthe Legacy of the Force trilogy takes place after the New Jedi Order. Written by Brian Daley and L. Neil Smith, these books were written in the 1980s, and cover the formative years of the two titular characters.

But if you have to read them all? The novels introduce some new characters, and explain how the Empire fell, and show off some of the big battles hinted at in The Force Awakens, in order to queue up the new trilogy.

Image: Del Rey Books Thrawn, Timothy Zahn.

What was the first Star Wars Expanded Universe novel?

This novel takes place right before the start of The Force Awakens, and follows Leia Organa as she works to manage the rise of the First Order and the Resistance that comes to combat it. Ahsoka has become one of the most popular characters to emerge out of the Clone Wars, and when she vanished from the series and later reappeared in Rebels, fans were wondering what happened to her.

This book covers that lost time. The audiobook is actually voiced by Ashley Eckstein, who voices the character in the series. If you want to take the next step: Catalyst, James Luceno. This novel is begins at the end of the Clone Wars and helps to set up Rogue One. It follows Galen Erso during the formative years of the Death Star project, and explains why he left in the first place.

Lords of the Sith, Paul Kemp. Lords of the Sith is about Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, and sets up their relationship during the early days of the Empire, when both are trapped on a hostile planet. Image: Del Rey Books Battlefront: Twilight Company, Alexander Freed. When Battlefront came back to consoles, Alexander Freed came in to write a novel based on the game, much like the X-Wing and Republic Commando books.

Star Wars Legends

The result is an action-packed book that covers the Rebellion between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Aimed at younger audiences, this novel begins eight years What was the first Star Wars Expanded Universe novel? Revenge of the Sit h. Spanning the events of the original trilogy, it follows two friends Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree on their diverging paths as war overtakes the galaxy.

Grand Moff Tarkin has become a pivotal figure between A New Hope, Rebels, and now Rogue One. This book follows his origins to explain how he became a feared member of the Imperial government.

If you absolutely have to be a completist: Dark Disciple, Christie Golden. The Clone Wars was famously cancelled before its time and rather than scrap one of the story arcs, Christie Golden went and adapted its events for a novel, one that follows former Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress and a Jedi knight named Quinlan Vos who first appeared in the Expanded Universe.

A New Dawn, John Jackson Miller. This novel serves as a prequel to the Rebels animated show, and explores the origins of Caleb Dume, who would later become known as Kanan Jarrus. Image: Del Rey Books Heir to the Jedi, Kevin Hearne. This novel was intended as the final Expanded Universe novel, but it was slipped into the main canon.

What was the first Star Wars Expanded Universe novel?

If you really want to read all of the books, the respective novelizations are worth picking up.

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