Question: Can I still access my Ymail account?

Is Ymail still available. The answer is No. Yahoo suspended the creation of new accounts in 2013, but for all those that created their accounts before the suspension, their accounts will not be affected.

How do I access my old Ymail account?

Go to your Yahoo mail address in the Email address or phone number field, then select Continue.Select a verification method (Text or Email).Enter the verification code you received by text or email message.More items...•11 Apr 2021

Is Ymail still valid?

The mail domain is valid, has proper DNS MX records (, and is able to accept new email. is a popular email service commonly used for personal account creation.

How do I log into Ymail?

Sign in or out from a desktop browserClick Sign in at the top of any Yahoo page.Enter your Yahoo ID. - Optionally, select Stay signed in to let your browser to keep you logged in.Click Next.Enter your password, then click Sign in.

What type of account is Ymail?

Ymail is an email service offered by Yahoo! Ymail is an optional domain name for a Yahoo account. On signing up to Yahoo email services, users can choose between a suffix or ymail,com email suffix.

How can I recover my Yahoo email password without phone number and recovery?

Go to the Yahoo Login page and enter your email address. Entering Email Address. Click on “Next” and then while it asks you for your password, click on the “I Forgot My Password” option. It will try to verify the missing digits of your mobile number, click on the “No, I dont know the Digits” option.

How do I check my Ymail?

To check your inbox on your computer or phone browser, visit As an alternative, select the envelope icon on the desktop versions of the Yahoo homepage and Yahoo Search page to go to the mail login page. Enter your Yahoo username, phone number or email address associated with your account.

How do I use Ymail?

Enter your entire Ymail address in the Yahoo ID field, enter your password and then click Sign In. To access your email from a desktop client or app, update the IMAP or POP server settings in the program with Yahoos information and your Ymail email address and then sign in as instructed by the specific program (see ...

Mail is no doubt one of the best email service providers around the globe but ever since these new email providers come into existence, Yahoo! Mail started to go to one of the most unusable email providers.

Can I still access my Ymail account?

One of the issues with Yahoo! Mail is the lack of recovery options. It is said that once you lost your phone number that is associated with your Yahoo! Honestly, one of my emails has been locked for years but I was still able to access it. Mail without any security questions, alternate email accounts, and phone numbers.

Mail account is by using your phone number to get the security code sent by Yahoo!

Recover Yahoo account: password, with & without phone number

Mail Without Phone Number Alright. Your last option is by using your alternate email. But what if this alternate email account also requires you to use your lost phone number?

We can say that it is official that you can not recover your account anymore. We have seen plenty of users that try to recover their Yahoo!

Recovering Your Yahoo! Mail Without Your Old Phone Number and Email

After entering the answers, click Next to proceed. This is honestly one of your best options for recovering your account. Email, then answering the security questions will no doubt save your day. This option for recovering will mostly come in random but just in case Yahoo! To Recover Your Account This is probably your last option if anything above never worked for you. Sadly, most of the time, Yahoo! Mail is surely providing the mail server that is very secure.

It has a high-lever security system that users are not able to recover their own accounts. Bernard is a full-stack developer since 2014.

Can I still access my Ymail account?

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