Question: Are all the Bond films connected?


In 2015s Spectre, 007 finally finds Blofeld and learns that this man was in fact the “architect” of all of Bonds pain throughout the entire movie series. Everything is connected, alas. And so No Time to Die, released in theaters Oct. 8, endeavors to bring this arc to a close with an actual finale.

Daniel Craig's final mission as James Bond has been released, and understandably, a few tears have been shed for what is a very fond farewell. What's the best order in which to view the Craig run of Bond, and to then tell your Vespers from your Silvas? How can you best appreciate the moments with Moneypenny, as well as your M and Ms? Well, here's a viewing guide to the best sequence for watching Daniel Craig's Bond movies.

Are all the Bond films connected?

For your eyes only, of course. Earning his ranking as a double-O from the off, the 2006 adaptation Are all the Bond films connected? Ian Fleming's first-ever Bond book displayed James in his early stages.

Do the bond films all follow on from Each other? : JamesBond

Here he was a spy that was less likely to drink a custom-made Martini than he was to break the glass over someone's head. It marked the first steps of a rough-around-the-edges agent we hadn't seen before, Are all the Bond films connected? the moves he needed to Are all the Bond films connected? the sophisticated hero audiences were excited to see him become.

Accompanied by Vesper Lynd Eva Green in a mission to Montenegro, we got an insight into a sarcastic, sensitive, straight-up killer of a Bond that couldn't be tempered. One whose blood would boil thanks to the elegant but effective adversary, Le Chiffreand whose heart would break and never really mend thanks to the armor-removing love of Vesper. This isn't just a great place to start for Bond — it's a great place to start for a franchise overall.

Next up on the watchlist is the Bond film that, unlike most, takes place immediately after its predecessor, so it may best be viewed as a double-bill if you're feeling brave enough.

Are all the Bond films connected?

Nonetheless, it's still an essential for James' journey and the world being built around him, comprised of both new and old elements to the Bond franchise that he just couldn't be without. In the case of Daniel Craig's time as 007, it turned out that 003 was the magic number. Released on the 50th anniversary of the franchise, director Sam Mendes' take on the hero with the license to kill is a thrill-ride, flying through the checklist of essentials that make a Bond.

Here, Craig is totally comfortable with the role and loving every second of it, leaving the days of uncertainty for this particular Bond in the dust. He gives us a take on the character that has earned its place in the same conversation as Connery, Brosnan, and company: Cool, calculated, and coated with that thin layer of comedic charm that all Bonds in their prime have delivered. Here, Bond uncovers another mysterious group known as Spectre, which links to all of his previous missions — and the loved ones he'd lost in the process — courtesy of the top dog, Franz Oberhauser, who is Bond's thought-to-be-dead adopted brother.

Etching slightly into farcical territory with the origins of his new opponent, the cloak-and-dagger elements slow the film down, but don't overshadow some of the great stunts and action set-pieces that keep you interested, particularly that opening one-take shot in Mexico City.

Daniel Craig's James Bond Legacy: 007 Got a License to Feel

There's also the expected but equally cool moment that reveals Oberhauser has taken the alias of Stavro Blofeld, linking this corner of the Bond franchise to one of its key bad guys. Does as the legendary adversary work? If you've stuck with the viewing order, well done.

Are all the Bond films connected?

It is absolutely essential that here is where you finish. Not just the final of this Bond's reign, but the closing and heartwarming page to a chapter in this hero's particularly long journey. The friendships formed, the loves lost, and the jokes that even now still hit perfectly. And if you wanted to cut corners.

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